Episode # 280 – Little Krishna kills Raakshasa AGHAASURA – A huge venomous snake!!!


We’ve witnessed in the previous episode how Little Krishna had granted the highest “Moksha” to a fruit vendor who had come knocking at His doors to sell some fruits. Little Krishna was tied with a rope by His mother, Yashoda for His mistake of stealing butter from other houses. Eventually as Nandagopa enters the house, he sees his little son being tied to a corner of the house, crying so pitifully! Immediately Nandagopa releases Little Krishna from the rope and this is the time the fruit vendor comes. She’s an old woman and the moment she sees Little Krishna, she understands who He really is! Immediately upon seeing the little child, she exclaimed that she doesn’t require anything else from Him, except for the highest “Moksha”. Bhagawan Krishna too understands the pure and innocent heart of this old woman and immediately fulfills her wish! The woman thus transcends to Vaikunta then and there!

We understand from this event that it is not important as to who we are, what are our educational qualifications, our richness, property possessions, etc. All what is important for Bhagawan is our pure and innocent “Bhakti” towards Him. If we’re making ourselves strong on this part, we do not need to worry about anything else in life. This old fruit vendor’s story is the perfect example of this point.

We can see here, how ardent devotees of Bhagawan Krishna realize His real nature and attain Moksha through His grace. This fruit vendor is just one such example. We’re going to witness many more such examples in the coming episodes. However, on the other hand, there are few people who do not understand the significance of Bhagawan Krishna too! Of course, there is a huge list of Raakshasas who fall into this category, but apart from these Raakshasas, there are few other people too, who unexpectedly and unwantedly fall into this list. This includes Bhagawan Bramha, Indra, etc. We’re going to witness shortly how Bhagawan Bramha tried to act “smart” by taking Little Krishna for granted, and how he was rightfully shown his place by Little Krishna! In subsequent episodes, we’re going to see how Indra too tried to wag his tail and was shown his place by Little Krishna.

But before that, we should see through one more important and an interesting event –  Little Krishna kills the Raakshasa by name “Aghaasura”. This Aghaasura was another such Raakshasa who was sent by Kamsa to kill Little Krishna. Readers might be remembering that when Little Krishna was a baby, Kamsa had sent Poothana and Sakataasura. Meanwhile, as these two Raakshasas were killed, Kamsa was planning his next strategy as to how to kill this Krishna somehow. He now sends Aghaasura. Let us see what conspired here.

Every day morning, Little Krishna, as He was the leader of His gang of children, would take all His friends with Him to the beautiful Vrindavan gardens, spend the entire day playing with them and then return back home in the evening. As this routine was happening, One day, Little Krishna and His friends set out for a walk from Gokula to Vrindaavan in the morning, quite as usual. But to all the kids’ surprise, there was a huge snake that was making its way towards them. This huge snake was none other than Aghaasura himself! Upon seeing the kids walking his way, Aghaasura thought of swallowing all of them together, including Little Krishna who was walking along with them. Hence, he stayed put there like a statue and opened his huge mouth.

As these kids see a huge snake with its mouth wide open, they were amused and surprised! The kids thus got together and discussed amongst each other that they’ve to somehow enter into the mouth of this snake and see what is there inside! Even today, if we happen to visit all these amusement parks or museums around the world, we might see some exhibits wherein we can enter inside through the mouth of that animal and come out through its tail, isn’t it? 😊 Similarly here too, these kids wanted to try entering inside the mouth of this huge snake and explore what is there inside! Accordingly, the kids started going inside one after the other! Aghaasura was waiting for this to happen and he was very happy! He was waiting for all the kids to enter inside, including Little Krishna. Anyways, we know that the sole agenda of Aghaasura is to kill Little Krishna. So he was waiting till Little Krishna enters the mouth. As it happened to be, Little Krishna was the last to enter and the moment He entered inside, the snake closed its mouth!

As the snake closes its mouth, it starts to release its poisonous enzymes inside, which slowly start suffocating the kids. One after the other start falling unconscious! Little Krishna realizes in a flash as to what was conspiring! He had to act fast before the kids fall dead. Moreover, Little Krishna realizes that this was not an ordinary snake, but a Raakshasa who had come in the form of this snake. He decides to take the Raakshasa on! Little Krishna thus uses His muscle power and slowly starts lifting the snake’s mouth! Aghaasura tries his best to withstand the pressure which Little Krishna’s hands were exerting, but at one stage, it was too much for him to handle! Little Krishna is not an ordinary kid by any means, and Aghaasura fails to realize this!

Thus, overpowered by Little Krishna’s divine hands, Aghaasura’s mouth got wide opened and with that, he breathes his last! With this, Kamsa’s third sabotage plan to kill Little Krishna gets foiled! As Aghaasura falls on the ground dead, the kids who had fallen unconscious with the poisonous fumes, automatically get up to normalcy as they start breathing fresh air. Little Krishna, their leader has saved all their lives! Upon realizing this, all the kids come together and celebrate their victory! Little Krishna is hailed as a great hero amongst the kids!

So for today, let us enjoy this part of the “Krishna Leela” and let us also join the kids in hailing our Little Krishna as our great hero! We shall wait till the next episode to witness how Bhagawan Brahma tried to meddle with Little Krishna and how was he taken care of duly! Stay tuned! 😊

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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