Episode # 316 – Bhagawan Krishna marries 16,108 women!!! Why???


In the previous episode, we had witnessed how Indra waged a war with Bhagawan Krishna for a second time after the Govardhana episode that we’ve witnessed when Bhagawan Krishna was a little boy. Indra’s ignorance and selfishness knew no bounds as he wanted to fight over Bhagawan Krishna for a small “Paarijaatha” plant. He even forgot that it was the same Bhagawan Krishna who had saved him from the wrath of Narakaasura, just few days before that. This is where we see that the Devas are a selfish lot of beings. All they’re interested is whether they’ll get a good position in the “Svarga-Lokha” and whether they would be able to get access to the “Amrut”. If at all they come towards Bhagawan, they would always come with a problem. Once that problem is solved, they would never even turn towards Bhagawan’s side! This is how selfish the Devas are. Of course, if we compare the Raakshasas and the Devas, the Devas are better. This is the only trump card that they have, and they use it to the fullest when it comes to enjoying all the benefits in the “Svarga-Lokha”. Of course, Bhagawan too, is left with no other option but to take side of the Devas, and not the Raakshasas.

Thus, we’ve seen that Indra waged a bitter war against Bhagawan Krishna for the “Paarijaatha” plant, and Bhagawan Krishna showed Indra his place. He was defeated left, right and center and finally Indra was forced to apologize for his gross mistake, which he committed not once, but twice now. With this, the “Paarijaatha” episode comes to a close, and now Sage Sukhaachaarya moves on further to talk about Bhagawan Krishna’s various relatives and other women who were in touch with Him. In fact, when Bhagawan Krishna killed Narakaasura, He had freed around 16,100 women whom this Narakaasura had imprisoned. Once Narakaasura was killed, all these women were set free and all the women wanted to marry Bhagawan Krishna. Accordingly, Bhagawan too was very happy to fulfill all their wishes, and He married all of them!

Upon hearing that Bhagawan Krishna married 16,108 women, we would be shocked! We might think why did Bhagawan Krishna marry such a lot of women, although He already had eight wives. We should imagine here that, if these women were to fend themselves, they would have never got married at all in the whole of their lives! We’ve already witnessed Mother Sita’s ordeals after she had been imprisoned in Ravana’s palace for ten months. Even after Bhagawan Rama had recovered her from Ravana’s palace, we’ve witnessed how many times did Mother Sita do the “Agni-Pravesha” to prove her chastity. Finally in the “Uttara-Kaanda” of the Ramayana, we’ve witnessed that Mother Sita had to be exiled to the forest once more, just because somebody in Ayodhya city had expressed a doubt over her chastity. This happened many years after the Ravana fiasco took place. We’ve witnessed how much of sufferings did Mother Sita undergo after that. Thus, in order to put an end to the sufferings of all these women, Bhagawan Krishna volunteered Himself to marry all of them, so that they wouldn’t face the same ordeals that Mother Sita had to undergo. Thus, again we’ve to understand here that these 16,108 women were ardent devotees of Bhagawan and were at an extremely high state of “Bhakti” and spiritual progress. It is to be remembered that these people would have perhaps been extraordinary spiritual “Saadhaks” in their previous births, only to take birth as a woman to enjoy Bhagawan’s divine presence with them. Hence, these are not to be compared to the worldly marriages that we witness today.

Thus, moving on, Bhagwaan Krishna had a son with Rukmini Devi, by name “Pradyumna”. Thus, each of the 16,108 wives of Bhagawan Krishna had ten sons and a daughter. This Rukmini Devi had a brother by name Rukmi. He had a daughter by name Rukmavati. It is this Rukmavati who is getting married to Pradyumna and the son who’s born out of this marriage is none other than Aniruddha. Apart from Rukmavati, Rukmi had a son and it is to the daughter of this son, Rochana Devi, did Aniruddha got married to. Thus, we can see here that Aniruddha was the grandson of Bhagawan Krishna! We can now witness here that Bhagawan Krishna has now become a grandfather.

We might wonder how come things have moved very fast after Bhagawan Krishna’s victory over his uncle, Kamsa. This is what I had explained in the earlier episodes too – It is only the childhood days of Bhagawan Krishna that takes lot of time for discussion. Once He grows up, the story length starts tapering down! Things progress very quickly and we would at once reach the Kurukshetra war and thereby, His departure to Vaikunta. Whereas it’s the opposite for Bhagawan Rama – His childhood days were extremely short and the detailed description of Bhagawan Rama comes up only after He departs to the forest for the fourteen-year exile.

So for today, let us understand these things and let us wait till the next episode to witness the next set of events that are to unfold. Stay tuned! 😊


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