Episode # 210 – Sage Vyaasa gifts King Drupada a “divine pair of eyes” to show him the past!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Vyaasa revealing an important fact as to who the Paandava brothers really were. Sage Vyaasa narrated the entire truth behind the birth of the five Paandava brothers, who were none other than the five “Indras” who were ruling the Deva Lokha at different points in time. Moreover, there is also this narrative that the Arjuna-Bhagawan Krishna combine is nothing but the “Nara-Narayana” combine of the famous Bhadrinaatha Kshetra. With all these facts being revealed one by one by Sage Vyaasa, the Paandavas, along with King Drupada and Drshtadhyumna were extremely happy to be part of this marriage event and talks. King Drupada realized how fortunate he was to give his daughter in marriage to such highly rated Kshatrya princes. Moreover, since it was Bhagawan Shiva’s divine will, it was bound to happen in some way or the other, and all the series of events that had taken place in the past, have correctly led to this marriage getting realized. 

However, even after Sage Vyaasa had explained so much, King Drupada had one final doubt in his mind. He again turns towards Sage Vyaasa and asks him thus, “Oh Great Sage! All the narratives that you had presented in front of us are all fine. But how do I believe that all of these have really happened in the past? I would like to have a visual treat before I finally believe your words!” As King Drupada expresses his wish thus, Yudishtra finally got angry! He immediately turns towards King Drupada and fires at him thus, “Oh King Drupada! Till now I was having extremely high regards upon you. But now you’ve gone to the extent of doubting Sage Vyaasa’s words. Isn’t Sage Vyaasa one of the greatest sages ever in this world? If you’re not going to believe him, who else in this world are you going to have faith upon? I did not know that you were such a “Naasthika” who doesn’t believe in the words of great sages and doubt them so easily!” 

As Dharmaputra fumes thus, Sage Vyaasa pacifies him. He immediately explains thus, “Oh Yudishtra! Please calm down and do not worry. I shall give King Drupada some visual evidence for him to see. Afterall he’s a father of a daughter, isn’t it? He would definitely have such doubts before he gives his daughter in marriage to someone, which is quite normal. He is talking all this because he doesn’t fully understand what has happened. Now I shall make him understand it in my own way!” Saying thus, Sage Vyaasa gifted King Drupada with a “divine pair of eyes”, with which he showed him Bhagawan Shiva, Goddess Paarvati Devi, the tunnel and the five Indras who came out of that tunnel. King Drupada was able to see everything in front of his divine eyes for 2 to 3 minutes and with this, he was shell-shocked! He did not expect such a visual treat to come through, wherein he would be able to see Bhagawan Shiva directly! This was more than enough! King Drupada fell flat and he finally came to a conclusion that he’s going to give his daughter to really deserving and divine people. 

As we see this, we might also remember that this same pair of divine eyes were given to great people for such visual treats in many other instances as well. During our first Valmiki Ramayana project, we had witnessed how Sage Valmiki had the divine eyes gifted by Bhagawan Brahma Himself, so that he could see all what Bhagawan Rama and Mother Sita did each and every minute of their life. Valmiki Maharishi was able to see in front of his eyes, Bhagawan Rama smiling, laughing, crying, hugging, providing His divine “Anugraha” to all His devotees around, etc. Subsequently in this Mahabharatham project, we’re going to witness how this same Sage Vyaasa is going to gift a divine pair of eyes to Sanjaya when the Kurukshetra war was going on. With this only, Sanjaya was able to update each and every moment of the war happenings to King Dhirdiraashtra, who was blind. Similarly, we’re also going to witness during the Bhagawad Gita episodes wherein Bhagawan Krishna Himself is going to gift Arjuna a divine pair of eyes, while He revealed His “Vishwarupa Darshan” to Arjuna! Thus, at many instances we would be able to see in our Sanaatana Dharma literature that certain deserving people have been gifted with such a thing, so that they could see what has happened in the past. 

Similarly here also, we’re witnessing Sage Vyaasa gifting a divine pair of eyes to King Drupada, with which he was able to see in front of his eyes, all what Sage Vyaasa had narrated till now. So for today, let us understand up to this point and let us wait till the next episode to continue this discussion further! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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