Episode # 209 – Why should the five Pandava brothers marry Draupati? Sage Vyasa reveals an important reason!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an interesting conversation between Yudishtra and the others in the King Drupada camp, to determine whether it is right or wrong for the five Paandava brothers to marry Draupati, as Bhagawan Krishna and Sage Vyaasa were overseeing the entire event unfolding. King Drupada and Drshtadhyumna had earlier raised their concern for the same, and now Yudishtra had the opportunity to speak, as he quoted a couple of instances wherein such a thing had been in practice earlier as well. Moreover, since Sage Vyaasa had already hinted earlier that five people are going to marry Draupati, and that, it is Bhagawan Shiva’s divine will for it to happen, King Drupada and Drshtadhyumna were convinced. They were extremely happy that this marriage is going to happen and all the arrangements commenced for the same. 

Meanwhile, as Sage Veda-Vyaasa was also present amidst the discussion, he now gets to talk for a few minutes, wherein he is narrating the “remaining half” of the story that he had told about Draupati earlier to Yudishtra. He had explained how Yama-Dharma-Raja once entered into a deep state of penance and subsequently, the birth-death cycle in the world came to a grinding halt! Nobody was dying and the world’s population was on the rise uncontrollably. As the Devas were concerned, Bhagawan Brahma pacifies Indra and Co. that this was bound to happen, as the Kali Yuga was nearing. With the advent of the Kali Yuga, Yama-Dharma-Raja’s job would drastically be reduced – People in this world would automatically kill each other and the population would find its balance. After this, Indra meets a girl who was crying profusely near a beautiful waterfall. Upon questioning her for the reason, the girl takes Indra to a beautiful mountain that resembles Mount Kailash. In fact, it was the same Mount Kailash where Bhagawan Shiva and Goddess Paarvati Devi were residing. As the girl points out to Mount Kailash thus, she says, “Oh Indra! Look over there!” 

As Indra looks out, he happened to witness Bhagawan Shiva and Goddess Paarvati Devi deeply involved with each other in an embrace. Upon seeing this, Indra was waiting for Bhagawan Shiva to turn towards him and respond, however, this did not happen. Bhagawan Shiva was totally involved into Goddess Paarvati Devi and he did not give a damn to Indra. This infuriated Indra beyond words! He thus burst out in anger towards Bhagawan Shiva and fumed thus, “Oh! You don’t even have the courtesy to look at who has come to see you! What kind of respect do you have for the leader of the entire Devas? By not welcoming me to your place, you’ve insulted me!” As Bhagawan Shiva heard this from Indra, He too got angry and replied back thus, “Oh Indra! Till today I did not know that you were such a cheap person by character. Who are you to question me? You’re afterall a person without any significance. Just because you’re the leader of the Devas, what is the necessity that I should pay attention to you? I’m way beyond what you are, and you do not have any right to question me. I would pay attention towards you only when I feel it is required!” 

As Bhagawan Shiva too fumed back, a huge war of words broke out between the two of them! Bhagawan Shiva used his divine power to pull Indra towards Him, but Indra tried to escape from Bhagawan Shiva’s pull. Indra knew that if he would get trapped, he would be finished with Bhagawan Rudra’s immense power. Thus, Indra tried to enter into a tunnel that was nearby. However, as Indra was entering into that tunnel through one end, there were four other people who resembled Indra, who came out of the tunnel from the other entrance. Upon seeing them, Indra was surprised! Who were these four people? They seemed to be totally fatigued and it was as if they hadn’t consumed any food for so many days. These four people were none other than the “Poorvendras”, who were ruling the “Deva Lokha” prior to Indra. In other words, these “Poorvendras” were none other than Indra’s predecessors. As Indra saw this, he was horrified! He immediately turned towards Bhagawan Shiva and that girl who brought him there and asks thus, “Oh! I think the message is clear here – After my tenure is over, even I would be stuck inside this tunnel without food or water, just like these four others, isn’t it? If such is the case, why at all should I be the leader?” 

As Indra asks thus, Bhagawan Shiva replies immediately to him angrily – “Oh Indra! You’re thinking too much about yourself of late. This would be the case certainly for you as well, without any doubt. Just because you are “Indra”, there is no exception for you. If you misbehave with others because of your jealousy and pride, this same state of affairs that the other four are experiencing would dawn upon you in no time!” Upon saying this, Bhagawan Shiva pushed Indra into that same tunnel, along with the other four Indras! Indra was thus put to enormous suffering as he realized his folly! As time progressed, Bhagawan Shiva’s anger came down and he spoke to all the five Indras thus, “Oh people! I understand that you had done certain wrong things out of ignorance. All of you would go and take birth as normal human beings in this world very soon. At the same time, there was a girl who had asked me for “five noble husbands” and I had granted the boon earlier to her. All five of you would be marrying that girl!” 

Now we should connect the dots here – These five Indras were none other than the five Paandava brothers and the girl whom Bhagawan Shiva had mentioned was Draupati. Thus, it is between these people, the marriage is about to happen! Thus, Sage Vyaasa reveals the “Second half” of the background story and for today, we shall understand upto this point. In the next episode we shall continue this discussion forward to witness what happened after this! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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