Episode # 228 – The concept of “GNYAANA-DRISHTI” – Does it exist today???

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bhagawan Bala-Krishna blessing Mother Devaki and Vasudeva with a pair of “divine eyes”, through which they were able to witness all what happened at Gokula for the past ten years. On this important occasion, we had witnessed the significance of the concept of “divine eyes”, also referred to as “Gnyaana Drishti” and how Bhagawan blesses few of His ardent devotees with them to view something extremely significant. We’ve witnessed in similar lines, various examples where this has happened. We’ve witnessed how Valmiki Bhagawan had also obtained a pair of divine eyes from Bhagawan Brahma, with which he was able to see each and every divine “Leela” that Bhagawan Rama performed. With this, Valmiki Bhagawan was able to compile the entire Ramayana text and we’ve witnessed this during our previous Ramayana project. 

Similarly, another big instance where the divine eyes played an important role is how Sanjaya narrated each and every instance of the Mahabharata (Kurukshetra) war to King Dhirdiraashtra. All of us know that King Dhirdiraashtra, father of Duryodhana and the other Kauravas was blind by nature. In order to make him understand what was happening in the battlefield, Sanjaya, his minister was blessed by Sage Veda Vyaasa with a pair of divine eyes, through which he can see a “live streaming” of the entire events that took place in the eighteen-day war at Kurukshetra. With this, Sanjaya was able to see even Bhagawan Krishna narrating the 700 slokas of the Bhagawad Gita to Arjuna. He was able to see clearly how Bhagawan Krishna motivated Arjuna to fight the war, rather than sulking down and running away from it. In similar lines, we’ve also witnessed in yesterday’s episode how Bhagawan Krishna gave a pair of divine eyes to Arjuna, so that He can show His “Vishwaroopa Darshan”. In the battlefield, amidst so many thousands of people around, it was only Arjuna who was able to see Bhagawan Vishnu in the fullest divine form. Nobody else was able to see it. 

Thus with this, we might have to address this question in detail today. We already saw this question in our previous episode, but today, let us have a detailed discussion on this. The question is very simple – Why aren’t we getting such divine eyes to see Bhagawan? Why isn’t anyone getting such a thing today? Who gets these divine eyes? Is it really possible to have such things in today’s context? Well.. The answer is certainly a “Yes”. If that is the case, then who can have it? This “Gnyaana Drishti” can be obtained with ultra-deep penance for a long long time. For those people who are at the highest level of spirituality with extremely intense “Tapo-Balam” (Power of Penance), “Gnyaana Drishti” comes automatically. With this, they would be able to see the future very clearly in front of their eyes, and to an extent, the past as well. Now the next question – Can we find such people in this Kali Yuga? Of course, we’ve spoken at length about various sages in the previous Yugas. But are there people today who can have this “Gnyaana Drishti”? 

Certainly, the answer is “Yes” in a resounding way! This “Gnyaana Drishti” is very well present, not within normal people like us, especially myself, but in “Mahatmas” who live today! We might have heard of “Siddhars”, who might be “wandering saints” roaming around here and there with a very simplesaffron  attire and appearance. However, their depth in “Tapo Balam” would give them this highest level of realization. Of course, by the very look of these people, we might not know it. In fact, such great “Mahatmas” and “Siddhars” wouldn’t show to the outside world that they have the power of “Gnyaana Drishti”. Only if we worship them with due devotion and respect, will they show us atleast a fraction of it with their divine guidance. They would use their “Gnyaana Drishti” only for highly spiritual reasons, and not simply to keep predicting the future happenings, like how modern day astrologers do. The reason why normal people like us do not have this power of “Gnyaana Drishti” is that, if we have it, we would automatically start using it for petty worldly reasons. These kinds of things are extremely precious and shouldn’t be employed for such silly affairs. This is perhaps the reason why Bhagawan gives it only for those who really deserve it. In other words, Bhagawan gifts it only to those people who pray selflessly for the benefit of the world, rather than people like us who pray selfishly for our own personal development. This is why “Mahatmas” (Spiritual Masters) have this in abundance. They are people who tirelessly and selflessly dedicate their lives for the benefit of the world, and not for themselves. Only if this selfishness goes away from us completely (which is never going to happen for people like us), would we become eligible to obtain such powers called “Gnyaana Drishti”. 

So for today, let us understand this concept of “Gnyaana Drishti” and let us realize its significance. We shall continue with this discussion tomorrow as well, and witness what are the “eligibility criteria” to possess this “Gnyaana Drishti”! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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