Episode # 229 – Pre-requisites to obtain “Gnyaana-Drishti” – A discussion!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an important spiritual concept called “Gnyaana Drishti” or the “Divine eyes”, through which the past, present and the future can clearly be seen by an individual. Of course, this “Gnyaana Drishti” cannot be obtained by anyone and everyone, and it requires extreme levels of spiritual intensity and practice. Also, if Bhagawan directly decides that such and such person requires the “Gnyaana Drishti” at any particular point in time, He would directly bless us with the same. It is in this way, Mother Devaki and Vasudeva were able to see Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s childhood days spent at Gokula for the past ten years, before Kamsa’s demise. It is the same way in which Arjuna was able to see the “Vishwaroopa Darshan” of Bhagawan Krishna in the middle of the battlefield. Before and after such important events, neither Mother Devaki nor Vasudeva nor Arjuna had such divine visions. It is only during the heat of the moment did they get it. However, if we look at “Mahatmas” and great Sages, they would have this “Gnyaana Drishti” imbibed into them throughout, as a result of the power obtained by constant and intense “Tapas” (Penance). 

As we’ve witnessed this much in yesterday’s episode, let us continue this discussion a bit further today and witness what are the “essential criteria” that one should possess / develop, so that he / she can obtain this ‘Gnyaana Drishti”. First and foremost, as we’ve always been mentioning time and again, our thoughts and intentions should be pure, and not selfish in nature. If our aim and intention is to employ the “Gnyaana Drishti” for fulfilling some selfish needs like foreseeing the future to avoid certain personal hiccups and problems, and to bypass the “Karma” effect, it would never work. Rather, the “Gnyaana Drishti” should be employed only when there is a broader application for the welfare of the entire world. For instance, if there is going to be a natural calamity wherein hundreds or thousands of people are going to be impacted, a “Mahatma” would employ the “Gnyaana Drishti”, foresee what was coming and send a warning to the global community to work towards saving the people. 

Thus, we can clearly understand here that the first criteria for obtaining this “Gnyaana Drishti” is deep and intense spiritual penance along with zero or pure thought processes. Secondly, the application of the “Gnyaana Drishti” should be for the welfare of the entire world, and not for fulfilling one’s selfish personal desires. Thirdly and most importantly, this “Gnyaana Drishti” would never work with a person who has the “Karthruthva Buddhi”. We’ve witnessed earlier too as to what is this “Karthruthva Buddhi”. It simply means that if we’re doing something, we would like to solely take credit for it, if the task ends in a success. Little would we realize that it was Bhagawan’s invisible divine hand that made us perform this action successfully. For instance, if we’re performing a music concert on the stage in front of an audience and if the audience is getting moved by our singing, they would naturally come to us and appreciate our singing, isn’t it? At that point, our ego level would go up several notches! We would immediately start thinking too much about ourselves – That it is only because of our hard work and dedication, this concert was successful! This is called “Karthruthva Buddhi”! If such an intention is within us, the “Gnyaana Drishti” would never work! For instance, if one tries to take credit by saying, “Oh! It is only because of my correct and exact prediction, the entire world was saved from a dangerous natural calamity! Else, thousands of lives would have been lost!” Such intentions are extremely dangerous and with this, the “Gnyaana Drishti” would get wiped off, even though we might have obtained it with a lot of spiritual intensity. In fact, one reason why modern day astrologers never succeed and face lot of problems in their lives is because of this reason. 

Thus, the point that we should understand from today’s episode is that, “Gnyaana Drishti” is something that is extremely difficult to obtain, and it requires tremendous amounts of perseverance in our spiritual practices. Our thought process should be pure and shouldn’t be directed towards selfish needs, and “Karthruthva Buddhi”. It is only because Mother Devaki and Vasudeva were pure-hearted and without the “Karthruthva Buddhi”, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna immediately blessed them with the “Gnyaana Drishti” to witness His childhood Gokula days. So for today, let us understand this important point, and let us wait to find out what happened to Bhagawan Bala-Krishna next! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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