Episode # 45 – Little Dhruva’s intense penance goes on for six months in a trot – Bhagawan Vishnu blasts Indra for his “insecurity”!!!

We were at a crucial juncture in the previous episode, wherein Little Dhruva was in a savage resolution to somehow gain Bhagawan Vishnu’s divine “Darshan” and to sit over His lap. According to his mother’s advice, Little Dhruva set out to the forest and was hurrying his way, as he met a series of great Maharishis who had lined up to meet him. All of them had only one thing to say to Little Dhruva – “Please go back home!” However, Little Dhruva was as strong as a rock with his resolution and decided not to pay heed to these words of the great Maharishis. Sage Naarada too tried his best to send Little Dhruva back home. As Little Dhruva exhibited his strong intention clearly, Sage Naarada was moved to tears by the child’s ardent wish and devotion. Beyond a point, Sage Naarada decided that he shouldn’t be the one who discourages the wish of an ardent devotee and rather, he should play a constructive role in bringing the little child’s wish to reality. Thus, Sage Naarada performed the “Mantra-Upadesha” to Little Dhruva. The Mantra was a very powerful one – “Om Namo Bhagawate Vasudevaya!” 

Little Dhruva was thus overwhelmed and thankful to Sage Naarada and he understood the blessing that he has just received! If one has to receive the “Mantra-Upadesha” directly from Sage Naarada himself, we can imagine how fortunate and blessed Little Dhruva was. Thus, Little Dhruva reaches his spot and is all set to start his treacherous spiritual pursuit. Thus, the penance starts – For the first three months, Little Dhruva is standing on one leg and doing penance. He stands on his right leg and lifts his left leg up and places it on his right thigh, closes his eyes and keeps chanting the Mantra. As this happens, Goddess Bhoomaadevi tilts towards the right side. As the next three months progress, Little DDhruva is now standing on his left leg, with his right leg on his left thigh. Now, Goddess Bhoomadevi is tilting towards the left side. The entire world is looking at Little Dhruva with awe! During the first month, Little Dhruva consumed some fruits, vegetables, etc. for his meal, as he was performing the penance. During the second month, the penance became more intense and Little Dhruva didn’t have time for eating much. He just consumed some leaves that fell from the tree branches above him and continued his penance, and that too, once in three days! This was not a regular daily affair. We can see how the intensity is building up here. 

As the third month progresses, Little Dhruva is now consuming food only once in nine days, and that too, only water. His food intake comes to a complete standstill. He just survives only on water and with this, the intensity becomes even more! He has now completely forgotten what is happening around him, and is totally into the penance now. Now moving on into the fourth month in a row, Little Dhruva was just inhaling air as his food, and that too, just once in twelve days! We can see the intensity building up here! This is extreme levels of penance and spiritual practice. All that was in focus for Little Dhruva was Bhagawan Vishnu and his lips kept chanting the Mantra “Om Namo Bhagawate Vasudevaya!” Anything apart from this was totally unknown for Little Dhruva and his mind was completely one-pointed and focused! Fifth month in a row now – And Little Dhruva’s total food, water and air intake came to a zero! He was totally into a different world now, and only his physical body was in this earth surface. 

This continues on and on and as the sixth month comes by, the entire world is now reeling under Little Dhruva’s penance. The temperature of the earth’s surface starts increasing due to the energy and vibrations that emerge out of Little Dhruva. It is at this time, the Devas run to Bhagawan Vishnu seeking help! Indra, as usual, was scared that there is somebody who is competing for his throne in the “Svarga Lokha”. He has already had a bad experience with Sage Dhurvasa and the Raakshasas before, and thus, immediately runs to Bhagawan Vishnu, seeking refuge! In the meanwhile, Indra tries some tricks under his sleeve to disturb Dhruva’s penance. He thus sends Menaka, and many “Apsaras” women to dance, sing in front of Dhruva, so as to bring him out of the deep and intense penance. Even with all of these divine dances and music, Little Dhruva was totally unmoved. He stood there like a solid rock, unperturbed by all the gimmicks that Indra was trying to do. Finally, when nothing of this worked out, Indra started to really feel jittery and thus, runs to Bhagawan Vishnu, seeking His help to stop Little Dhruva somehow. 

As Indra explains thus to Bhagawan Vishnu, He becomes angry with Indra! Bhagawan Vishnu replies back to Indra thus, “Oh Indra! Don’t you have any sort of sense left in you? Why do you look at everybody who does penance for me, as your competitor? Why are you feeling so insecure? Just because few Raakshasas were after your position and wealth, do you think all of them are the same way? I know who is Little Dhruva and my devotees would never go behind wealth and positions like you do! He’s someone who doesn’t care about ruling kingdoms, obtaining name, fame, money, prosperity, etc. He’s someone whose primary focus is attaining my divine lotus feet! Hence, you don’t need to worry. Please go back to your Svarga Lokha!” 

Scolding Indra left, right and center, Bhagawan Vishnu sends Indra back to his Svarga Lokha, as little Dhruva’s penance continues into the six month in a trot! Is Little Dhruva going to be successful in his treacherous pursuit? Is Bhagawan Vishnu going to respond to Little Dhruva’s request? Is Bhagawan Vishnu going to appear in front of Little Dhruva? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂


Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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