Episode # 287 – Gokula worships Little Krishna as “GOVARDHANA – GIRIDHAARI”!!!


We’re amidst a very interesting event wherein the people of Gokula were preparing themselves for a huge offering to be done to Indra. In fact, this was a customary practice that was carried out year after year on a selected auspicious day. As the people were getting ready for the same thus, Little Krishna played spoilsport! He creates a “confusion” in the minds of people by explaining that it is a mere waste of giving all these offerings to a thankless person called Indra, who hasn’t done anything in return to the people of Gokula. In other words, Little Krishna explained to the people that Indra is only interested in getting things from others, but he would never lend anything to anybody. If that is the case, why should Gokula waste its time and resources in honoring such a reckless person? Instead, the Govardhana mountain is an epitome of giving all the good things to Gokula – It gives rain, grass for the cows to graze, food grains, etc. Hence, Little Krishna opined that these prayers and offerings be diverted to the Govardhana mountain, rather than to Indra.

As the people of Gokula listen to these arguments, they were confused. However, with repeated persuasion from Little Krishna, they were convinced that all the offerings be given to the Govardhana mountain. As the prayers begin, Little Krishna immediately declares Himself thus, “Aham Govardhanosmi”! (Meaning: I’m the Govardhana Mountain!) Thus, Little Krishna consumes all the offerings that were in the cart! Perhaps, Little Krishna saw this as an opportunity to consume good food! 😊 In the name of the Govardhana mountain, Little Krishna eats every food item that was kept in the cart, and that too within a jiffy! Now as the people of Gokula open their eyes and see, the entire cart is empty! They were surprised! Little Krishna immediately explains thus, See how the Govardhana mountain gleefully accepted your offerings and prayers! All these years, Indra was not even turning his face towards all of us. He disrespected our prayers and offerings. This is why I said to all of you – Please dump Indra and pray to the Govardhana mountain!”

Looking at all of this conspiring in Gokula, Indra was furious! He was raging with anger against whatever Little Krishna had just did and said. He wanted to show that Krishna was afterall a young kid and is helpless against the might of Indra! He thus makes a plan to teach Little Krishna a befitting lesson. He thus called upon his deputy, Varuna Bhagawan and instructed him thus, “Oh Varuna! Gather all the clouds from all directions and rain in such a way that the entire Gokula town would suffer with extreme flash floods! This would be a befitting lesson to Little Krishna who insulted me and took away all the offerings that were meant for me! This kid is thinking too much about himself! Now I’m going to show him his place!”

Upon the instruction from Indra, Varuna Bhagawan collects all the clouds from all directions and bring them towards Gokula. It starts raining and pouring down like hell. The rain was non-stop and was continuing unabated for days and nights together. The entire Gokula town starts to get flooded and the Yamuna river starts to swell up too. Flood waters start entering the town from all four directions and people are seen running around to save their houses and belongings. There was huge commotion everywhere as the rain continues to batter down with full force.

As this continues, people of Gokula fret within themselves thus, “Oh no! This is why we should never get convinced with whatever kids say. We had listened to Krishna’s words and see what’s happening to all of us! It’s a disaster in the making!” Even the kids were scared and all of them went to Little Krishna and asked thus, “Oh Krishna! All of us argued against the words of our elders and look at the mess in which we are right now! What do we do? How do we ever face the elders again? Oh Krishna! Only you should protect all of us!”

Seeing the huge commotion and mess that is conspiring, Little Krishna decides to take it upon Himself to protect His people and the animals. He immediately asks all the residents to follow Him. As Little Krishna walks in the front, He leads all the cows and cattle along with Him. After walking for a short distance, Little Krishna goes towards the Govardhana Mountain, lifts it with His small finger and holds it like a huge umbrella! He now invites all people to come beneath the mountain, which is now acting like a shade for everybody, including the animals and birds. Thus, the entire lot of people, animals, birds, etc. rush beneath the Govardhana mountain and seek shelter under it!

As this is conspiring, the rain is still continuing to batter the town – But of no use now! Little Krishna has successfully protected all the living beings in the town with His divine grace as the “GOVARDHANA-GIRIDHAARI”! The rain is pouring down for the next seven days, day and night, without a break. Little Krishna also holds the Govardhana mountain in His hands for the next seven days without a break!

As people are enjoying this blissful experience, some of the kids raised questions out of surprise thus, “Oh Krishna! How are you able to lift a huge mountain like this for seven days in a row? You’re also a seven-year-old kid like how we are, isn’t it? How are you able to do this effortlessly? Are you a normal human being or someone else?” Hearing thus from the kids, Little Krishna got a bit angry and emotional! He replies thus, “Oh friends! Why’re you isolating me from all of you by talking like this? I’m also one among you only. I’m also a little child like you are! So do not raise such questions and separate me from all of you!” Upon hearing thus from Little Krishna, the kids were extremely happy! They fall on Little Krishna and hug Him happily and with full contentment!

What a blissful experience for these little ones! How fortunate are these little kids to worship their Bhagawan in such a nice manner! By reading through this experience today, let us also imagine and enjoy the darshan of our Little Krishna as “Govardhana-Giridhaari”! We shall wait till the next episode to see how Indra was embarrassed and finally understood his folly! Stay tuned! 😊

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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