Episode # 276 – Why is Little Krishna “breaking the pot” after stealing butter? A deeper insight!!!


We’ve witnessed in the previous episode, the beauty of Little Krishna stealing butter from every house in Gokula. He takes turns, zeroes down on one house per day, executes His “Operation Butter” and makes everyone feel the awe of His mischievous acts! Of course, sometimes He gets caught red-handed during His operation, but somehow with His smartness and “innocence” that He displays in His face, people pour out their love and compassion to the little one, rather than getting angry on Him! Even if one or two women go and complain to Yashoda about Little Krishna, they feel bad for it and after few days, they themselves request Yashoda to send Little Krishna to their home! The people of Gokula are thus relishing every single moment that they’re getting with Little Krishna! Of course, this is the highest level of opportunity to be amidst Bhagawan in such a lovely form isn’t it?

In fact, as many people read through the various “Krishna Leelas”, all of them would shed tears of joy and ardent devotion. This is how Bhagawan Krishna makes sure that all of us fall into the highest “Bhakti-Maarga” (Path of Devotion). Had these “Charithras” not been there in this “Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana”, and if we’ve to just go by the Vedas and Upanishads that Bhagawan is an embodiment of the entire nature including the five elements of air, water, sky, soil and wind, who on this earth is going to relate Bhagawan with all of these today and practice Bhakti? It might have been possible in the previous “Yugas”, but for people like us in this “Kali Yuga”, we do not have that much amount of maturity to imagine Bhagawan in the form of wind and water to practice Bhakti! Of course, I’m reiterating the point that the Vedas are not lying. Whatever the Vedas are saying are 100% trueBhagawan is an embodiment of all the “Lokhas” put together. But for our minds to imagine Bhagawan, we would not be able to do so until and unless Bhagawan reduces Himself to something that our minds would be able to relate.

Even in our daily lives for instance, if we’ve to lead an organization as the CEO, people say that we should have adequate work experience on the ground, isn’t it? Why is it so? It is because, only if a person can understand and relate what happens on the ground, will he / she be able to successfully lead a team of people who are actually working on the ground. Thus we can see here that we would be able to relate ourselves to something only if we have some sort of a prior experience with it in the past, and something that we are familiar with in the present day. Similarly here too, although Bhagawan is an embodiment of all “Lokhas” put together, only if we can see Him as a small child playing around and doing mischief, the “Bhakti” within our hearts would grow. Moreover, since we often see and be with children many a times in our life, imagining Bhagawan Krishna in the form of a little child gives lot of relevance to what we are familiar with, isn’t it? This is the reason why Bhagwan Vishnu decided to give us this divine experience. Hence, by reading each and every instance of Bhagawan Krishna’s childhood days, our hearts should melt with ardent devotion (Bhakti), which would automatically take us towards spiritual growth. This is the important message from Little Krishna’s divine “Leelas”.

We’ve also discussed in the previous episode, the deeper meaning behind Little Krishna stealing butter. As we might know, butter is the purest form of milk and Bhagawan Krishna loves it so much. Similarly, if our hearts are as pure as this butter, Bhagawan Krishna is going to love all of us as well! 😊

Moving on further with Little Krishna’s childhood “Leelas”, as He grows up a little more, He wasn’t satisfied with just stealing the butter! He would steal butter, consume it, give it all His friends, and finally hit the pot on to the stone and break it to pieces! As the pot breaks with a huge thudding sound, Little Krishna would clap His hands and laugh out loud! 😊 We might be wondering here, why is Little Krishna breaking the pot and is so happy with it? Why isn’t he just stopping with stealing the butter? There is a deeper meaning to this as well – This butter is like our “Atman” and the pot is like our “Deham” (Physical body). By consuming the butter, Little Krishna is consuming our pure Atman filled with Bhakti! However, as He takes us to Vaikunta, do we go with this physical body? The answer is “No”! As Little Krishna takes us along with Him to Vaikunta, He’s going to dispose off this physical body of ours and is only going to take our Atman with him. As the pot signifies the physical body, Little Krishna breaks the pot and conveys the important message that our physical body is destroyable, like this pot!

Thus, as Little Krishna continues His “Operation Butter” every passing day, Yashoda is getting irritated slowly! She now feels that her son is going a little bit too much on eating butter. As a mother, she was concerned for her son’s health. What would happen if the little one consumes too much of butter? Won’t He have digestion and other related health problems? Thinking thus, Yashoda slowly starts hiding the pot of butter from the eyes of Little Krishna! She now ties a long rope (Commonly referred to as “Uri”) to the pot, pulls the rope downwards, which would in turn push the pot upwards to a height which Little Krishna’s hands might not be able to reach! This is now an interesting contest between Yashoda and Little Krishna! Every day Yashoda would make sure that the butter pot is kept hidden from Little Krishna’s eyesight, and on His part, Little Krishna would somehow find and locate the butter pot, steal all the butter from it and consume it! This contest was going on unabated now for days and months together!

As this new contest was emerging, Little Krishna had to change his “Modus-Operandi” of His “Operation Butter”! 🙂 Till now we’ve seen that the butter pot was close to His vicinity and Little Krishna never had any problems in latching on to it. But now, the pot is hidden and kept out of His reach! Now what does Little Krishna do to get hold of the pot? He modifies His “Operation Butter” beautifully and employs a two-pronged strategy to combat His “Mission”! What is that strategy? What is Little Krishna’s new “Modus Operandi” to combat Yashoda? Let’s eagerly wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 😊

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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