Episode # 279 – Little Krishna grants the highest “MOKSHA” to an innocent fruit vendor!!!


We’re amidst yet another interesting phase of Bhagawan Krishna’s childhood days, wherein He is now the “gang leader” of the butter-stealers in Gokula town! As Little Krishna is growing up, His passion for butter keeps on increasing exponentially. Hence, His “Operation Butter” is becoming more and more comprehensive and robust as days progress. However, at times, Little Krishna gets caught red-handed by people of Gokula. But here, we should understand that Bhagawan Krishna is getting caught on purpose. He wants to give the people of Gokula, the feeling that Bhagawan can be held captive with ardent love and devotion! This is an important message for all of us as well – Not only for the residents of Gokula town. If we’re able to exhibit pure love and devotion with our innocent hearts towards Bhagawan, we can also catch Him red-handed into our fold! 😊

This is exactly what Yashoda is doing here. Annoyed with the overwhelming complaints about her mischievous son, Yashoda ties Little Krishna with a long rope to the “Ural”. As Little Krishna too knows that it’s afterall His mother who is trying to punish and mend His ways, this is also part of the motherly love and affection. We should understand here that when we talk about motherly love, it is not only pampering the child for all what he / she does. It also encompasses all the scoldings, punishments, etc. for the child’s wrongdoings. Here we should understand that Yashoda is punishing Little Krishna, not because of the attitude of seeking revenge or anything of that sort. By giving some punishments like this, she is only trying to mend the ways of her child, and this is the duty of every parent. As Bhagawan Krishna knows that Yashoda is only doing her duty thus, He gleefully accepts the punishment and starts crying! As Little Krishna starts sobbing pitifully, Yashoda’s heart melts with compassion but yet, she wants her Little Krishna to realize His mistake. Thus, she still makes up her mind with a heavy heart and moves into the kitchen to carry out some work. Little Krishna is sobbing continuously!

As this was happening, Nandagopa comes into the house! Till this time, he had gone out for his work and it is now the evening time when he comes back home after a long day’s work with the cattle. As Nandagopa enters the house, he sees his darling son being tied to a corner! Upon seeing this, he was shocked! He immediately rushes towards the crying Little Krishna and asks Him lovingly thus, “Oh my darling child! Why are you in this state? Who tied you like this with the rope? What mistake did you do?” Little Krishna pitifully replies thus, “Oh father! You know what? It is my mother who has tied me like this! I don’t know what mistake I did. Without knowing the mistake only I’m crying!” Upon hearing this answer from Little Krishna, Nandagopa immediately unties the rope and releases Him from the “Ural”!

By this time, there was an old woman who is knocking at their doors. This old woman is a fruit vendor and she’s a common visitor to their house. Upon seeing this woman with a variety of fruits in her basket, Nandagopa says to Little Krishna thus, “Oh Krishna! Please give this woman some rice grains from our kitchen and in turn, get how many ever fruits you want. You may happily consume all the fruits that she gives you!” As per His father’s instruction, Little Krishna runs into the kitchen, picks up a handful of rice grains and runs towards the old woman. Small and tender as His hands were, Little Krishna spills few of the rice grains as He runs towards the woman. As He meets and greets this old woman, He happily gives all the grains to her. Overwhelmed by the little child’s loving gesture, the old woman was reduced to tears! She holds Little Krishna’s hands and cries with joy of seeing Him. Little Krishna asks her thus, “Oh grandmother! Why are you crying? Is everything fine with you? Please give me some fruits in return to these rice grains!” The old woman replies to Little Krishna thus, “Oh Krishna! I shall give you whatever fruits you want. In fact, you yourself can take them. But before that, I have a wish that I want to ask you for!” As the old woman says thus, Little Krishna asks her, “What is your wish? Please ask me whatever you feel like!”

As Little Krishna asks thus, the old woman replies with tears in her eyes, “Oh Krishna! It is a great fortune that I’ve had your divine darshan today! I do not think I would wish for anything more in my life after seeing you! Thus, please grant me the highest Moksha and thus, take all the fruits that you want!” This was a brave wish that this old woman had asked for! Upon hearing this from the woman, Little Krishna was stunned for a moment! How did she ever know that He was Bhagawan Vishnu incarnated as this little Krishna? He asks her this question and she replies thus, “Oh Krishna! When you gave your two hands lovingly to me, I saw the “Shanka” and “Chakra” in both your palms! With this itself I realized that you’re not an ordinary child, but a divine incarnation! Hence, as your ardent devotee, I request you to grant me Moksha and bless me with all your love and compassion!”

Moved by the ardent devotion of this old woman, Bhagawan Krishna immediately says thus, “Oh grandmother! You have asked me for a wish, which is perhaps the easiest thing that I can grant for my ardent devotees! If you had asked me for money or whatever material, I would have had to search all over my place. But, since your innocent devotion has captured and captivated my heart, I’m immediately granting you the “green signal” to reach Vaikunta! There is no stopping you anywhere!”

Saying thus, Little Krishna grants the highest “Moksha” to this poor old fruit vendor! What do we understand from this episode? It is not important whether we are rich or poor, young or old, man or woman, human or animal, etc. All what is important for Bhagawan is our true and innocent heart full of love and devotion towards Him! This poor fruit vendor knew nothing else in this world apart from Little Krishna! She wasn’t an expert in Vedas, Upanishads, Puraanas, etc. She wasn’t a scholarly person by any means. But her pure devotion and love overpowered and captivated Bhagawan Krishna to such an extent that He immediately granted her the highest “Moksha”! This is the lesson that we should learn from today’s episode.

So for today, let us experience this wonderful gesture of this old woman towards Little Krishna and we shall wait till the next episode to witness whether we would have this amount of maturity of this old woman! We’re going to see next, how Bhagawan Bramha messed up with Little Krishna and how he was shown his place! Stay tuned! 😊

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

One thought on “Episode # 279 – Little Krishna grants the highest “MOKSHA” to an innocent fruit vendor!!!

  1. It’s really interesting to know each and every Divine action of GOD. It clears our mind what to ask from GOD HE knows what to give to the devotees. Thanks for your posting in FB


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