Episode # 406 – Regular chanting of our “MANTRA” helps maintain our focus on Bhagawan in the Kali Yuga!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed a very important point that amidst all the negative aspects that the Kali Yuga might present to us, there are some huge positives as well. One important point that we’ve spoken about, as part of the “Kali-Yuga-Dharma” is “Naama-Sankeertana”. If we ardently sing in praise of Bhagawan Krishna, this itself is enough for us to reach Vaikunta. There’s no special means or ways that are required. All we’ve to do is “Naama-Sankeertana” with all our heart and soul focused on Bhagawan. But the important question here that would arise is that, whether our mind would give way to do this or not. This the “catch point” here – During the Kali Yuga, the Kali Purusha would always try and bring down our enthusiasm and motivation to move a step towards Bhagawan. He has all the tricks in the trade to make us deviate from this.

In fact, we’ve witnessed this during our earlier episodes, wherein King Parikshit and Kali Purusha have a long battle with each other. Readers can recollect this section from our earlier episodes, wherein King Parikshit realizes that it is going to be an improbable task in defeating Kali Purusha in a war or in a face-to-face confrontation. As Kali Purusha himself couldn’t stand the valor of King Parikshit, he begs King Parikshit to leave him free. However, King Parikshit saw this as an opportunity to drop in some commands to Kali Purusha. He has given four important places wherein Kali Purusha can reside in this world, and nowhere else. Especially when it comes to ardent devotees of Bhagawan, Kali Purusha can never come near them to play any of his tricks. So, the understanding from this is that, we’ve to make ourselves ardent devotees of Bhagawan, so that Kali Purusha doesn’t near us in anyway.

But the question here is that, how do we achieve this. How do we make sure that we fall into the line of Bhagawan, and not in the line of Kali Purusha’s radar? In fact, we’ve to understand that in the Kali Yuga, there would be exhorbitant amount of disturbances (“Maya” or “Illusion”) that Kali Purusha would try and unleash upon the people, so as to bring them into his fold. We’ve to escape this “Maya” somehow, isn’t it? For this, we’ve to develop the mental focus and direct it pin-pointedly towards Bhagawan. How do we do that? This is where, chanting of our “Mantra” is of extreme significance in the Kali Yuga. If we’re constantly chanting our Mantra, our “Vaasanas” (Latent tendencies) that we have towards bad things would slowly start coming down. Once our Vaasanas come down, automatically our mind would get purified and attain the single-point focus of Bhagawan in whatever we do, in whatever we see and in whatever we experience in our life. Once that focus on Bhagawan comes within us, we can be rest-assured that we’re on track to attain “Moksha”. Of course, we’ve witnessed multiple times earlier, as to what is the procedure to initiate ourselves into chanting a “Mantra”. We’ve to approach a spiritual master, accept Him / Her as our “Guru”, and through that “Mahatma”, we should get initiated into the “Mantra-Chanting”. Once that initiation is done, we should meticulously keep chanting our Mantra day in and day out. This would gradually bring our focus to Bhagawan and with this, our mind would get purified. Obviously it’s a slow process and we’ve to be patient enough to see the results of it.

Of course, many of our readers who might be reading this might think that this is easier said than done! Yes, it is tough and this is exactly the challenge that we’re talking about in the Kali Yuga. Although the path might look a bit easy, getting into this easy path is the toughest thing to do. This is where our dedication and effort is required. Thus, by highlighting this point, Sage Sukhaachaarya gives us the reassurance that amidst all the negativity around us, it is still possible for all of us to attain Bhagawan, provided, we have our focus on Bhagawan intact. This is like walking on a thin knife-edge. If we’re going to deviate here and there, all of us know what would happen, isn’t it? Similarly here too, if we’re going to deviate a little bit even, our mind is just going to be captured by Kali Purusha, who is waiting for a chance to do so. In fact, Kali Purusha is like a terrorist waiting outside our home with a gun. He’s waiting for us to open our door, so that he can gun us down. This is where we’ve to be extremely careful.

Thus, for today, let us re-emphasize that Bhagawan can be attained very easily through minimal effort in this Kali Yuga, however, we’ve to be very focused on our effort in doing so. We shall wait till the next episode to continue with this important discussion further. Stay tuned! 😊


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