Episode # 232 – Bhagawan Krishna – An epitome of the leadership quality “SOUSHEELYAM”!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed how “Mahatmas” and “Sadgurus” (Spiritual Masters) employ the “Gnyaana Drishti” in today’s Kali Yuga, so as to protect the world in various ways from potential dangers to living beings. Of course, these spiritual masters do not use it for their own selfish needs – In fact, “Mahatmas” never have any selfish needs and they are beyond all this, thanks to their power of penance and high level of surrender to Bhagawan. Thus, the “Gnyaana Drishti” is used by “Mahatmas” to foresee any danger that is upcoming in a subtle way and to suggest remedies for the same. At times, normal people like us would not even be able to understand what these “Mahatmas” try to convey with regards to what they foresee in the future. In fact, “Mahatmas” have their own subtle way of communication when it comes to such things. They might not tell us things directly. Instead, they would tell in such a way that only if one is spiritually at a higher plane would be able to understand the real meaning of what they are trying to convey. It is upto us to grasp it in the right way and act accordingly. Thus, we’re seeing here that even though “Mahatmas” have the supreme power of “Gnyaana Drishti”, they wouldn’t be so open about it. They would use it in their own subtle way to send a meek warning, and it is we who’ve to be to that level to understand things. Such is the power of the “Gnyaana Drishti”. 

Moving on further thus, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna shows all what happened to Mother Devaki and Vasudeva during the past ten years at Gokula. Upon seeing all this, both the parents were in tears of joy! They couldn’t say anything, as their tears were blocking their throat. Both of them were extremely happy, at the same time, they were sad too. Bhagawan Bala-Krishna sensed that His mother was sad for some reason and asked her for the same. Mother Devaki calms herself down and replies to her son thus, “Oh Krishna! Even though you showed me all what happened at Gokula, I still have one unsatisfied wish – When you were a child, you had drank the mother’s milk from Mother Yashoda, isn’t it? She had obtained the divine opportunity to feed you, whereas, being your biological mother, I never had that opportunity! Now I feel that I should feed you with my milk. How do I do that?” 

Upon hearing this from Mother Devaki, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna was overwhelmed with joy! He immediately wanted to fulfill His mother’s wish, which is a legitimate one of course. She hadn’t even had Bhagawan Bala-Krishna in her hands as a baby for five minutes after He incarnated! The moment Bhagawan Bala-Krishna took birth, Vasudeva made sure that he transports Him away from the Mathura jail, isn’t it? Hence, Mother Yashoda hadn’t even had the opportunity to have a look at the baby for five minutes together, forget feeding Him! Thus, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna decides to satisfy Mother Devaki’s wish and He now feeds on to His mother! As Bhagawan does this, Mother Devaki gets overwhelmed with love and affection towards her son, and she lovingly feeds Bhagawan with her milk! Bhagawan too was extremely happy and satisfied that He has more than compensated for what Mother Devaki has missed. 

We might wonder how this can happen? A ten-year-old boy feeding on his mother for breastmilk? How can this be possible? This is where we have the difference – The relationship between Bhagawan Krishna and Mother Devaki is of the highest spiritual level, wherein it is way beyond the normal mother-son relationship that we have. Because of the divinity factor and with Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s divine grace, anything in this world is possible. Moreover, this is another example as to how Bhagawan Krishna took care of each and every devotee of His in the utmost loving and caring manner. He was ready to go down to whatever level He had to, for His devotee. This quality is what we refer to as “Sousheelyam”. We’ve witnessed this in our earlier Ramayana episodes as well – Valmiki Bhagawan had said that Bhagawan Rama is an epitome of the “Kalyana Guna” called “Sousheelyam”, as He was ready to go down to any level to protect His ardent devotees. He accepted Guha as His brother, even though Guha was an ordinary hunter. He accepted Sugriva as His own brother, even though Sugriva was a “Vaanara” (Monkey). He accepted Hanuman as one of His most ardent devotees, even though Hanuman was a monkey. He accepted Vibhishana as His own brother, even though Vibhishana was a Raakshasa (Ravana’s brother). In all this contexts, we’re seeing how Bhagawan Rama, although being a great king and a leader, goes down the level of each of His devotees to accept them as they are. 

Similarly here too, we can see the same “Sousheelyam” applicable to Bhagawan Krishna too. In fact, this “Sousheelyam” is applicable to Bhagawan Krishna more than that of Bhagawan Rama. Yes, we’ve witnessed Bhagawan Rama going down to the level of all these above-mentioned people. But, aren’t these people leaders by themselves? Guha was the leader of all hunters in that locality. Sugriva was the king of the Vaanaras. Hanuman was one of the highly-realized spiritual souls and he could be considered as a “Mahatma”. Vibhishana was the king of Lanka after Ravana’s demise. Thus, in all these cases we’re witnessing that Bhagawan Rama exhibited “Sousheelyam” predominantly to leaders of some sort. However, Bhagawan Krishna doesn’t know all these. Whoever comes to Him with surrender, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna is unconditionally accepting anybody and everybody, isn’t it? We’ve seen how Bhagawan Bala-Krishna had so much of love and affection even towards cows, animals, His little friends, Mother Yashoda, Nandagopa. The Gopikas, Mother Devaki and Vasudeva. All these people aren’t kings or leaders of any sorts, isn’t it? Thus, when it comes to “Sousheelyam”, we can see here that Bhagawan Bala-Krishna is one step ahead of Bhagawan Rama! 🙂 Of course, this comparison is just to make all of us understand what “Sousheelyam” is and how Bhagawan practised it. There’s nothing to criticize Bhagawan Rama on this, as the purpose of every incarnation of Bhagawan is very different, and it is beyond comparison. Every incarnation of Bhagawan is special and we need to respect and learn from it. 

So for today, let us enjoy Mother Devaki’s divine experience with her son, and let us understand how Bhagawan Krishna practised this important “Kalyana-Guna” called “Sousheelyam”. We shall wait till the next episode to continue with this discussion forward. Stay tuned! 🙂 


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