Episode # 318 – Bhagawan Krishna chops off Baanaasura’s 98 hands!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed Aniruddha, grandson of Bhagawan Krishna and Usha, daughter of Baanaasura falling in love with each other, even without meeting. We had witnessed the interesting set of events wherein Usha had a “peculiar” dream of Aniruddha, but without even knowing who he was. Upon having this handsome boy in her dreams, Usha fell in love with him. She thus requests her friend, Chitralekha to draw a portrait of this person who came in her dream and who captured her heart with just that one appearance. Perhaps, this is what we call in today’s scenario as “dream appearance”! 😊 It was existing even during Bhagawan Krishna’s tenure! Thus, according to Usha’s wish, Chitralekha tried her best to portray the “dream man” and with modifications here and there, she managed to portray Aniruddha on the paper!

With this, Usha fell in love with Aniruddha even more. Upon seeing this, Chitralekha assured that she would take up the responsibility to search and find Aniruddha’s whereabouts and to somehow bring him in front of her. With this mission in hand, Chitralekha sets out and finally manages to find Aniruddha at Dwaaraka. She, along with four other people “airlifted” Aniruddha along with his cot while in deep sleep and brings him to the place where Usha was. Upon waking up from his sleep, Aniruddha did not understand where he was for a moment, but as his eyes fell upon the beautiful Usha, he too fell in love with her! Usha, on her part, was overwhelmed in seeing Aniruddha and both of them could not separate from each other henceforth! They started to live together in Usha’s “Antahpura” as a “live-in” couple! Meanwhile, the entire Dwaaraka is searching for Aniruddha’s whereabouts, and nobody knows where he had disappeared overnight!

One fine day, father Baanaasura knocks upon the doors of his daughter Usha, and when she opens it, Baanaasura finds out that she was already “living in” with Aniruddha! This is the first time that Baanaasura is seeing this happening and he gets stunned, shocked and angry! He thus ordered both Usha and Aniruddha to be imprisoned for the “wrong” way of living. As this news started spreading that Aniruddha was imprisoned by Baanaasura, Bhagawan Krishna too comes to know of it. Thus, to protect His grandson. Bhagawan Krishna rakes up a huge army behind Him and goes for a war with Baanaasura, in a bid to release Aniruddha from the jail. The entire army marches towards the place called “Shonitapura”, where Baanaasura was residing and ruling from. Upon hearing that Bhagawan Krishna is marching ahead towards Shonitapura with a huge army, Baanaasura collected his army and started marching towards his enemy.

It should be remembered here that Baanaasura was an ardent “Shiva-Bhakta” (Ardent devotee of Bhagawan Shiva). Impressed by Baanaasura’s devotion, Bhagawan Shiva had given an assurance to him that He would protect him from all sorts of enemies at any point of time. Now, as Bhagawan Krishna is on His way to fight him down, Bhagawan Shiva has to keep up His assurance – He thus sends all His frontline warriors like Kaarthikeya, Mother Kaali, etc. to fight Bhagawan Krishna. However, none can keep up to Bhagawan Krishna’s intensity during the war. Although huge battles broke out with each of them, Bhagawan Krishna proved superior to all of them and eventually each one of them were being chased down! As all of them were running here and there for shelter, they ask Bhagawan Krishna thus, “Oh Bhagawan! Why are you fighting all of us now? What did we do? Why are you troubling us like this?” Bhagawan Krishna answers them thus with anger, “Oh Devatas! I’ve allotted specific places and duties to all of you, isn’t it? Instead of sticking to your respective places and duties, why are you troubling me when I’m proceeding towards Baanaasura’s residency? Rather than picking up fights with me, you should have bowed down to me and given me way. Instead, you had to the guts to fight with the supreme! Who gave you the guts?

As Bhagawan Krishna was angry, He continued and eventually cursed them thus, “Oh Devatas! For your arrogant behavior, I hereby curse all of you that all your “Bhakti” that you’ve earned for all these years would go waste! You’ve to start everything afresh!” Hearing thus, all the Devatas were stunned beyond words! They tried to seek unconditional apology to Bhagawan Krishna, but in vain! He brushed past all of them and proceeded towards Baanaasura. Eventually, a huge war broke out between the two camps and finally Bhagawan Krishna emerged supreme. However, Bhagawan Krishna did not kill Baanaasura – It seems that Baanaasura had 100 hands, and Bhagawan Krishna managed to chop off 98 of them during the war. He left Baanaasura with the remaining two hands and allowed him to escape the battlefield, because of His grandson Aniruddha. Anyways, Aniruddha and Usha had to get married, and Baanaasura would be Aniruddha’s father-in-law isn’t it? Hence, why creating lot of fuss in the beginning itself? 😊

Thus, defeated by Bhagawan Krishna, Baanaasura too seeks unconditional apology and happily marries his daughter, Usha to Bhagawan Krishna’s grandson, Aniruddha. It was a grand marriage and after that, Aniruddha and Usha led a happy and a peaceful life together! So for today, let us understand and experience this important event and let us wait till the next episode to witness what conspired after this! Stay tuned! 😊



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