Episode # 266 – Yoga-Maya’s words STUNS Kamsa to bits!!!

We’ve witnessed in our previous episode that Vasudeva is taking Bhagawan Vishnu, who has just incarnated in the form of a little baby, to Gokula by crossing the Yamuna river. Vasudeva takes the baby in a small basket and walks out of the prison complex. At the same time, Yoga-Maya unleashes her illusion and clears the way for Vasudeva to proceed further. Finally, Vasudeva crosses the Yamuna river and enters into the small town of Gokula. He straightaway proceeds towards Yashoda-Nandagopa’s place, places this baby there, takes the girl baby from that cradle and hurries his way back! Due to the tiredness of her pregnancy, Yashoda was not aware of all these events that were unfolding. In fact, she wasn’t even aware whether she had delivered a male or a female child. It is at this point did Vasudeva make the “exchange” of babies!

Now moving on further, Vasudeva hurries back to the prison complex and till then, as we’ve seen, all the security guards were asleep till that point! All the iron rods that were used to tie Vasudeva’s hands and legs were broken till that point. All the prison doors were broken and the entire place was opened up! However, as Vasudeva makes his way back into the prison, all the security guards wake up to their normal position. The iron rods take their place around Vasudeva’s hands and legs! The prison doors automatically close! The situation now is as if nothing has happened at all! Such was the power of the Yoga-Maya, which Vasudeva has carried in the basket from Yashoda’s house.

Now what is the message for all of us from this section of the “Krishna-Jananam”? If we surrender to Bhagawan Krishna’s lotus feet, all the “Samsaara” would automatically wiggle off and thus pave the way for all of us to attain “Moksha”! 😊 This is exactly what has happened to Vasudeva here too isn’t it? As Vasudeva came in contact with Bhagawan Vishnu and when he touched the little child, automatically all the prison doors, the iron-rod bonding, etc. broke away! By doing so, Bhagawan sends out a clear message to all of us that just like how Vasudeva’s prison barriers were broken away, our “Samsaara” barriers would also be broken away by Bhagawan Krishna, if we surrender to His lotus feet! This is what we’ve to understand from all of these important discussions. As I’ve been repeatedly emphasizing multiple times now, our ancestors have encapsulated enormous amounts of important messages inside the stories that they’ve narrated. Just as how the narrative of “Krishna-Jananam” is important for all of us to understand, so are the important messages that are hidden inside this story as well! Hence, while reading the story part, we should also understand the underlying messages that Bhagawan is trying to convey from every action of His! As we move on into the “Krishna-Leela” episodes in the coming days and weeks, all the stories associated with it are going to be extremely interesting, absorbing and are going to bring tears of joy in all our eyes! But simultaneously, we should also understand why Bhagawan Krishna had unleashed all the divine plays! Hence, this is important for all of us to note and understand.

Moving on thus, after all this fiasco has taken place, the little girl child is in the prison of Devaki and Vasudeva! This child is crying profusely. Normally it is believed that girl children cry more profusely than boy children! As the child is crying aloud, Kamsa gets alerted! Till that time, he was walking round and round in his room, waiting to hear the birth of the eighth child. The very fact that this eighth child is going to be Kamsa’s enemy is haunting him day and night and he has totally lost his sleep! Now as the cry is heard, Kamsa immediately jumps up and rushes towards the prison wherein Devaki and Vasudeva were sitting. As Vasudeva approaches with the new-born child, quite as usual, Kamsa immediately grabs it from his hands and has a look at it! One thing that Kamsa did not expect was that, this child would be a girl! Kamsa was surprised! He was expecting a male child to be the eighth baby of Vasudeva, but here itself he got fooled royally! Anyway, irrespective of being a male or a female child, an enemy is an enemy, isn’t it? Kamsa remembers Sage Naarada’s words here! It should be remembered by readers that Sage Naarada had “motivated” Kamsa to kill all the eight children, irrespective of whatever gender it might be! Hence, Kamsa decides to go for the kill.

As Kamsa tries to do his “usual practice” of banging the new-born on to the wall, to his utter shock, the girl child flew into the air from his hands! It is to be remembered that this is the very same “Yoga-Maya” that has unleashed all the illusions that we’ve seen so far. As Kamsa tries killing her thus, she lets out a thunderous laugh from the sky and mocks at Kamsa thus, “Oh Kamsa! I’ve seen fools in this earth, but amongst all the fools, you’re the greatest fool now! You’re trying to kill the wrong person. The real enemy of yours has already taken birth and is now safe and secure at Gokula! Stop him if you can!” As Yoga-Maya mocks Kamsa thus, she never returned back! She flew away into the skies and reached “Moksha” then and there! Of course, she has been of great help to Bhagawan Krishna and has involved herself meticulously in the “Krishna-Kainkarya” (Selfless service to Bhagawan Krishna). Thus, she rightfully reached the place where she should belong!

This message from Yoga-Maya shocks Kamsa to bits! How did this eighth child escape the prison doors? How did all this unfold overnight? Are these words of this child true? Kamsa becomes extremely nervous here! What is going to be his next action plan? What is Kamsa going to do to “capture and kill” Devaki’s eighth child? Let’s wait for the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 😊

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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