Episode # 288 – “Anganaam Anganaa.. Anthare Maadhavo..” – Bhagawan Krishna’s “Raasa-Leela” with the Gopikas!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed one of the most important events of the “Krishna Leela”, wherein, Little Krishna lifted the Govardhana mountain to save the people and animals of Gokula from torrential rains, that were triggered by Indra’s fury. We’ve seen that Indra unleashed the rains in Gokula town because the offerings that were to be given to him were diverted to the Govardhana mountain by Little Krishna. Hence, Indra wanted to teach Little Krishna a lesson for His “heinous act”. He clearly underestimated Little Krishna’s divine capabilities. He ordered Varuna to bring all the rain-bearing clouds to Gokula and eventually the rain started tormenting Gokula. As people were scrambling here and there for shelter, Little Krishna came to the rescue of the entire town. He led everybody towards the Govardhana mountain, to which all the offerings were made. Bringing all of them thus, Little Krishna easily lifted the mountain with His small finger and held it like a huge umbrella! All the residents, cows, cattle, deer, birds, etc. came under the mountain, which shielded all of them by giving shelter. Gokula thus worshipped Little Krishna as “Govardhana-Giridhaari”!

With this divine act of Little Krishna, Indra was easily overpowered! He did not anticipate that Little Krishna would lift a mountain so easily in His hands and provide shelter to the entire town! The rain continued to lash Gokula for the next seven days, non-stop. However, the entire town was saved by Little Krishna’s divine act! He held the Govardhana mountain in His hand for the next seven days and seven nights without a break! Seeing this, Indra was shell-shocked! He immediately realized his folly and rushes towards Little Krishna to seek unconditional apology! Thus, with this important event, Indra was rightfully shown his place by none other than Little Krishna Himself!

Moving on thus, Little Krishna eventually destroyed many more Raakshasas who were sent by Kamsa to kill Him. Subsequently Raakshasa Arishtaasura was the first one to arrive at Gokula, but Little Krishna proved a tough nut to crack for him. Arishtaasura was finally killed by Little Krishna. Next came Bhakaasura. He too met the same end in the hands of Little Krishna. Next in the list was Pralambhaasura. He too came into Gokula and never went out again! 😊

Now as Little Krishna grows by, He started doing the famous “Raasa-Leela” with all the Gopikas who were there at Gokula. As the famous lines go by,

“Anganaam Anganaa.. Anthare Maadhavo.. Maadhavam Maadhavam cha antarena anganaam…”

We’ve already witnessed in our previous episodes that the Gopikas were none other than the Devas (Celestial Beings) who had incarnated so that, they would get ample time to spend with Bhagawan Krishna. In fact, the Devas were very unhappy for a long time that they weren’t able to get quality time to spend with Bhagawan Vishnu. To fulfill the Devas’ request, Bhagawan Vishnu instructed them to take birth in the world as the Gopika women, while He’s incarnating as Bhagawan Krishna. Thus, Bhagawan Vishnu assures them that He would spend quality time with all of them and it is only because of this reason, the Devas have incarnated as the divine Gopikas.

Hence, we should understand this important point here – These Gopikas were not ordinary women. Each of them was a divine incarnation and they had taken birth solely to spend time with Little Krishna. Hence, all the crooked debates surrounding the chastity of Bhagawan Krishna or the Gopika women should be trashed and thrown to the dustbin with this firm understanding. Rather than making a debate out of this, we should admire the fact that these Gopikas were so fortunate to get quality time with Bhagawan Krishna, which we couldn’t get today!

Having said thus, Little Krishna slowly starts spending quality time with the Gopikas every day. This famous event in the “Krishna-Leela” is called “Raasa-Kreeda” or “Raasa-Leela”. Every day, Little Krishna would come to the place wherein all the Gopikas would assemble and wait for Him with their ardent devotion. Once Little Krishna arrives, He would take multiple forms of Himself and would dance with all the Gopikas there. In other words, the Gopikas were hundreds in number and Little Krishna would take hundreds of forms and dance with each of the Gopika women. This was a divine dance and the Gopikas were totally immersed in Bhakti towards Bhagawan Krishna.

While we talk about different forms of “Bhakti”, this “divine dancing” by holding Bhagawan’s hands is one of the highest forms of “Bhakti” that we can ever witness. The dance was out of ardent devotion and the Gopikas were entirely at a different spiritual plane altogether. This divine dance shouldn’t be confused with the dance that we see today in the movies and plays. As the divine dance progresses further and further, the devotion that the Gopikas are exhibiting is also increasing minute after minute. They were transcending into a different form of spiritual progress altogether! It finally reached a stage wherein if the devotion increases a bit further, the Gopikas would fall on the ground dead! Bhagawan Krishna senses this and thus He immediately disappears from that place totally!

Unable to find their Bhagawan, the Gopikas start searching for Him everywhere. They’re searching at all places in the huge hall, enquiring with some people in the vicinity, etc. But Little Krishna wasn’t there to be seen anywhere! However, when the Gopikas are yearning for His presence with lot of anxiety, Little Krishna would suddenly re-appear from nowhere, and would again start dancing with them! Such was the divine experience which Bhagawan Krishna gave the Gopikas. They were waiting for this golden opportunity and Bhagawan Krishna gave it to them in the most beautiful manner.

So for today, let us enjoy this devotion-filled “Raasa-Kreeda” episode of Little Krishna and let us learn from the Gopikas, the art of devotion towards Bhagawan! We shall wait till the next episode to continue this further! Stay tuned! 😊


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