Episode # 387 – “I’m omni-present within the “Atmans” of all living beings!” – Bhagawan Krishna’s firm assertion!!!

In the previous episode, we had continued the discussion on the subject of “Equality”, and the reason behind Bhagawan Krishna emphasizing this point vehemently again and again at various instances. Here, as He’s giving important pieces of advice to Uddhava, Bhagawan Krishna talks about equality in the sense that those people who are able to see and treat all living beings equally in this world, are His greatest devotees. This is where, we’re witnessing series of points wherein we first started with the scenario amongst fellow human beings. Whether it is at home, or at office or at any public place, we should be able to view all human beings equally and should come forward to help all those people who are in need of it. Irrespecctive of whether it is he or a she, rich or poor, lower or upper caste, etc. we should be able to exercise our service to all human beings equally at all times.

In similar lines, in yesterday’s episode we had witnessed that we should not only treat human beings equally, but also animals and all other living beings as well. We had witnessed few instances in the previous episode as to how animals are much more devoted to Bhagawan than we are. We saw how Sugriva, Hanuman and the other Vaanaras were exceptional in this quality towards Bhagawan Rama and how did they get to reach the ultimate “Moksha”. In similar lines, we witnessed how a small squirrel was devoting itself in the ardent and selfless service towards Bhagawan Rama in building the Ram-Setu Bridge. Moved by its devotion, Bhagawan Rama granted “Moksha” to the squirrel immediately then and there! Similar is the case of Jataayu. When Ravana was abducting Mother Sita in full steam, it was none other than Jataayu who volunteered forward to rescue her. Jataayu was an eagle and all of us would be knowing this by now. He fought valiantly with Ravana, only for his wings to be razed by Ravana’s “Chandrahaasa” sword. Upon seeing Jataayu in this pitiable condition, Bhagawan Rama immediately grants “Moksha” to him then and there! In similar lines, we’ve witnessed how elephant Gajendra attained “Moksha” with its ardent prayers towards Bhagawan Naarayana.

Thus, in all of these instances, be it a squirrel, monkey, elephant, bird, etc. we’re able to witness ardent devotion in animals too, and hence, how can animals be inferior to us in any way? In fact, to be very honest, the devotion exhibited by animals is more intense and ardent than what we do! This is because, animals are innocent by nature and their devotion is blind and pure. Whereas, we human beings have so many prejudices while we pray to Bhagawan! Most of the times we only pray to Bhagawan for fulfilling our own selfish personal needs and greeds. We’ve witnessed this point too when we spoke about the three classifications of “Bhakti” towards Bhagawan. Thus, the point here is that, we should also treat animals with equal respect and magnanimity like how we treat our fellow human beings. We should realize that animals are in no way inferior to us, just because we’re not seeing them talking and walking like how we do! Just like how we have our right to live our life our own way, animals too have the same right and is given by Bhagawan to them also. Hence, we should refrain from hurting any animal in even a small way, and instead try to shower love and affection towards them.

This is where we see another difference as well – For people who have pets at home, they would be able to appreciate this point much better. The amount of respect and love that animals show towards us is immense and unconditional. If we take one step towards them, they take hundred steps towards us and shower all their love! If such is the case, isn’t it our duty to take care of them in the nicest way possible? Thus, if we’re having pets or if there are even some stray dogs or cats nearby, we should develop this habit of feeding them with food first, before we consuming food. Especially if we have pets at home, it is our bound duty to feed them first before having our food. We should ensure that these animals are well-nourished and happy. This is one step that we can take in the forward direction in treating animals equally.

Now that we’ve witnessed so much about human beings and animals – We’ve to also understand that plants and trees are integral part of the sphere, when we talk about “living beings”. Even the smallest of the small plants and saplings have an “Atman” within them, which has manifested in the form of that plant as its physical body. Of course, we know that plants have the capability to grow, just like how we do. However, there are extensive research studies today that prove that just like how we have emotions and feelings, plants and trees have too! There are numerous experiments that are continuously being conducted to prove the same. If we’re growing a plant with all our love and affection by watering it periodically, it is going to blossom with very attractive flowers and fruits. However, if we’re going to show restraint towards it, the plant can understand our negative emotions too very well, and they react to it by not growing to their full potential.

Thus, how can all these happen? It is only because someone is making all of it happen! This someone is none other than Bhagawan Himself! Thus, the important message from today’s episode is that, Bhagawan is omni-present inside all the “Atmans” and it is He who is enabling this entire world to be nourished with fresh green plants and trees, animals roaming around happily, along with human beings like us too. So for today, let us understand this point and let us realize Bhagawan in all living beings around us, including plants and animals! Let us all take a vow from today that we would not hurt even a single living being and we would treat all living beings with equal love and respect. We shall wait till the next episode to witness the continuation of this discussion between Bhagawan Krishna and Uddhava further! Stay tuned! 🙂


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