Episode # 281 – Little Krishna teaches “arrogant” Bhagawan Brahma a fitting lesson!!!


During the previous episode, we had witnessed how Little Krishna put an end to a treacherous Raakshasa by name “Aghaasura”. He was deputed by Kamsa to finish off Little Krishna. Aghaasura took the form of a huge snake and was stay put at the place where Little Krishna and the kids were playing. Aghaasura opened his mouth wide, and the kids entered into his mouth in excitement, unknowing the great danger into which they’re stepping into! As all the kids enter inside, Aghaasura closes his mouth and the kids started falling unconscious after the snake’s poison started taking effect. However, Little Krishna was unmoved by all these gimmicks of Aghaasura! He used His muscle power to push open Aghaasura’s wide mouth and with that itself, Aghaasura breathed his last! The snake fell dead with its mouth wide open. Thus, Little Krishna killed Aghaasura and also rescued all the kids as well.

As the kids get up to consciousness, all of them celebrate the victory of their “gang leader” by surrounding Him and raising cheers. The kids were happy that they were safe, thanks to Little Krishna. As the celebrations galore, with the passage of time during the day, the children started feeling hungry. It was almost time for lunch. As per the daily protocol, all the kids would bring a “tiffin box” full of any food item that their mothers would prepare for them. 😊 Even today we see this practice with kids going to school, isn’t it? All the kids would open their respective boxes during the lunch break and then they would share each other’s food items as they eat. This is exactly the same practice that Little Krishna and kids followed too at Gokula. Every day morning as the kids would leave to Vrindavan along with the cows and cattle, they would bring some deliciously cooked food items for lunch. Yashoda too makes sure that she packs excellent lunch for her Little Krishna. She gives lot of butter and curd, as she knows that her son is fond of them. As the kids start feeling hungry, all of them open their lunch boxes and start eating. Meanwhile, the cows are happily grazing at all corners of the Vrindavan gardens. This is a wonderful sight to witness, isn’t it? On one side, the kids are having a wonderful time with Little Krishna and on the other, the cows are happily grazing through the grass.

As this was happening, Bhagawan Brahma was seeing all this from the top. He was thinking within himself thus, “Oh! How much of arrogance is this Little Krishna having within Himself? How is He taking control of the entire world, when I’m there as the sole authority to do that? Let me teach Him a lesson today!” Thinking thus with jealousy, Bhagawan Brahma descended to Vrindavan and took all the cows and the cattle along with him to his “Satya Lokha”. Suddenly the entire Vrindavan became so quiet without any sounds of any cow! Upon seeing this, the kids were surprised and worried too. They were concerned with the safety of their cows.

As the kids were getting scared, Little Krishna reassured them by saying thus, “Oh friends! Please do not worry. I shall go and check what has happened to our cows. Meanwhile you continue eating happily. I would join you again in a jiffy!” Saying thus, Little Krishna set out to see the cows. To His surprise too, none of the cows were to be seen – Not even a single cow! Usually there are hundreds of them grazing around, but strangely none of them were seen! Upon seeing this, Little Krishna realized that there was a ploy and this was duly orchestrated by Bhagawan Brahma himself. He wanted to teach Bhagawan Brahma a lesson here. Thus, Little Krishna quickly transcended to the Satya Lokha within seconds, entered into Bhagawan Brahma’s courtroom, assumed the form of Bhagawan Brahma and sat on his throne! Incidentally, Bhagawan Brahma was on his way towards his “Satya Lokha” with all the cows and cattle and little did he expect Little Krishna to assume the form of Bhagawan Brahma and reach the Satya Lokha much before he would reach! Thus, Little Krishna started to continue the duty of “creating the world” that Bhagawan Brahma was doing till date!

However, as Bhagawan Brahma returns back with all his tiredness, he was proud of himself! He thinks that he has achieved something great by teaching Little Krishna a lesson! However, as Bhagawan Brahma comes to the entrance of his “Satya Lokha”, the security guards stopped him and asked him thus, “Who are you? Why are you dressed up like Bhagawan Brahma? You’re a “fake Brahma”! 🙂 Are you trying to cheat us?” It should be remembered that Little Krishna has taken up Bhagawan Brahma’s form and job also! As the security guards say thus, they kick Bhagwan Brahma and he comes and falls on to the ground from where he stole away all the cows and cattle! As Bhagwan Brahma falls thus, Little Krishna was seen there standing on the ground, laughing at him loudly by clapping His small hands! Bhagwan Brahma realizes his folly!

Thus, Bhagawan Brahma folds his hands and seeks unconditional apology from Little Krishna as he releases all the cows and cattle that he had abducted. Little Krishna on His part, forgives Bhagawan Brahma and sends him back to his Satya Lokha, where he rightly belonged to. Thus from that point onwards, Bhagawan Brahma never interfered into the divine activities of Bhagawan Krishna. He had been shown his right place!

We can witness the irony here – An innocent fruit vendor was able to realize the significance of Little Krishna and with that, she was able to attain the highest “Moksha”. However on the other hand, although being the “creator of the entire world”, Bhagawan Brahma failed to realize the significance of Little Krishna and was rightly shown his place by Him! So for today, let us realize and experience this important event of the “Krishna Leela” and let us wait for the next episode to continue further! Stay tuned! 😊

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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