Episode # 389 – Bhagawan Krishna plans His ascent to Vaikunta!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an important clarification when it comes to Bhagawan being omni-present amongst all of us and other living beings around. We had witnessed that a person is a true ardent devotee of Bhagawan only if he / she is able to exhibit “equality” amongst all living beings by experiencing Bhagawan amidst all of them. So we had asked a counter question while discussing this point at length – If we’re able to witness Bhagawan amidst all the beings around us, why should we particularly visit a temple to worship Bhagawan in the idol form? We had witnessed a justification for that in yesterday’s episode – Unlike great “Maharishis” who have the ability to “visualize” Bhagawan with their prowess of deep penance, we do not have such amounts of spiritual maturity and because of that, it is vvery difficult for us to visualize Bhagawan to that extent. This is where, idol worship assumes lot of significance. For spiritually “immature” people like all of us, visualizing Bhagawan in the form of a beautiful idol standing in front of us with a beaming smile and a charming face is the best way to attain spiritual progress.

Moreover, it becomes easier for us to focus a form which we can relate to quite well. As we’re human beings, it would be easier for us to relate Bhagawan to a human form, more than any other. If we’ve to imagine Bhagawan as a form other than a human, this is where we get disconnected. Psychologically it is easier for us to understand something when we relate to whatever we’re comfortable with. For instance, even when we study some concepts of management and leadership, it is always easier for us to study those concepts when we link them with relevant examples and anecdotes related to them. This enhances our understanding with greater depth. Similar is this concept of idol worship as well – If we’ve to be able to visualize Bhagawan in a beautiful idol form, it becomes easier for us to focus and meditate upon, which would in turn slowly enhance our spiritual maturity.

Moving on further thus, we enter into the 30’th “Adhyaaya” of this “Skandha”, wherein Bhagawan Krishna makes the final decision to ascend back to Vaikunta. With the above point, we come to the end of the “Keshava-Uddhava-Samvaadham”, wherein Bhagawn Krishna concludes His long addressal to Uddhava with regards to attaining spiritual progress, even without Him being in the forefront. We’ve witnessed that Uddhava was sad when he came to know that Bhagawan Krishna was descending to Vaikunta, leaving all of His devotees in the lurch. This is where, Bhagawan Krishna gives a lengthy accord to console Uddhava that he has to wait till the time comes for him to ascend to Vaikunta. It is only for this, Bhagawan Krishna teaches the “Maarga” (Way) to reach Vaikunta or Moksha, which is also important for all ardent devotees like us. Hence, we’ve to make sure that we read and re-read these important points that Bhagawan Krishna had emphasized to Uddhava, so that we get a hold on it.

Now, we’ve to witness how Bhagawan Krishna is going to ascend to Vaikunta. After Uddhava takes leave, Bhagawan Krishna is thinking as to which way should He adopt to ascend back. All these instances that had unfolded, have taken place at “Praabhaasha Kshetra”. This place is near to Somanath in the western Indian state of Gujarat. Now we’re going to witness the “Charitra” that conspired at this “Praabhaasha Kshetra”. At this juncture, when Bhagawan Krishna was still at Dwaaraka, He explains to His people thus, “Oh people! I’m somehow seeing some bad omens in and around Dwaaraka city! Things are not looking so good and feasible for us to stay here anymore. Hence, let us all pack our bags and leave Dwaaraka and go to a place which is filled with natural beauty! I feel that we should all go to this place towards the west wherein River Saraswathi is flowing by. This, I think, is a safe place for us to live the rest of our days!”

Bhagawan Krishna continues further thus, “I’m seeing all these bad omens because this Dvaapara Yuga is going to come to an end very soon. The treacherous Kali Yuga is going to commence anytime soon. Once the Kali Yuga commences, Dwaaraka city is going to be engulfed with the ocean waters. We’ve to leave this place before all of this takes place!”

So for today, let us understand this part and let us wait till the next episode to continue this “Charitra” forward. We’re going to witness how Bhagawan Krishna moves His base from Dwaaraka City to “Praabhaasha Kshetra”, and what happened after that! Stay tuned! 😊


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