Episode # 278 – Yashoda ties Little Krishna with a long rope!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed how Little Krishna thwarted Yashoda’s counter operation to His “Operation Butter”. As Yashoda ties the butter pot to the ceiling using a long rope (Uri), Little Krishna somehow climbs over the window sill, pulls the Uri and reduces the height of the butter pot so that His hands can reach it. However, small and tender as Little Krishna’s hands were, He was still unable to reach the pot. Hence, He takes a nearby stick and has a sway at the pot. As the stick hits the bottom of the pot with a big force, the pot breaks and the butter starts leaking through the broken portion. Seeing this, Little Krishna is all happy and He claps His hands in joy! The mission is accomplished! 😊 Now, as the butter flows through the hole in the pot, Little Krishna directly consumes the butter as it flows. As the butter flows, it not only flows directly into His mouth, but all over His face and body too! This was a beautiful sight wherein Little Krishna is naturally decorated with His favorite butter!

However, after this whole fiasco, Little Krishna would again go back to His little bed and act as if He’s fast asleep! This is exactly the time when Yashoda would return back home. Upon seeing Little Krishna fast asleep, she would heave a sigh of relief that the butter is safe today! However, when she turns her face upwards, she would see that the pot is broken, butter has leaked all over the floor of the house! Amidst all of this, Little Krishna’s body would be soaked with butter from all sides, including His mouth! 😊 With all these clues, she easily concludes that the culprit was none other than her darling son Himself! Child as He was, Yashoda doesn’t get angry much, but instead she only gets more and more compassionate. Knowing that her son has a special liking towards butter, she gives Him in abundance. 😊

As days pass by, however, Little Krishna’s “Operation Butter” was not only restricted to Yashoda’s house, but started spreading to all the other houses in Gokula! We’ve already witnessed couple of episodes back that Little Krishna used to go to every house, steal and consume butter from the pots, and come back quietly. But now, the “Operation Butter” has embarked some changes to it – Little Krishna is not alone now. He has a gang of friends around Him and this entire gang of children enters house after house on a rampage for butter! The gang is led by Little Krishna Himself! All they do is, to enter a house, locate the butter pot near the ceiling of the house, enter the house somehow by jumping through the window, form a pyramid and Little Krishna would climb over all of them, reach the pot and breaks it with the stick. As the butter oozes out, all of them have their due share of the butter! Being the gang leader, Little Krishna ensures that all His friends get their due share first, and only after that He consumes His share! We can see how compassionate He was towards His friends! 😊

As people started to know of this rampage, and that, it was Krishna who was behind all of it, they started to complain about Little Krishna to Yashoda! As the complaints started to increase day after day, Yashoda decides that she has had enough with her son! She starts scolding Him for His “crime” and tries her best to restrict Little Krishna’s movements! As this was happening day after day, Little Krishna wasn’t in a mood to relent!

One fine day, Little Krishna was caught red-handed while stealing butter at someone’s house. This time, all the people of Gokula came forward, took Him to His mother and had a huge complaint thus, “Oh Yashoda! Are you going to punish your son and mend His ways or not? Why are you so lenient towards Him? Who is answerable to all the butter that He and His gang had stolen? Take your son to task immediately, else we’ll have to do something for it!”

Upon hearing this from the neighbours, Yashoda became angry towards Little Krishna! She decides that this fellow has to be punished then and there! Hence, she makes a plan thus – She brings a long rope, pushes Little Krishna towards the wall wherein there was the apparatus with which the butter is extracted. This is commonly referred to as “Ural”. This “ural” was almost the height of Little Krishna! All of us know that Little Krishna was a handsome, short and a stout boy! His height is just equal to that of the “ural”. Yashoda decides to tie the little one to this “ural” with the long rope for some time, until He apologizes for His mistake!

As Little Krishna sees this, He was amused within Himself thus, “Oh! Who’s this Yashoda? She’s trying to tie me to this “ural”, not knowing the fact that I’m the one who is having the entire world under my nose! Let her try to tie me! Let us see what happens!” Thinking thus, as Yashoda brings the long rope towards Him, He purposefully grows a bit more in size! As she is tying Him, she finds that the rope doesn’t fit Him fully! She now brings another rope to augment this one. As she brings another rope, Little Krishna again grows in size! This rope too is not sufficient to tie Little Krishna to the “ural”! This continued for two-three more times! Yashoda isn’t going to relent though! As this goes on, Little Krishna thinks within Himself thus, “Oh! Afterall she is my mother isn’t it? Why should I show all my supremacy to her? Of course if Kamsa, Sishupala, etc. come towards me, there I can show all my strength and power! So it is not right on my part to show all this to my darling mother, who is so affectionate towards me! I would always like to see my mother Yashoda win over me, rather than me winning over her!”

Thinking thus, Little Krishna again reduces Himself back to His normal size and Yashoda ties Him to the “ural” successfully! As He had to create a scene here, Little Krishna’s face became so sad and eventually He starts crying! The little one is sobbing as He’s tied to the “ural”, and upon seeing this, Yashoda heaves a sigh of relief thus, “OH! At last my son is regretting for His mistake! Let Him be tied like this for some more time! Only then He would realize His mistake fully!” Thinking thus, Yashoda goes into the kitchen to do her domestic work, and Little Krishna is sobbing continuously and is pleading His mother to release Him from this!

What happens next? Is Yashoda’s heart going to melt in compassion upon seeing Little Krishna crying and pleading her this way? What is Little Krishna’s next “plan of action” going to be? Let’s wait till the next interesting episode to find out! Stay tuned! 😊

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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