Episode # 275 – Why did Little Krishna steal butter? A deeper message for all of us!!!


We had experienced in the previous episode how Little Krishna unleashed His “Operation Butter” on the residents of Gokula town. He goes house after house like a burglar. steals all the butter from every house that he steps inside and eats them happily. As this operation was becoming more and more successful every passing day, people start investigating as to how the butter alone disappears mysteriously from their homes, but everything else remains intact. It is at this time, one of the residents try to stay awake at night, so as to catch the “thief”! As Little Krishna unleashes His operation as usual, He gets trapped red-handed by the woman of that house! However, smart as He was, Little Krishna gives her some lame and childish answers and makes the woman laugh out with all her love and affection! Now Gokula starts to understand who this “butter thief” was! It is none other than their own darling child, Little Krishna Himself!

As Yashoda comes to know of this, she instructs Little Krishna to stay put at home only. As she understands that His liking is towards butter, she feeds him with lot of butter, so that He might not go out and steal it from someone else’s home! Little Krishna obeys His mother’s words and stays at home for the next 3-4 days! However, the same people who came and complained about Little Krishna start missing His presence at their homes so much, that they request Yashoda to send Him for some few hours again. However, now Little Krishna puts some “conditions” to them thus – “Do you have butter at your place? I shall come to your place only if there is butter. Else I won’t! If I’ve to come again to your place, you should not complain against me another time! Moreover, if anything goes missing from your place, you should declare in public that I’m not a thief and I’ve not stolen anything! Only if you accept these conditions, I shall come!”

As the child innocently says thus, the woman who complained against Little Krishna was in tears of joy and compassion! She immediately replied back to Little Krishna, in front of His mother, Yashoda – “Oh Kanna! From today onwards, I’ll not complain anything against you. All I need is your presence at my place! So please come to my house immediately. I shall give you whatever you want!”

Thus, this is how Little Krishna played pranks with all the people in Gokula. As Yashoda prepares butter at her place every day, Little Krishna sees it with His eyes wide open! It is like seeing young and beautiful girls! Little Krishna does not like it when the milk is boiled! He also doesn’t like it much when the thick curd is diluted into butter milk. He wants everything to be fresh and thick! Thus, if He sees buttermilk and boiled milk, it is like seeing men and older women! We might be wondering why is this comparison given here. There is a deeper meaning that is attached to the entire episode of Little Krishna being passionate towards butter and thick curd! The meaning goes like this – When we say that Little Krishna did not have a “passion” towards buttermilk and boiled milk like that of men and older women, it means that, men are egoistic and they would think within themselves that they can take care of themselves! Whereas, if we’ve to take younger women, they would have the mindset that it is only Bhagawan Krishna who can take care of them!

This is the deeper message that all of us should understand. Also, when we say that Bhagawan Krishna was more interested towards young girls, it doesn’t mean that He was physically attracted towards them. This is a wrong perception that many people have and they use this half-baked information to malign Bhagawan Krishna and Sanaatana Dharma itself! We’ve to understand the real reason why Bhagawan Krishna “exhibited” interest towards young girls and married more than 16,000 women! It is to be understood here that, the “Gopikas” with whom Bhagawan Krishna performed the “Raasa-Leela”, were all incarnations of the Devas (Celestial Beings). They had an ardent long-time wish that they should spend quality time with their Bhagawan, but till then, they didn’t get that opportunity. It is only during this Krishna-Avatara that they got that time to spend with Bhagawan. It is to be recollected from our previous episodes that when Bhagawan Vishnu decides to incarnate in this world as Bhagawan Krishna, He had instructed all the Devas to incarnate as Gopikas and had given the assurance that He would spend quality time with them. This is the real background behind Bhagawan Krishna “being amidst young women”. It is to be understood that Bhagawan Krishna wasn’t “physically” involved with any of them. It was a “divine experience” and a blissful moment for all the Devas in the form of “Gopikas”.

More than all of these, we should understand another important point here as well. For Bhagawan, all of us, ardent devotees are like young women only. As I had explained a while ago, only if we have the mindset of a young woman, we would have that attitude of total surrender towards Bhagawan Krishna! All of us should develop that thought that it is only Bhagawan Krishna who would lift us from this ocean of “Samsaara” (Bondage and Illusion) and grant us the highest “Moksha”. It is to make us understand this all-important message, Bhagawan Krishna steals butter (Butter is one of the purest forms of milk). Just like how He is stealing butter, Bhagawan Krishna He steals our pure and innocent hearts that are full of “Bhakti” towards Him! If we’re totally immersed in Bhakti, we would also be able to dance with Bhagawan Krishna by holding His divine hands, just like how the Gopikas were able to do!

So for today, let us try and understand this important message! Thus, as Little Krishna grows up a little more, He not only consumed the butter, but also broke the pots in which the butter was stored! A beautiful experience awaits us in the next episode as to how Little Krishna broke the butter pots! Stay tuned! 😊


Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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