Episode # 277 – Little Krishna thwarts Yashoda’s counter-operation – The famous “URI-ADI”!!!


We’re amidst a beautiful experience wherein we’re witnessing how Little Krishna is unleashing His childish pranks one after the other! His “Operation-Butter” is of prime significance and Little Krishna is best known to all of us for stealing butter! As this operation continues during the coing days and months, Little Krishna is trying to “alter” His strategies and now, along with consuming the butter, He breaks the pot into pieces with a loud thudding sound. By this time, Little Krishna had made friendship with many children of His age and He instigates all of them into “Operation Butter”! Thus, not only does Little Krishna steal butter now – Many others are getting involved in this as well! This has now become a regular affair – These kids joining together as a team, going on a rampage house after house, stealing butter, consuming it and breaking the pots! As this “Operation-Butter” continues unabated for many days now, people are getting increasingly irritated with these kids.

Here we should note that Little Krishna is a very smart chap – When the whole team wreaks havoc at every house, the butter would be equally shared by all the kids. Little Krishna would ensure that He would distribute the butter to all His friends, and only then would He consume! Now how good is this? 😊 As such, it was a robbery – A daylight robbery! In that robbery too, it is amazing to see how the kids were united with each other without any infighting! The lesson here is that, for any task to become successful as a team, unity is very important. Whatever should be given to our team members, should be given without any hiccups. Else, we should be prepared to face the wrath from our team mates itself, isn’t it? This is a good leadership and management lesson that all of us can learn from this “Operation Butter” episode. In fact, especially when the operation is a “theft” operation, we would see robbers being united with each other even today! Else, this is why we see in some government departments today – How do corruption cases come to light? It is mainly because some people who were involved in the act weren’t duly “compensated” with the money that was looted! This is why we see criminals turning into approvers in a judicial case on corruption or whatever crime it might be! Thus, the lesson here is that, we should be united as we are performing a task that involves teamwork. Little Krishna is the perfect epitome of this lesson!

Moving on thus, as Little Krishna continues to wreak havoc in this way, Yashoda thinks of a plan to somehow thwart Little Krishna’s “Operation Butter”. She now ties the butter pot to a rope (Uri), pulls it upwards towards the roof and hangs it there. This is a counter operation to “Operation Butter” unleashed by Little Krishna. The primary agenda behind Yashoda’s counter operation is that, if the butter pot is out of Little Krishna’s reach, perhaps He might refrain from stealing butter! But is our Little Krishna a dumb fellow to get fooled by these techniques? He however acts like one though! 😊

So, when Yashoda stays at home, Little Krishna would act as if He’s fast asleep. He would be waiting for a chance for His mother to go out of the house for some work. The moment Yashoda steps out of the home, Little Krishna would start His mischief – He would immediately jump up from the bed, locate the butter pot, climb over the window sill, take a stick in His hand and beats the pot with the stick! Once the pot is beaten hard, the pot breaks and all the butter start oozing out of the pot. As the butter starts oozing out, He would directly make it fall into His mouth and consume it then and there! 😊 As Little Krishna consumes the butter, child as he is, the butter flows through His entire body as well! Thus, His cheeks, His chin, chest, hands, shoulders are all full of butter!

It is to be noted here that this very act, often referred to as the “Uri-Adi” occupies a prime status even today as the whole of our Bhaarata Desha (India) celebrates “Krishna Janmaashtami”! As a procedure, a pot full of butter would be tied at a certain height. Youngsters would then team up, climb over each other by forming a pyramid! One of the boys would have a stick in his hand. With the stick, he would climb over all of his friends, break the pot and the butter would ooze out on all of them! This is a very famous way to celebrate “Krishna Janmashtami” and this is very prominent in the northern parts of the country.

Moving on thus, as Little Krishna finishes His “Modified Operation Butter”, He again goes to His little bed and resumes His sleeping act! All of this finishes within the time Yashoda is not at home! As she comes back, she would see Little Krishna “fast asleep” on His little bed, but, the entire house would be full of butter overflowing from the broken pot! She would also find that it was none other than Little Krishna who was the culprit! 😊 He gets caught red-handed as His entire body would be fully coated with butter! Although Little Krishna knows that He would be caught for this act of His, He would be very happy to see His mother’s angry reactions! Afterall He’s Bhagawan Vishnu who has incarnated from Vaikunta, isn’t it? If He wants to escape untouched, He could have easily done that. But the very purpose of His incarnation as a baby is to play pranks! 😊 Hence, Little Krishna doesn’t mind getting caught by His mother repeatedly for His mischief!

Now what does Yashoda do to keep a check on her “Uncontrollable son”? She has to now plan another strategy, as this one is easily thwarted! What is that new strategy of Yashoda now? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 😊

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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