Episode # 43 – The “DHRUVA – CHARITRA” – Little Dhruva sets out to the forest!!!

In the previous episode, we had finished our discussion on the “Mohini-Avatara” of Bhagawan Vishnu and now we’re making our transition into the all-important “Dhruva Charitra”. Here, we’re going to witness Sage Paraashara’s beautiful description as to how little Dhruva was able to obtain Bhagawan Vishnu’s divine “Darshan ” within just a few days of intense “Tapas” (Penance). As we move on into the “Dhriva Charitra” thus, we’ve already witnessed earlier that Bhagawan Brahma is continuing the job of creating the world, and in turn, Bhagawan Brahma entrusts the job of creation to Svaayambhva Manu. As Svaayambhuva Manu was continuing his job thus, he had two sons, namely Priyavratha and Utthaanupaada. This Utthaanapaada had two wives, namely Suneeti and Suruchi. Suneeti was the elder one and Suruchi was the younger one. Suruchi had a son by name Utthama and Suneeti had a son by name Dhruva.

One fine day, as the two children were playing alongside their father Utthaanapaada, Utthama was trying to get on to the lap of his father. Seeing this, Utthaanapaada was very happy to have little Utthama on his lap, while Dhruva was also playing alongside. However, Dhruva also had the same wish of sitting on the lap of his father. He also tried getting on to his father and at this time, Utthama’s mother, Suruchi stops little Dhruva from doing so. She authoritatively dictates thus, “Oh Dhruva! You do not have the right to sit on your father’s lap. Only my son has that right, because your father is more dear to me, than your mother. Hence from now, you are not having the rights to either play with my son or to move closer to my husband! If you really want to have that right, go to the forest, do some penance and spiritual practice towards Bhagawan Vishnu, and if at all He showers grace on you, you might be born as my child in your next birth and perhaps after that, you can sit on your father’s lap! But not before that!” 

Upon hearing this, Utthaanapaada was shocked! As he confronts Suruchi for her arrogant talk, she stood firm on her ground! Unable to bear the insult and abuse, little Dhruva started crying helplessly out of frustration and neglect. He thus ran straight to his mother, Suneeti. It should be understood here that this Suneeti is a very spiritually advanced and mature person. As little Dhruva comes crying to her thus, she understands what really happened a while ago. But here is where Suneeti is extremely mature – Rather than going ahead to fight with Suruchi, she directs her son to go to the forest and undertake a penance! We might think, how cruel can a mother be, so as to send her 7-year-old son to the forest, just like that! Just because, someone had scolded the child, does it mean that he has to go to the forest at such a tender age to undertake something that even spiritually advanced people might find it difficult to do? Suneeti explains to her son thus, “Oh Dhruva! I understand your pain and frustration. But don’t worry. Take it as an opportunity to have Bhagawan Vishnu’s divine darshan! He would definitely pay heed to your innocent prayers. If Bhagawan Vishnu is letting you sit on His lap, impressed by your penance, who is Utthaanapaada in the middle? Bhagawan Vishnu is to be your real father – The divine father! Hence, go ahead and start your penance right away!” 

Saying thus, Suneeti sends her son off to the forest, and little Dhruva too understood the meaning of his mother’s words. Obeying his mother blindly, Dhruva sets off immediately without asking a single question. As little Dhruva sets out with a savage resolution, the entire world is watching him with awe! Sage Naarada too was caught by surprise! The entire lot of Devas were looking on at little Dhruva, as he sat down to meditate! Is Dhruva going to be successful in his pursuit? What is going to happen next? Is there any sort of obstacle that is going to come by his way? Let’s wait till the next episode eagerly to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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