Episode # 388 – If Bhagawan is omni-present, why should we visit a temple to worship Him???

In the pevious episode, we witnessed the continuation of the discussion on why should we ensure fair treatment and equal respect to all living beings in this world, inclusive of animals, insects, plants, etc. We had witnessed yesterday that modern day research suggests how plants and trees too have emotions and feelings as they grow up. Hence, we should respect the feelings of plants as well. As we moved on, we also witnessed that Bhagawan Krishna is asserting that He’s omni-present and is residing inside all the Atmans of all living beings put together. This one point summarizes the reason why we should refrain from hurting another living being in any way possible. We’ve to infer that if we’re hurting other living beings, we’re ultimately ending up hurting Bhagawan who is residing inside that living being in the subtle form. Thus, we should understand this point very clearly.

As Bhagawan Krishna explains thus, He continues further and says, “Oh Uddhava! Do you know to whom I never disappear in their vision? Those who are able to feel my divine presence inside every living being, irrespective of whatever form that living being might be in, I never disappear from their vision. I would keep appearing in front of them at all times and they can witness my divine darshan!” We might be wondering why is Bhagawan Krishna saying thus. Let us look at this point in a different angle here, for our understanding. For instance, if a person believes that Bhagawan is only inside a temple and nowhere else, he / she would go to the temple, worship Bhagawan there, and once he / she comes out, Bhagawan would disappear automatically from his / her vision. Why? This is because, this person is having a “closed mindsset” that Bhagawan is only in a temple and nowhere else. The moment this person comes out of the temple, he / she is only going to see hatred towards other living beings too, and thus, Bhagawan is never going to appear in front of such people. Whereas on the other hand, if a person is able to witness Bhagawan even in the walls of the temple, on the streets, in the stray animals that might be roaming around here and there, etc. Bhagawan is never going to disappear from his / her vision isn’t it? This person has seen Bhagawan inside the temple, and also outside of it! Hence, where is the possibility that Bhagawan is going to go “out of sight” for this person?

This is exactly what Bhagawan Krishna is explaining here – If a person is able to visualize Bhagawan in all aspects around him / her, He doesn’t disappear at all in their vision! Such people’s vision automatically becomes divine, because they’re able to see Bhagawan throughout! In fact, Bhagawan Krishna had to give the “divine vision” for Arjuna to witness His “Vishwaroopa Darshan” during the Bhagawad Gita, isn’t it? In this case, Bhagawan doesn’t even need to give all that to these people who are able to see Him in all living beings! Without even obtaining the divine vision, if we’re able to exercise this point clearly, Bhagawan is going to grant us His vision at all times!

Now with this point being emphasized, some of us might have a question here – If we’re able to visualize Bhagawan all around us, then why should we go to a temple specially to obtain His divine darshan? In fact, during those ancient times, great “Maharishis” used to sit amidst thick and dense forests and to “Tapas” or penance. They were able to visualize Bhagawan then and there with their prowess of the penance. For them, obviously going to a temple exclusively to worship Bhagawan doesn’t make any sense, or it is not required also. In fact, amidst thick and dense forests, which are “no-man’s lands”, where would we be able to even find a temple? However, if we’ve to apply that same logic to us, how can that be feasible? Do we have that much of prowess to sit for days, months and years together in deep penance? Our scenario today is that, if we’ve to sit continuously for an hour together, we’re getting fed up and bored! If such is the case for us, how can we even think of applying such a logic for our cases? We do not have the spiritual strength, prowess and maturity to witness Bhagawan then and there with such a strong “Tapas”. This is why, we should visit the temple to worship Bhagawan.

Moreover, for our low levels of spiritual maturity, we would be able to get that divine experience only by worshipping the idol of Bhagawna in the temple. We are not in that spiritual state to witness Bhagawan as earth, fire, wind, water, etc. In fact, Alwar in one “Paasuram” explains this clearly. He says thus, “Oh Bhagawan! I understand that you’re amidst every element that constitutes this world! You’re the fire! You’re the wind! You’re the water! You’re the soil! You’re omni-present! You’re formless and is an embodiment of divine consciousness” Upon hearing thus, Bhagawan replies back, “Oh Alwar! Good that you’ve realized that! Now that you’ve attained this much of spiritual maturity, I’m not going to come near you in any form henceforth! You may worship me as a formless entity!” Hearing thus, Alwar replies back to Bhagawan thus, “Oh Bhagawan! Do not blabber something like this! I just told you now that I know you’re formless! But I’m not that spiritually matured enough to witness you in air, water, etc. I still want to worship you in the form of an idol, wherein you stand in front of us like a child, with your ever-beaming smile and handsome face! This is what I want to worship!”

So from this, we’ve to understand that, going to the temple is extremely important for all of us, just for the purpose of increasing our spiritual maturity and progress. If we’re able to worship Bhagawan in the idol form, we would be able to retain that beautiful form in our memory and with that, we shall commence our spiritual practices at home, or viewing Bhagawan in every living being around us! So for today, let us understand this point very clearly and we shall wait till the next episode to continue this point further! Stay tuned! 🙂


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