Episode # 46 – Bhagawan Vishnu appears in front of Little Dhruva – Why should we “INTERNALIZE” Bhagawan from within???

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of Little Dhruva’s relentless pursuit towards obtaining Bhagawan Vishnu’s divine darshan and to sit on His lap. Being denied by his step-mother to sit on his father’s lap, Little Dhruva got instigated and motivated to take this as a challenge! He was under a savage resolution and was determined to make this count. Thus, inspite of several Maharishis trying to flag off his pursuit, Little Dhruva was extremely steadfast in his approach. He was very clear with what he intended to do and proceeded straightaway to the forest, without paying any heed to what the Maharishis had to say. Sage Naarada was moved with Little Dhruva’s ardent devotion and resolution that he himself came forward to perform the “Mantra-Upadesha” to Little Dhruva. With this, there was no looking back for the child, as he hurried his way to the forest. He commenced his penance and as days and months rolled by, his penance and resolve were only moving northwards. There was never an instance wherein Little Dhruva relented even an inch. Although the “Apsaras” and the “Devas” tried to intervene and distract him, Little Dhruva was as solid as a rock. Eventually upon seeing Dhruva’s firm resolve, Indra started getting jittery! He feared whether Little Dhruva was trying to compete for his position in the Svarga Lokha! 

With this insane level of insecurity, Indra ran to Bhagawan Vishnu, seeking solace, only to be blasted by Him straightaway! Bhagawan Vishnu explained how selfless and detached was Little Dhruva, as compared to Indra, who was extremely selfish at all times! All what the Devas require every time is whether they would get the “Amrita”, whether they would become immortal, whether they would be able to enjoy all the pleasures of the Svarga Lokha, etc. However, Bhagawan’s ardent devotees like Little Dhruva are solely interested in attaining His feet and nothing else! They’re totally detached from any sort of pleasures, from any sort of dance, music, and other distractions that can veer them off the spiritual path. They have a one-point focus on Bhagawan and that is their only target and Vaikunta is their only go-to place! Little Dhruva was the perfect epitome of this characteristic and this moved Bhagawan Vishnu too, quite easily! How can a father not understand his child’s fervent calls out of love and blind faith? Bhagawan Vishnu is our divine father afterall! 

Thus, the penance of Dhruva enters into the sixth month, and he has reached a state wherein he doesn’t even inhale and exhale oxygen and carbon-dioxide respectively. This is where the world starts experiencing the vibrations of Dhruva’s intense penance and all the creations of Bhagawan start getting impacted. Bhagawan Vishnu has had enough now! He wants to fulfill Little Dhruva’s wish immediately! He thus gets on top of His “Garuda-Vaahana”, rushes towards Little Dhruva and stands in front of him! As Bhagawan Vishnu was standing in front of him, Little Dhruva was not even aware of this! He was totally into deep penance and is never seeming to be perturbed even by Bhagawan’s divine presence in front of him! Such was Little Dhruva’s level of intensity. At this point, even Bhagawan couldn’t understand for a moment as to how to make Little Dhruva open his eyes. 

Thus, Little Dhruva’s intensity makes even Bhagawan think for a while and feel helpless! However, after a few minutes of standing there in front of him, Bhagawan Vishnu realizes this, “Oh! Now I understand why Dhruva is not opening his eyes. He has firmly stationed me in His mind and heart, that he’s not able to understand my presence physically in front of him. The only way to make him open his eyes is to remove myself from his mind and heart!” Thinking thus for a moment, Bhagawan Vishnu reacts within a flash of a second – He quickly pulls himself out of Little Dhruva’s mind and heart! 

We might be wondering here – Why aren’t we able to witness Bhagawan within our mind and heart? Why are we looking and searching for Him everywhere around us? The answer is very simple – We’re not able to realize that Bhagawan is inside us! 🙂 The big difference between little Dhruva and us is that Little Dhruva is able to station Bhagawan inside of him, and we’re unable to do so! If we’re able to station Bhagawan within our heart and mind, what is the need for us to go around searching for Him? This is exactly where Little Dhruva got it right, and we’re getting it wrong constantly! Thus, the point for all of us to learn and understand here is that, real spiritual progress of an individual signifies the extent to which one can “internalize” Bhagawan and see Him from within us! Of course, Bhagawan exists externally everywhere too! He is omni-present and He engulfs within all of his creation. However, the real focus on Bhagawan would be attained only if we internalize Bhagawan within ourselves. This is exactly what Little Dhruva did, and Bhagawan responded to His fervent calls within a jiffy! 

Thus, Bhagawan Vishnu removes Himself from Dhruva’s heart and mind, and within a flash, Little Dhruva is caught unaware of what was going on, all of a sudden! He starts searching for Bhagawan within himself, and unable to find Him anywhere, he opens his eyes – Only to see Bhagawan standing in front of him with all His beauty and charm! Now comes the real picture – How is Little Dhruva going to react to what he was seeing in front of him? Is he going to welcome Bhagawan, or is he going to react otherwise? Let us eagerly wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂  


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Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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