Episode # 42 – The Devas become “IMMORTAL” – Thanks to Bhagawan Vishnu’s Mohini incarnation!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bhagawan Vishnu, incarnated as Mohini, distributing the “Amrita” to both the camps, supposedly. However, there is a ploy here, wherein Mohini is trying to divert the attention of the Raakshasas with Her beauty, and thereby, giving the “Amrita” only to the Devas camp. As the process is underway, obviously the Devas were the “first” in the queue to receive the “Amrita”, and the distribution starts with Indra, who is the leader of the Devas. Thus, as Indra consumes the “Amrita”, he obtains the divine blessings and grace of Goddess Mahalakshmi and with the grace, he once again re-gains all his lost wealth, empire, name and fame. Thus, the Devas along with Indra are very happy and satisfied that finally Bhagawan has answered their fervent call in a very “smart” way. However, the Raakshasas are being fooled right royally here, isn’t it? So, two people, also referred to as “Raahu” and “Kethu” understood that there is a ploy that is being played on the Raakshasas camp, so as to cheat them and give the undue advantage to the Devas. Hence, these two Raakshasas slip out from their camp, disguise themselves as “Devas”, and join the Devas camp. 

Now, we’ve to understand that the Devas are smart too! But their smartness came into limelight only after these two Raakshasas have consumed the “Amrita”. As this fraud has happened, the Devas immediately sent signals to Bhagawan Mohini, who tosses the spoon over these two Raakshasas, and cuts them into pieces straightaway! However, as both of them had consumed the “Amrita”, they’ve become immortal and thus, they still exist as “Raahu” and “Kethu”, whom we worship even today as part of the “Navagrahas”. 

Thus, with this, the process of distribution of the “Amrita” gets over, and the Devas benefit from the entire exercise. With this, the Mohini Avatara comes to an end, and with this, the Devas also regain their lost glory, power and position. Most importantly, the Devas attained immortality with the “Amrita”, which means that they are permanent entities of the “Svarga Lokha” or the “Indra Lokha”. 

Moving on now, we would enter into the next important “Charitra” of a person by name “Dhruva”. Sage Paraashara gives a detailed accord on the “Dhruva Charitra”, and the importance of this event is that Dhruva is able to have Bhagawan Vishnu’s divine “Darshan” within just a few days of intense and deep penance. Moreover, Dhruva was a small child when he undertook such huge strides in spiritual practices. We can thus understand clearly here that age is  not an important parameter when it comes to exhibiting devotion towards Bhagawan and to adopt austere spiritual practices. 

So for today, let us enjoy the events that concluded as part of the Mohini Avatara and let us wait till the next episode to commence the all-important “Dhruva Charitra”. Stay tuned! 🙂


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