Episode # 282 – Little Krishna returns to Gokula with his friends & cows “AFTER A YEAR”!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed how Little Krishna took Bhagawan Brahma to task, when he tried to act smart. Bhagawan Brahma underestimated the power of Little Krishna, although he knew that Little Krishna was an incarnate of Bhagawan Vishnu. As Little Krishna was playing at the Vrindavan gardens along with his friends, Bhagawan Brahma saw this opportunity and stole away all the cows and cattle, along with their herds! All of a sudden there was a deafening silence at Vrindavan, and the kids got worried. They were more worried because they were targeted very recently by the Raakshasa Aghaasura. However, Little Krishna assured them of safety and He ventures out to check what had happened. None of the cows were seen! Thus, immediately Little Krishna came to know that this was nothing but Bhagawan Brahma’s ploy! He decided to give it back and show Bhagawan Brahma the taste of his own medicine! Deciding thus, Little Krishna quickly transcended to the “Satya Lokha”, and even before Bhagawan Brahma arrived there with the cows, Little Krishna assumed Bhagawan Brahma’s form and started his job of creation!

As Bhagawan Brahma arrives there, the security guards thought that he was a “fake Brahma”, and kicked him out! Realizing that it was Little Krishna who had taken up his form and his job too, Bhagawan Brahma understands that he had committed a grave mistake. He immediately seeks unconditional apology to Little Krishna and with His divine grace, Bhagawan Brahma was reinstated back into his Satya Lokha. Little Krishna takes all the cows and cattle with Him and returns back to Vrindavan!

We might think that all this happened within a jiffy, but Sage Sukhaachaarya puts a bombshell here – He says that this entire event took a year to get over! In other words, it took a year’s time for Little Krishna to transcend to Satya Lokha and bring back all the cows. This is where we would get many doubts in our mind – How can it take one year for all this to happen? On one hand, it is mentioned that all of these events conspired within a jiffy, but on the other side, Sage Sukhaachaarya explains that from the day Little Krishna went to the Satya Lokha, it took a year for Him to come back, and it is only after a year’s time that all the kids returned back to Gokula with the cows. How does this match? Is there a discrepancy here?

We should understand an important point in this context – The methodology of calculating time is grossly different from that of the Satya Lokha and our Manushya Lokha (Our Mother Earth). We’ve already witnessed this during our earlier episodes when we spoke of “Time” and its different methodologies of calculation in the different “Lokhas”. Thus, if we’ve to say that Bhagawan Brahma took away all the cattle and reached Satya Lokha “within a minute”, this “minute-calculation” is as per the methodology followed in the Satya Lokha. We should understand here that, one minute at Satya Lokha is equivalent to one year in the Manushya Lokha. This is why, whatever conspired between Bhagawan Brahma and Little Krishna “within a minute” of time, it is as per the calculation of time at Satya Lokha. In our terms, the kids had to wait for a year before Little Krishna came back with all the cows.

But we would have another doubt here – We know that the normal routine for these kids – Everyday morning they used to go to Vrindavan and return back the same evening. But if Little Krishna and the kids didn’t return back to Gokula for a year, their parents, including Yashoda would have got worried that their kids aren’t back home for a long time, isn’t it?  Didn’t the Gokula residents search for their kids and cows? This is where, Little Krishna’s divine play come to the forefront – During this one-year time, as the kids and the cows were absent, Little Krishna Himself assumed the form of all the cows, all the kids, all the tiffin boxes, all the food items, etc. 😊 He created a perfect illusion in such a way that none of the people had even the mildest form of doubt. In other words, the routine seemed to be as normal as every passing day – The kids would go to Vrindavan along with the cows, and they would come back by evening. Little Krishna assumed the form of all these kids and the cows! In reality, the actual kids were still waiting at Vrindavan for their Little Krishna to arrive. They never came back to Gokula for a year’s time. It was Little Krishna who had visited all the homes of Gokula in the form of their own respective kids every day for a year! What a divine grace had Little Krishna showered upon all the residents of Gokula! 😊

However, as this was conspiring, none of the Gokula residents had the mildest doubt, because it was so real for them! Of course there can be no flaws in whatever Bhagawan is doing, isn’t it? As all this was happening for the first six months, it was Balarama who had a mild doubt. He sensed that something is not right! It should be remembered that Balarama is also a divine incarnation like Bhagawan Krishna. With doubts in his mind, Balarama approaches Little Krishna and asks Him thus, “Oh Krishna! I don’t know what is happening for the past six months with me! Usually whenever I see you, I feel overwhelmed with so much of compassion and affection. This feeling doesn’t come to me much with the others. But nowadays, I’m feeling the same compassion and affection towards all the kids! Why is this transformation happening?” As Balarama asks thus, Little Krishna replies him back, “Oh Balarama! Please shut up your mouth! By asking these “intelligent & intellectual questions”, you’re only playing spoilsport and exposing my play and lies! 😊 Don’t ask such questions in front of anybody! Please understand that it is me who has assumed the forms of all these kids and cows for a reason. This would continue for the next six months or so. So till then, do not ever open your mouth and talk nonsense!” 😊

Saying thus, Little Krishna silenced Balarama and this saga continues for one full year! Thus, it is only after a year’s time that the real kids and the cows return back to Gokula. In the meantime, it was Little Krishna who had created a “Maya” (Illusionary play) and assumed multiple forms of these kids and the cows, so that none in Gokula knows what had conspired. So for today, let us understand this important point and clarification and we shall wait for the next episode to continue with the divine “Krishna-Leela” experience! Stay tuned! 😊

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Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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