Episode # 230 – How do “Mahatmas” employ the “Gnyaana Drishti” for the welfare of the world? An important discussion!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the discussion on “Gnyaana Drishti” and what are some prerequisites that one should possess, in order to obtain it. We’ve seen how this “Gnyaana Drishti” is an indomitable spiritual quality that manifests in an individual as a result of constant “Tapas” with a pure heart. The individual should not have any selfish thoughts when it comes to using the “Gnyaana Drishti”. As it is the power that makes one see through the past and future clearly, this can easily be commercialized and used to gain money, name and fame. Our “Sanaatana Dharma” doesn’t give any room to all of this, when it comes to “Gnyaana Drishti”. Bhagawan doesn’t give us this spiritual power, because normal people like us are not mature enough to use it for the welfare of the world, rather than the welfare of ourselves. Secondly and most importantly, one should be totally devoid of the “Karthurthva Buddhi”, which simply implies the “I” attitude that we have within ourselves. In whatever actions that we perform, if we’re going to take sole credit for the fruit of the actions by forgetting Bhagawan’s invisible hand helping us all the time, this means that our “Karthruthva Buddhi” is on the higher side. This has to be mellowed down, if one has to obtain this “Gnyaana Drishti”. Thus, these are some important prerequisites that we had witnessed in yesterday’s episode with regards to this point. 

Moreover, we should also realize another important offshoot of this point here – We’ve earlier witnessed that “Mahatmas” or great Spiritual Masters possess this “Gnyaana Drishti”, isn’t it? But one important question would linger in our minds here – How do they use this “Gnyaana Drishti” for the welfare of the world? We’ve seen that this important quality shouldn’t be commercialized for name and fame. If that is the case, how else can it be employed? It’s a very important question and let us see an answer for this. Of course, I shall narrate my perspective on this, and at the same time, I’m sure that there might be multiple perspectives on this as well. I shall narrate my perspective in close lines with my experiences with my “Guru”. 

Normally, “Mahatmas” would never show it out obviously to the world that He / She has the “Gnyaana Drishti” imbibed within them. But yes, they would employ it in a very subtle way for the benefit of their disciples and of the world. As a disciple of a “Mahatma”, all we need to do is to completely surrender to Him / Her. If we do this wholeheartedly, the “Mahatma” would employ the “Gnyaana Drishti” to foresee our “Karma” and its effects and suggest remedies for us to overcome it. This is why we have the fundamental principle of the “Guruthva” in our “Sanaatana Dharma”, which clearly states that we should obey each and every word that our “Guru” tells us. It is because, our “Sanaatana Dharma” gives the highest priority to the “Guru” or the “Spiritual Master”, as this person is considered to be having the “Gnyaana Drishti” in him / her. Thus, if we obey the words of our “Guru” or the “Mahatma”, He / She would ensure that we would cross over the ocean of the birth-death cycle and ultimately attain “Moksha”. We’ve already seen this – One can attain “Moksha” only when our “Paapa Karma” and “Punya Karma” accounts come to zero. For this, it is the “Mahatma” or the “Guru” who ensures that this happens, through His / Her divine “Gnyaana Drishti”. The “Mahatma” thus foresees the happiness, problems and sufferings that we might face in the future, analyzes the happiness, problems and sufferings that we’ve undergone in the past and with all this in place, He / She suggests the best remedy forward. This is like a doctor prescribing medicines to a patient – Just like how a doctor analyzes the medical history of the patient, foresees how the symptoms of the present disease might lead to several other complications in the future, analyzes both and then gives medicines and suggests other treatment plans, the “Mahatma” analyzes our “Karma” and suggests remedies. Thus, we can say here that just like how the doctor is for the betterment of the physical body (“Deham”), the “Mahatma” is for the betterment of the “Atman”. The doctor gets this “Gnyaana Drishti” to foresee disease symptoms through relentless education, and the “Mahatma” obtains the “Gnyaana Drishti” to foresee our “Karma” through relentless and selfless “Bhakti” towards Bhagawan. This is the only difference. 

So for today, let us understand the important point as to how do “Mahatmas” employ the “Gnyaana Drishti” for the welfare of the world – They do not employ it for themselves to purify their “Karma” account. Instead, they employ it to purify our “Karma” accounts in a subtle way. Obviously, you shouldn’t ask a question here – Can we go and ask a “Mahatma” about what would happen to our future from here on? This is absurd, isn’t it? Instead, if we wholeheartedly surrender to the “Mahatma”, He / She would ensure that our future is in safe hands. So, let us realize this point today, and let us wait till the next episode to witness Bhagawan Krishna being crowned as the king of Mathura after Kamsa’s demise. Stay tuned! 🙂 


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