Episode # 405 – “NAAMA–SANKEERTANAM” – Easiest way to reach Bhagawan in Kali Yuga!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of Sage Sukhaachaarya’s absorbing discussion on how the Kali Yuga is going to span out. Here, he had mentioned how the Dharma of the world is going to stoop down to its rock bottom levels and it is at this time, Bhagawan Kalki is going to incarnate – The tenth incarnation of Bhagawan Vishnu, after Bhagawan Krishna. Unlike Bhagawan Krishna, who was an epitome of love and compassion, Bhagawan Kalki is going to incarnate with a ferocious form and is going to go around the world in His white horse and with a huge sword in His hands, to destroy all those who walk the path of “Adharma”. There’s going to be a mass destruction and with that, the population of the earth would come down drastically. Only those handful of people who follow Dharma even at those difficult times would be spared by Bhagawan Kalki. It is with these people, Bhagawan Kalki would re-establish the Dharma in this world, and with this, the Kali Yuga would come to an end. Subsequently, the world would go into the next cycle of Yugas, commencing from the Krita Yuga again. This is how Bhagawan would restore Dharma in this world.

As Sage Sukhaachaarya explains all of this in depth, King Parikshit starts shaking with fear. He asks Sage Sukhaachaarya thus, “Oh great Sage! By explaining the salient features of the Kali Yuga, are you trying to say that people would forget the entire concept of “Dharma” altogether? Is there no relief for people who try to follow Dharma in the Kali Yuga? How will these people be protected until Bhagawan Krishna reincarnates again? It’s going to be a long time from now, isn’t it? How will people be protected till then?” Hearing thus from King Parikshit, Sage Sukhaachaarya replies back thus, “Oh Parikshit! You’ve asked an important question here. Although the Kali Yuga is going to be an epitome of Adharma in various forms, there are certain good aspects in this Kali Yuga, which would be suitable for those people who genuinely would like to walk the path of Dharma. Thus, it is very much possible for people to follow Dharma in Kali Yuga, although Adharma of various forms would keep happening around!”

Saying thus, Sage Sukhaachaarya is now going to explain some important points of “Dharma” which is directly applicable to Kali Yuga, which is of extreme importance to all of us. Till now, after reading the last few episodes of Sage Sukhaachaarya’s accord, many of us might have felt dejected as to how do we follow Dharma today. Here’s a befitting answer from Sage Sukhaachaarya. He explains thus, “Oh Parikshit! Whatever may be the Adharma that might happen, Bhagawan Krishna’s ardent devotees would be untouched by the Kali Purusha. They would always be safe and secure under the divine protection and grace of Bhagawan Krishna. Although there might be so many negative aspects pertaining to the Kali Yuga, there are certain positives too – For instance, if one has to perform a spiritual practice meticulously with all the effort, it can be completed within a span of 10 years, when it was during the Krita Yuga. Similarly, during the Tretha Yuga, this 10-year-period shrunk to a 1 year period, That is, the benefits of an ardent spiritual practice can be realized within just one year in the Tretha Yuga. In the Dvaapara Yuga, this one year srunk to one day, and finally in the Kali Yuga, whatever benefits one can attain by performing spiritual practices for 10 years, could be obtained within just one minute of focused concentration and dedication! Isn’t this an advantage and a positive point that pertains to the Kali Yuga? However, the glitch here is that, although the benefit can be obtained in just one minute, we should have that “Prayathna” (Effort) focused in the right direction, isn’t it? This “Prayathna” would be extremely difficult to make! However, if one is able to execute the spiritual practice with the right effort and sincerity, Bhagawan can be attained even within just one minute! This is Kali Yuga’s speciality!”

Sage Sukhaachaarya continues with the second advantage that Kali Yuga offers to all of us – The significance of “Naama-Sankeerthanam”. Perhaps, this Kali Yuga offers the easiest way to attain Bhagawan Krishna, and the easiest way is to sing in praise of Him all the time. We do not need to do any hi-fi extraordinary spiritual practices to attain Him. All what we need to do is to forget ourselves and sing in praise of Bhagawan with all our heart and soul. This in itself is enough for us to be taken to Vaikunta, without any hassles! Thus, “Naama-Sankeertanam” is a very important point and is indeed a speciality of this Kali Yuga, and this is the easiest way to attain Bhagawan at Vaikunta.

So for today, let us understand these points and let us appreciate the positives of the Kali Yuga. Of course, we should understand that Bhagawan would not create any Yuga for us, which is bad. It is only upto us to choose the positives in the kali Yuga and proceed with our spiritual pursuit. We shall wait till the next episode to take this discussion forward! Stay tuned! 🙂


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