Episode # 208 – Yudishtra justifies his stance of five people marrying Draupati!!!

In the previous episode, we witnessed the commencement of the marriage talks between the Paandava camp and the King Drupada camp. The Paandava camp consisted of Bhagawan Krishna and Balarama and the King Drupada camp consisted of his council of ministers, Drshtadhyumna and the others. As the talks begin, King Drupada expressed his happiness that his daughter is going to get married into an extremely high-class Kshatrya family, but was concerned as to how five people can marry one girl. Drshtadhyumna also raised his concern saying that this is an unprecedented event and such a thing hasn’t ever happened in history. As both father and son raised objections, Yudishtra interfered and explained that there is a precedent in history wherein multiple people have married one woman. Here, Yudishtra is going to narrate two instances wherein such things have happened in the past. 

By doing so, he also indirectly conveys a message to the father and son duo that they have to do sufficient research before coming into a debate on sensitive matters. This is where we’ve to learn our lesson too. If we’ve to debate on some spiritual matters that are sensitive in nature, we should do so in a way that we do not end up hurting others’ sentiments, and also in such a way that we provide adequate justifications to whatever points we put forth on the table. Our points should be entirely backed up by sufficient and authentic research. Thus, before we get into such topics of discussions, it is important that we do our homework thoroughly and then talk. Yudishtra explains thus, “Oh King Drupada! There was someone by name Jatila, who belonged to the family lineage of Sage Gouthama. This Jatila had married seven Brahmana Rishis. The Puraanaas have extensive evidence explaining the significance of Jatila and how she lived happily with her seven husbands. Another example is of the “Dasha-Prachethas”. This “Dasha-Prachethas” is a set of ten people who married a woman by name “Maareecha”. Hence, there is sufficient evidence wherein a woman had more than one husband!” 

Yudishtra continues with the main reason now, as Sage Vyaasa himself makes his way to King Drupada’s place! As Sage Vyaasa comes in, King Drupada was extremely happy and received him with all the required hospitality. As Sage Vyaasa settles down, Yudishtra continues with this opinion, saying thus, “Oh King Drupada and Drshtadhyumna! You should also understand one more thing here – Sage Vyaasa had already predicted this to happen earlier. If he says something, it is bound to happen. It is “Bhagawad-Sankalpa”. Moreover, it is Bhagawan Shiva’s divine will as well. If such is the case, how can we stop that from happening? Hence, I feel that this is something that is beyond our control and let us not waste time debating whether this is correct or not. If “Mahatmas” have wished for it, it would definitely be for a “Dharmic” cause. Who are we to interfere in the middle to question their wish?” As Yudishtra clearly explains his stance thus, Drshtadhyumna and King Drupada accepted it. Since these words came out of Dharma-Putra’s mouth, nobody objected! The entire team of King Drupada was completely convinced and at this point, Sage Vyaasa got up to talk. He was till now acting as one of the most informed mediators between the two sides. Everyone was eagerly waiting for Sage Vyaasa to talk. 

Now Sage Vyaasa explains thus, “Oh Drupada and Drshtadhyumna! Whatever Yudishtra explained till now is completely correct. I had explained a few pointers to him in this regard when the Paandavas were at the Vaaranaavatha Desha. However, at that point in time, I had explained only one half of the story. Whatever happened between Draupati and Bhagawan Shiva-Parvati divine couple was just one part of what had happened. There is another half of the story that I had not told him earlier. Now I shall narrate that too, and with that, all of us would get the required clarity on this matter!” Readers should remember here that Draupati had asked Bhagawan Shiva for a noble husband “five times” and this resulted in Bhagawan Shiva granting her the boon that she would get five noble husbands, since she had repeated the boon five times. We had witnessed this story in our earlier episodes. However, Sage Vyaasa was extremely careful at that point to narrate only one half of the story. Now he narrates the second half in front of all the people at King Drupada’s courtroom. 

Sage Vyaasa explains thus, “Once upon a time, Yama-Dharma-Raja wanted to perform a deep penance for some reason and hence, he left his job of “granting death” to all the Jeevatmas just like that! With the departure of Yama-Dharma-Raja, the entire “birth-death” cycle of the world got disturbed as nobody was dying! Because of this, the population of the world started to increase rapidly and without any control. Concerned by this, the Devas raised concern with Bhagawan Brahma to see what could be done here. Bhagawan Brahma reassured the Devas by saying that since the Kali Yuga is about to start within the next few years, people would find their own ways to finish themselves off, and there is no requirement of Yama-Dharma-Raja to be there to ensure that people’s lives are coming to an end! At the same time, Indra met a girl who was crying near a beautiful waterfall. Indra asked her the reason behind her profuse crying, for which, she gives a peculiar reason!” 

Now what is the reason that she is going to give? Sage Vyaasa is continuing with his explanation further, and we shall witness this accord in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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