Episode # 44 – Sage Narada performs the “Mantra-Upadesha” to Little Dhruva!!!

In the previous episode, we had commenced our discussion on the important “Dhruva-Charitra”, wherein we’ve seen how little Dhruva was insulted in front of his father, Utthaanapaada, by his step-mother, Suruchi. No matter how Utthaanapaada confronted Suruchi for her “aggressive” and “abusive” talks to a child, she was not willing to relent. Her ego took the better of her and she stuck to her stance that her son, Utthama had the sole right to be with her husband and not Dhruva in any case. Thus, angered and frustrated by his step-mother, little Dhruva runs crying to his mother, Suneeti, seeking an answer for this inequity. However, Suneeti being a spiritually advanced and a matured person by nature, talks to Dhruva thus, “Oh Dhruva! Whatever your step-mother has said is partially right and partially wrong. Whatever she has said to you with regards to meditating towards Bhagawan Vishnu is excellent, and this is something that all of us have to do to attain Moksha. So you’ve to invariably follow her words of advice on this. On the other hand, the point that you should meditate and pray to Bhagawan, so that you would be able to sit on Utthaanapaada’s lap is wrong – If you’re ardently praying to Bhagawan Vishnu, who is the divine father for all of us, He would allow you to sit on His lap, isn’t it? If you’re getting that status, where does this Utthaanapaada stand? Hence, my advice to you is to go ahead to the forest and undertake penance!” 

We might wonder how cruel can a mother be to a child – By sending the child to the forest at such a tender age. But in fact, Suneeti was the best mother ever! She had the guts and boldness to guide her son in the right path, and little Dhruva too on his part, obeyed his mother’s words and set out to the forest! As he was walking along, this is where he sees a queue of great Maharishis coming towards him. In the meanwhile, all the great Sages come to know Dhruva’s savage resolution to take up severe penance at such a tender age and they were concerned whether little Dhruva would be able to sustain that level of intensity. All these Maharishis come along thus, and ask little Dhruva, “Oh little boy! Why do you want to undertake such a complex mission at such a young age? Do you realize what you’re up to right now? Are you in your senses? This is not the age for undertaking severe austerities like these. Just because someone scolded you, it doesn’t mean that you would take such an extreme step. So, please go back home! Please seek forgiveness to your parents and go back to your normal life!” 

As the Maharishi’s advice thus, Little Dhruva was unprepared to take a single step backwards. His resolution was very firm. He had decided to walk the path of austerity, no matter what comes by. Hence, he replies politely to the Sages that he cannot take a step back from here on, and he has to proceed with his mission, come what may! Little Dhruva also adds another point here thus, “Oh Maharishis! If you have some ideas and suggestions as to how I see Bhagawan Vishnu as soon as possible, please explain and guide me that path. If that is not part of your agenda, please do not stop me from my pursuit! I shall find out my own way to realize Bhagawan Vishnu by myself! Ultimately I want to sit on Bhagawan’s lap, and I don’t have anything else in my mind now!”

Saying thus, Little Dhruva was very adamant in his approach and the Maharishis were astonished with the level of spiritual maturity that little Dhruva had! Thus, not to discourage little Dhruva, each Sage starts pointing out different things thus – One Sage explains that he should worship Bhagawan Madhava. Another sage explains that he should worship Bhagawan Achutha, and the list continues. Finally Sage Naarada comes by! As Sage Naarada sees Little Dhruva going along firmly, he tries to bring in some confusion in his mind. As Sage Naarada always tries to do, he wanted to play his game on Little Dhruva as well. Even Sage Naarada explains to Dhruva that he should go back home and shouldn’t get angry at such a young age! Looking at Sage Naarada, Little Dhruva folds his hands and replies thus, “Oh Sage Naarada! I totally understand your kindness, love and compassion towards me. I know that you’re advising me for my own welfare only. I know that all of you are my well-wishers. However you should understand that I’m not disrespecting you in any way.  My agenda and mission here is different. If you’re able to pay heed to my mission and help me in any way, please do. Else, I request you to leave way for me, so that I shall strive in my own way to achieve my mission of seeing Bhagawan Vishnu and sitting on His lap!” 

Upon seeing the child’s firm stance, Sage Naarada was so touched and moved! He was in tears of joy and was willing to help out Little Dhruva in a unique way. Thus, Sage Naarada replies, “Oh Dhruva! I didn’t come to stop you from your pursuit. I came here to make you understand a very important methodology to attain Bhagawan. I hereby give you this “Mantra-Upadesha”. By chanting this “Mantra” regularly non-stop, you would be able to see Bhagawan Vishnu. So, chant this Mantra as you meditate – “Om Namo Bhagawate Vasudevaya!” 

We can see here, how fortunate Little Dhruva is. He has got the “Mantra-Upadesha” from none other than Sage Narada himself! What a blessing! With this, Little Dhruva hurries into the forest, and is now going to sit for penance. The Mantra is clear! The path is clear! The blessings and divine grace of Guru Sage Naarada is with him now! Thus, little Dhruva is all set to commence the treacherous path of seeing Bhagawan Vishnu! Is it going to be easy for him? Or, is it going to be a tough task from here on? Is Little Dhruva going to succeed in his pursuit? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! An absorbing session awaits us tomorrow! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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