Episode # 317 – Usha and Aniruddha fall in love with each other – A unique experience!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed that Bhagawan Krishna had married 16,108 women, whom Narakaasura had imprisoned when he was alive. Once Bhagawan Krishna killed him, He made sure that He took up the responsibility to uphold the chastity of all these women by marrying all of them. It should be remembered how Mother Sita had suffered post her release from Ravana’s clutches. She was doubted by various echelons of the society and had to do “Agni Pravesha” everytime, so as to clear the air about her chastity. Eventually, Bhagawan Rama had to lose her once and forever owing the doubts raised about her chastity by His own subjects. It is only with this in mind perhaps, Bhagawan Krishna did not let these women suffer the same fate of Mother Sita. Thus, as He marries all of them, we’ve witnessed Bhagawan Krishna having a son by name “Pradyumna”, who in turn had a son by name “Aniruddha”. Thus, we’re seeing here that we’ve reached the stage wherein Bhagawan Krishna has already become a grandfather! 😊

Moving on thus, we’re now going to see a little bit of events that conspired between Usha and Aniruddha. Both are falling in love with each other, and let us witness the events that unfolded in this regard. Before this, we should know who this Usha is. Usha was the daughter of a Raakshasa by name Baanaasura. Once upon a time when all of them were in their own respective places, during the night time, Usha had a peculiar dream wherein she witnessed Aniruddha in it. The moment she saw a handsome and a young person in her dream, she was very curious to find out who this person was. Out of her curiosity, she eventually fell in love with him. It is to be noted here that she hasn’t seen Aniruddha in person till now, but still, just by seeing him in her dream, she fell in love with him. Now that she had fell in love with Aniruddha, how does she enquire and find out his whereabouts? She hasn’t even seen him even once in person till now. She was puzzled as to what to do and how to proceed.

It is at this time, Usha had a good companion and a friend by name Chitralekha. This Chitralekha had a unique talent – Whoever talks to her about dreaming about someone, she had the talent to draw that person’s portrait as and how the other person is explaining to her. In that way, Usha started to explain how that “handsome man” was looking as per her dream and Chitralekha started portraying all the features of Aniruddha on the paper. As she was doing that, she almost drew the portrait of Bhagawan Krishna with all His charming beauty and asked Usha whether it was this person with whom she was in love with. Usha looked at the portrait that Chatralekha developed, but she wasn’t in sync with what she was seeing and what her “dream man” looked like. She replied to Chitralekha that the portrait “almost” resembled her “dream man”, but continued that her lover wasn’t as handsome as this portrait! Hence, she requested Chitralekha to modify the portrait a little bit. As Chitralekha tried modifying it by reducing the handsomeness and other things, she ended up portraying Pradyumna. Still Usha wasn’t satisfied upon looking at the modified portrait and she wanted Chitralekha to work further to reduce the handsomeness even further!

Finally, Chitralekha worked further on it and modified the features and now, finally she managed to somehow create the portrait of Aniruddha. The moment she showed it to Usha, she exclaimed to Chitralekha that this was exactly the person whom she had dreamt about! But upon seeing Usha’s excitement, Chitralekha exclaimed that this Aniruddha was at Dwaaraka and not any closer to where this Usha was staying! However, Chitralekha gave an assurance that she would somehow bring Aniruddha to her vicinity, so that she would be happy! Accordingly, Chitralekha sets out with four other people towards Dwaaraka, reaches the place where Aniruddha was staying, lifted him along with his cot where he was sleeping and brought him straight to where Usha was residing. Thus, when Aniruddha woke up from his sleep, he wasn’t able to understand where he was for a moment, but upon seeing a beautiful girl in front of him, he too fell in love with her!

Thus, both Usha and Aniruddha fell in love with each other and thus, both of them forgot everything else around them and started living together there only! There was no news about Aniruddha at Dwaaraka henceforth after a long time. What happened next? Did they manage to get married to each other? Let’s wait for the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 😊



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