Episode # 404 – From “Kali Yuga” to “Krita Yuga” – Will a “PRALAYA-KALA” happen anytime soon???

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the all-important event that is going to take place at the end of this present Kali Yuga – The advent or re-incarnation of Bhagawan Vishnu in this world as Bhagawan Kalki. This is going to be a landmark event, but however, it should be noted that this is not going to happen anytime soon! We’ve witnessed already in the first couple of “Skandhas” that the lifespan of this Kali Yuga is totally 4,32,100 years. Now, we’re just crossing around 5,120 years. We can imagine how long is this Kali Yuga going to exist, before Bhagawan incarnates again. As mentioned by Bhagawan Krishna in the Bhagawad Gita, He would incarnate only towards the end of the Yuga, and only at a point when “Dharma” hits rock bottom in this world. This simply means that in this Kali Yuga, still Dharma hasn’t hit the rock bottom yet, and there’s lot more to come! In absolute percentage terms, we’ve not even witnessed one percentage of the Kali Yuga still. If we feel that for this one percentage of the time itself we’ve had enough with all the Adharma that happens around us, we’ve to seriously think again! 🙂

At the end of the Kali Yuga, as we’ve witnessed in yesterday’s episode, Bhagawan Kalki would incarnate at a village called “Sambalam” in the southern part of India – On the banks of River Taamraparni, near the town of Tirunelveli in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This is where Bhagawan is going to incarnate and this is going to be after 4,30,000 years approximately. There would be a person by name Vishnu-Yashas and Bhagawna Kalki would be born as the son of this person. He would appear on top of a white horse and with a long sword in His hands. His only job now is going to be destruction of all those who go behind the path of “Adharma”. This incarnation is going to be a very ferocious one and there’s not going to be any sort of advice or anything to anybody! He has already given enough and more of advice to the world. Even then, if we’re not falling into Bhagawan’s path, we’ve to be prepared to be destroyed!

Again, it is to be understood clearly that the world wouldn’t be destroyed by Bhagawan Kalki. It is only those people who walk the path of “Adharma”, who stand in the line to be destroyed. We’ve already witnessed this earlier – The world would not be destroyed any sooner. It is all crores and crores of years away from now. The world would undergo destruction only if Bhagawan Brahma’s Satya Lokha’s daytime should come to an end. At that point in time, there would be a “Pralaya-Kaala” (Time of mass destruction). At a point wherein Bhagawan Brahma Himself ceases to exist, the world would go through a “Maha-Pralaya”. (Extreme destruction). All this is never close to where we are right now, and readers should make this point very clear.

In fact, there are four categories of “Pralaya-Kaalas”. The first category is called “Nitya-Pralaya”. This happens at the end of every human being’s birth in this world. All of us take birth in this world, live for 80-90 years and then ease to exist, isn’t it? At the end of all our births, this “Nitya-Pralaya” happens. Thus, this Pralaya-Kaala happens only on an individual level and not at a mass level. Next in line is “Praakruta-Pralaya”. This is what we’ve discussed in the previous paragraph. When Bhagawan Brahma’s “daytime” comes to an end, the three Lokhas – Bhoo Lokha, Bhuvar Lokha and Suvar Lokha comes to an end. This is called “Praakruta-Pralaya”. This happens when a set of thousand “Chatur-Yugas” come to an end and when the next thousand “Chatur-Yugas” commence. As this commences, Bhagawan Brahma again creates the whole world, and this would keep continuing. Thus, even at the end of the “Praakruta-Pralaya”, the world is still going to exist and will continue to live with all living beings in it. There is the next category of “Pralaya-Kaala” – The third one – “Avaantara Pralaya” – Wherein, Bhagawan Brahma Himself would have to come to an end. This is where, the entire world – Along with the Satya Lokha too, would cease to exist. The final one – “Aathyantika Pralaya” is the one wherein all the “Jeevaatmas” in this world at various corners would finish off all their “Paapa-Punya Karma” and reach Vaikunta. There would be a state wherein no living being would be in this world and all of them would have reached “Moksha”. This is the time when the “Aathyantika Pralaya” would happen.

Thus, we can witness here that the first and the fourth ones – “Nitya-Pralaya” and the “Aathyantika-Pralaya” happen at an individual level and the second and third ones – the “Avaantara Pralaya and “Praakruta-Pralaya” happens at a mass level. Readers shouldn’t get confused with these four categorizations. Thus, continuing with the accord of Sage Sukhaachaarya, Bhagawan Kalki would completely destroy Adharma in this world, and with the remaining people who are ardent followers of “Dharma”, Bhagawan would again create the “Krita Yuga” and establish it. Thus, we understand here that after the advent of the Kali Yuga, the Krita Yuga would commence again. At this point in time, as we’ve witnessed earlier, the population in the world would be bare minimal. We’ve witnessed this at the start of the previous Krita Yuga itself isn’t it – Wherein Svaayambhuva Manu started his job of creating the world. Readers should recollect this important episode in the beginning and this is how the world would go into the next cycle, starting from the Krita Yuga again.

So for today, let us understand these important points and let us wait till the next episode to continue this discussion further! Stay tuned! 🙂


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