Episode # 286 – Gokula worships the Govardhana Mountain instead of Indra – Courtesy, Little Krishna!!!


We’re amidst a beautiful experience of enjoying Little Krishna (Venugopala) playing His divine flute, along with the residents of Gokula, the cows, deer, birds, etc. This is such a blissful experience for all of us, wherein Bhagawan Krishna is highlighting the important point that music is one of the easiest and powerful ways to capture Bhagawan’s heart. If we’re singing in praise of Bhagawan from our hearts sincerely and without any blemish, His heart is going to melt very easily, and we can be rest-assured of His divine hands protecting us at all times. Just like how Little Krishna was able to attract all people and animals around Him with His divine and blissful music, we should also be able to sing with an open heart, so as to attract Bhagawan towards us. It doesn’t really matter if we’re professionally trained singers or musicians. All what is required is our “ardent devotion” towards Bhagawan. In fact, this same Bhagawan Krishna Himself explains in His Bhagawad Gita that “Naama-Sankeertana” (Singing the praise of Bhagawan) is the best and easiest way to attain Moksha in this “Kali Yuga”. Of course, He has said it in words, but He Himself should illustrate this point, if people like us trust Bhagawan’s words, isn’t it? 😊 This is why, the illustration came first, and then the Bhagawad Gita!

Thus, we can see here that Little Venugopala is pulling everyone around into divine bliss with His soothing and peaceful music emanating from His divine flute. Moving on thus, we come to the next important event in the “Krishna-Leela” – The “Govardhana” episode. Here, we’re going to witness how Indra (Leader of the Devas) is going to underestimate Little Krishna, only to be shown his place rightfully by none other than Little Krishna Himself! We’ve already witnessed in our previous episodes how Bhagawan Brahma tried to meddle with Little Krishna and was given a befitting reply! Now it’s the turn of Indra to taste the same medicine. Let us witness what conspired.

It was a regular annual practice in Gokula that every family in the town would prepare a thousand kilograms of “Prasadha” (Offering of different varieties of sweets, savories, different varieties of rice, etc.) on a particular auspicious day. There was a big cart that was designed for this purpose. Each family would prepare whatever food items that are required and load everything onto the cart. Thus, this cart would be taken to each house in the town and each family would do the same – Prepare whatever food they can, and load it on. Finally after all the families have contributed their share of food items, the cart would be taken to a big ground and a huge offering would be done to Indra, with all the requisite prayers and other spiritual practices. This was a custom that was followed annually and that particular day of the year was about to arrive within the next few days. Thus, the entire town was in celebration mode. People were moving here and there, buying all the essential items for cooking the grand feast.

As Little Krishna was walking by at the marketplace, He was surprised to see all of these! Thus, He reaches home quickly and asks His mother Yashoda thus, “Oh Mother! Why is the entire town in such a celebration mode? What is so special?” Upon her darling son’s question, Yashoda explains the whole thing to Him and this only amused Little Krishna more! He bursts out laughing and asks a counter question to His mother thus, “Oh Mother! You’re saying that all of these items are to be offered to Indra, but tell me one thing – What good did Indra do to all of you in return all these years? Why are you wasting your time and energy in giving all these food items to a person who doesn’t even care for you or give you anything in return?”

Upon hearing such a reply from Little Krishna, Yashoda was initially shocked! She asked Him back thus, “Oh Krishna! Why are you talking like an atheist? Isn’t it our duty to offer things to the Devas? Isn’t our customary practice to do so? What’s wrong with this?” Little Krishna explains to His mother thus, “Oh Mother! But my question here is very simple – Why should we offer all this to a person who’s irresponsible in whatever he’s doing? Afterall, Indra is a selfish person who only thinks about his betterment and comforts. Little does he spare a thought for others for anything! Instead, look at this beautiful Govardhana mountain. If we’ve to have bountiful rain every year, it is this Govardhana mountain that gives it to us. If we’ve to let our cows graze for plants and grass, it is again this Govardhana mountain that is a beautiful source of all kinds of plants and medicinal herbs. If all the animals, birds, etc. should have a safe home for themselves, it is again this Govardhana mountain that serves the purpose! If this Govardhana mountain serves multiple purposes like these, we should worship this mountain with all our offerings, isn’t it? Why do we do all these offerings instead to a thankless person called Indra?”

As Little Krishna explains thus, Yashoda was puzzled. Meanwhile, many people come and gather around Little Krishna to listen to His explanation. Some people stand “for” Krishna and some “against”. There was a big debate whether these offerings should be given to Indra or the Govardhana mountain! As expected, all the kids take the side of Little Krishna and they make a loud noise! 😊 The older people couldn’t argue to the extent that these kids are arguing, and at one stage, the elders agree to what Little Krishna is saying! But within them, they start having a fear that something disastrous is going to happen in Gokula very soon, because the several-year-old-tradition is going to be disobeyed and disregarded. However, it was their darling Krishna who’s saying these things, and thus, they had to accept His words!

Thus, the entire town of Gokula gathers at the ground with the huge cart of food items. As planned, this year, the offering of these food items and other spiritual practices are not going to be for Indra, but for the Govardhana mountain. Little Krishna is present amidst all of them and is overseeing the entire process. He now instructs the crows thus, “Oh people of Gokula! Now close your eyes for two minutes as the offering of these food items are being done to the Govardhana mountain! Pray to Govardhana that this year should be bountiful with rain, plants, etc.” As per the instruction, all the people close their eyes and pray deeply within themselves, as the offering is being made.

It is at this juncture, Little Krishna takes the form of the Govardhana mountain itself! He quickly says “Aham Govardhanosmi!”, which means, “I’m the Govardhana mountain itself!” Saying thus, Little Krishna quickly consumes all the food items that were kept for offering! 😊 All of this happens within the wink of an eye! As the people open their eyes again after two minutes, they were surprised and stunned that none of the food items were remaining in the cart! Little Krishna explains thus, “Oh people! See – All these food items were consumed by the Govardhana mountain! All these years, you’ve been offering these to Indra. Did he ever honor you even once? This is why I told all of you to give these offerings to the Govardhana mountain! Do not worry! This Govardhana mountain would protect all of us from today onwards in all fronts!”

As this conspires, Indra is watching from above. He’s furious with each and every word and action that Little Krishna is uttering and doing! He decides to teach Little Krishna and the people of Gokula a befitting lesson. What is Indra going to do? How is he going to avenge Gokula? Let’s wait till the next episode to witness! Stay tuned! 😊

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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