Episode # 289 – The Gopikas’ divine experiences with Bhagawan Krishna – Significance of “Naayika-Bhaava”!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed yet another beautiful experience from the “Krishna-Leela” wherein Little Krishna is spending quality time with the Gopikas, dancing with them with ecstasy and heights of devotion. We’ve also witnessed that these Gopikas were none other than the Devas (Celestial Beings) who had incarnated in the forms of these beautiful women and had wished to spend quality time with Bhagawan Vishnu, during His “Krishna-Avatara”. Thus, these Gopikas were not ordinary women, but were celestial beings dancing in bliss with Bhagawan Krishna.

As the level of devotion towards Bhagawan Krishna increases by the minute, the Gopikas reach a state of divine bliss wherein if they’re continuing in this state for another minute or two, they would fall on the ground dead! It is at this time, Little Krishna realizes that He has to protect the Gopikas and thus, He disappears from that place within a fraction of a second. Unable to see their Little Krishna anywhere, the Gopikas come back to reality and start searching for Him everywhere. They’re in tears that their Little Krishna has vanished somewhere without even intimating them! The Gopikas are frantically searching for their Bhagawan and within the next fraction of a second, Little Krishna re-appears in front of them! Upon seeing Him, the Gopikas rush towards Him and cry thus, “Oh Krishna! Where did you go? We were so tensed and worried! Even if you would have gone away from us just for a split of second, it seemed like a year’s time spent without you! So please do not go away from us like this. Please be with us all the time! We’re yearning for your divine presence every minute!”

As the Gopikas pray to Bhagawan Krishna thus, He again starts dancing with all of them in bliss. This again continues for some time and with time passing by, again the Gopikas are getting lost in divine bliss! They again reach a state that if this goes on for another minute or two, they’re going to fall on the ground dead! Again Little Krishna realizes this and quickly disappears from there! Again the frantic search starts!

This time, one of the Gopikas spot two pairs of footsteps that are leading to some place. Only the footsteps are visible. Upon looking round and round, they realize that one of the women amidst the Gopikas are missing. It seems as if that woman had walked away with Little Krishna when He disappeared mysteriously. Seeing the footsteps thus, the poor Gopikas decide to follow them and see where it goes. They go behind those footsteps, but surprisingly, only one pair of footsteps are visible now! How strange could that be? Normally, if two human beings are walking along, he / she would walk with two feet in parallel to each other, isn’t it? So we’ll have four foot imprints by the side. But here, there is an imprint of only one pair of feet! The imprint of the second person is missing!

After following this one pair of footsteps for a while, the Gopikas saw a woman sitting under a tree and crying! This woman was also one of the Gopikas, and it was this woman with whom, Little Krishna had mysteriously disappeared! Upon seeing this woman, the Gopikas go near her and ask her the reason for which she was crying! She explains thus, “Oh Gopikas! Do you know what happened? When all of us were dancing, Little Krishna caught hold of my hand and started walking along with me! I was so much in bliss and happiness that I followed Him! However, after walking for a long distance, my legs started getting tired. So I requested Him to carry me in His shoulders. He did exactly what I said! After sometime, I wanted Him to place a beautiful flower on my head amidst my hair, and He asked me to bend down a bit. As I bent down in anticipation and devotion, He suddenly disappeared somewhere! He’s not to be seen at all! I’m also searching for Him with all my pain! Perhaps I demanded a lot from Little Krishna that He started hating me! I feel so sorry and ashamed for my actions!”

Saying thus, the Gopika woman cried intensely! Upon hearing this, the other Gopikas were also moved to tears! Now they understood why the two pairs of footsteps suddenly reduced to one! Bhagawan Krishna had carried this woman in His divine shoulders! How fortunate is this woman to be in the arms of her Bhagawan!

As all the Gopikas were in tears thus, Little Krishna again re-appeared in front of them! If His devotees are in tears and yearning for His presence, how can He stay away from them? The devotion of the Gopikas melted Bhagawan Krishna’s heart and thus He immediately appeared in front of them and again started to dance with them! Thus the “Raasa-Kreeda” continued on and on!

From this “Raasa-Kreeda” episode, we realize that ardent devotion (Bhakti) moves Bhagawan to such an extent that His heart melts for us. This is exactly what the Gopikas exhibited. As mentioned yesterday, the Gopikas are a very special set of devotees of Bhagawan Krishna because their level of “Bhakti” towards Him was of the highest and the purest form! Upon reading these divine experiences of the Gopikas with Bhagawan Krishna, we should understand that we too should strive towards attaining such levels of pure devotion towards Bhagawan. Once we totally surrender to Bhagawan, He would take care of us in all aspects. This is exactly what He did for the Gopikas too. He ensured that the Gopikas were protected in all fronts and they get the deserved time with their beloved Bhagawan Krishna! When it comes to Bhagawan, all of us, irrespective of our gender, are equivalent to the Gopikas, if we’re exhibiting ardent devotion. If we happen to read through the literature of the famous “Alwars” and “Aachaaryas”, they imagine themselves as women (although they were males by birth), yearning for Bhagawan Vishnu’s divine presence. This, in literature is popularly referred to “Naayika-Bhaava”.

So for today, let us understand this important point and let us enjoy this divine experience! We shall wait till the next episode to witness the continuation of the “Krishna-Leela”! Stay tuned! 😊

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