Episode # 285 – Little Krishna (Venugopala) mesmerises Gokula with His divine flute!!!


We’ve concluded our previous episode with Little Krishna overpowering the venomous Kaaliya snake, by dancing on his 100 heads, one after the other – The famed “Kaaliya-Nardhana”. Upon seeing this, the people of Gokula were relieved that their darling Krishna was safe and secure. More than that, they were also happy that the dangerous Kaaliya who was wreaking havoc all these days in the Yamuna river had been defeated. As Little Krishna teaches Kaaliya a lesson, He instructs Kaaliya to move away into the ocean and not to move around in places wherein human and animal population is abundant. As per the instruction of Bhagawan Krishna, Kaaliya makes his way to the Bay of Bengal and thus, he leaves River Yamuna for good.

Moving on thus, we’re now going to witness one of the most beautiful sections of Bhagawan Krishna’s childhood days – The beauty of Little Krishna playing the flute. We worship this form of Little Krishna holding the flute in His hand as “VenuGopala”. Eventually as days pass by, Little Krishna “learns” to play the flute. Flute is a musical instrument that is very famously played even today in Carnatic Music. There are many “Vidhwaans” (Experts) who play the flute exceptionally well today too. This musical instrument called “flute” rose up to fame only with Little Krishna. Of course, when we say that Little Krishna “learnt” to play the flute, we would immediately have the question thus, “Who is Krishna to learn this? Doesn’t He know it already? Ultimately Little Krishna is Bhagawan Vishnu Himself! Hence, who on earth can teach Little Krishna to play the flute?”

As we’re having these questions in our minds, Little Krishna somehow masters the art of playing the flute at such a young age. Whenever He gets some free time, He goes and sits on the banks of the Yamuna River and starts playing His little flute. Hearing the beautiful music emanating from His divine flute, all the lotus flowers that are floating across the waters in the river, are automatically attracted towards Little Krishna’s tender feet! It is as if the lotus flowers are worshipping their Bhagawan amidst the divine music from the flute!

Sage Sukhaachaarya describes this situation beautifully that the River Yamuna wanted to give some prize for Little Krishna’s beautiful music. Even today, if we go to a music concert, when the concert comes to an end, the musician is honored with a prize, isn’t it? Similarly, River Yamuna is so overwhelmed with Little Krishna’s “flute concert”, that it wants to give all these blooming fresh lotus flowers as a prize to Him! 😊 How fortunate are these lotus flowers to touch Little Krishna’s divine feet as He’s playing the “Venu-Ghaana”!!

As Little Krishna starts playing the flute, even the cows and cattle which are grazing in the nearby areas are attracted. The music is so divine that all the cows and calves flock towards Little Krishna, sit in front of Him and are enjoying it. Even people are drawn towards Little Krishna’s divine music. So we can witness here that Little Krishna gives this divine blissful experience in the form of the music from His flute, to all living beings of Gokula, including the cows, cattle, monkeys, birds, deer and of course to the human beings as well. As Little Krishna is playing the flute, He slowly walks here and there, and with this slow movement, all the animals follow His footsteps carefully and go behind Him.

Thus, this becomes a regular affair within the next few days, wherein Little Krishna’s divine flute is attracting all the animals towards Him and are enjoying the ultimate blissful experience around Him. This is where, music is of prime importance while we worship Bhagawan, even today. Music is one of the purest form of devotion (Bhakti) that we can exhibit towards Bhagawan. Music gives us a divine opportunity to open our hearts completely and surrender totally to Bhagawan’s divine lotus feet. If we’re able to sing with one-pointed concentration and focus, our music is sure to melt Bhagawan’s heart immediately.

It might be any form of music that we might perform and be good at – Either singing with our own voice, or playing any musical instrument like the flute, violin, veena, mridangam, etc. The music that emanates from all of these sources are bound to have a huge impact on all of us in terms of our spiritual development and upliftment. The vibrations that arise while singing the praises of Bhagawan automatically purifies the atmosphere around us, thus making our surrounding charged with divinity. This is not only mentioned in the Vedas and Upanishads, but also by modern-day scientists and researchers in the social sciences and humanity areas. Music is believed to have lot of scientific healing effects, and different “Raagas” (Tunes) are designed in such a way that each of them has their own soothing effects on different parts of our physical body, including our mind. This is why, we often keep telling that listening to soft music calms down our mind and makes it focused on Bhagawan. When we perform music (in any form), we should make sure that the listeners (audience) should be able to visualize their favorite deity in front of them and they should be in tears of joy and bliss with that visualization. This is where, music becomes a powerful tool in uniting all devotees (Bhaktas) together and move together towards Bhagawan.

Thus, in order to bring out all these significances behind music, and to teach all of us the important lesson that music is one extremely effective method to attain Bhagawan’s divine lotus feet and the ultimate bliss, Little Krishna plays His divine flute. So for today, let us realize this important point pertaining to music and let us try from our end to sing praises on our Little Krishna, so as to melt His heart, and in turn progress on our spiritual path. We shall wait till the next interesting episode to witness how Little Krishna lifted the “Govardhana” mountain in His hands – “Govardhana-Giridhaari”! Stay tuned! 😊

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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