Episode # 265 – Vasudeva “transports” Bhagawan Vishnu from Mathura to Gokula!!!

We’ve witnessed in the previous episode, an extended discussion on Bhagawan Vishnu’s divine incarnation as the eighth child of Devaki and Vasudeva. In due course, we had understood the important reason and the background behind why Bhagawan Vishnu was born to this couple and not to anybody else. We’ve seen that it was due to their ardent devotion towards Bhagawan Vishnu for three consecutive births, Bhagawan had to honor them in such a way that He used this couple thrice to incarnate in this world! This incarnation of Bhagawan Vishnu happened for the third time as the son of this couple of Devaki and Vasudeva. This was revealed by Bhagawan Himself to Vasudeva and Devaki in the prison complex. With this, the couple understood that this child was none other than Bhagawan Vishnu Himself, who has used them as a means to incarnate in this world and to achieve a great mission!

Moving on thus, as the divine voice replies and reveals this truth to Vasudeva, he poses another important question to the child. Vasudeva asks thus, “Oh Bhagawan! Now that you’ve incarnated in such a beautiful form, isn’t it my duty as a father to protect you? Do you understand where you are right now? You’re amidst a prison with a tight security. If Kamsa comes to know of your birth, next minute your life would be in a great danger. So please guide me on what should I do, so that you remain safe and secure from this wicked Kamsa!” The divine voice answers back thus, “Oh Vasudeva! You needn’t worry about all that. All you’ve to do now is to take me in a small basket, walk across the Yamuna river, leave me in Yashoda’s house at Gokula and in turn, bring Yashoda’s baby daughter here. I shall unleash my illusionary powers and clear the way for you!”

As per the divine instruction, Vasudeva takes the baby in a small basket and keeps it on his head. As Vasudeva is about to start walking, all the security guards in the prison fall down on the floor, fast asleep! The prison doors open! Yoga-Maya is now unleashing all her power of illusion. Vasudeva keeps walking and finally sets his foot amidst the waters of River Yamuna. Even today, we can worship this divine place wherein Bhagawan Krishna was born, the divine Yamuna river, which Vasudeva is currently crossing. This is collectively referred to as the “Krishna-Janma-Bhoomi”. Even today if we worship Mathura city, we would be able to feel the divine presence of Bhagawan Krishna. The very prison wherein Bhagawan incarnated can be worshipped today. There is a small prison complex that is present today near to the main temple of Bhagawan Krishna. Inside this prison complex there is a small slab and it is on this slab, Bhagawan Krishna incarnated from Devaki’s womb. Around this place, there are small temples for Bhagawan Krishna, and these are very beautiful and divine. If we visit Mathura, we should not miss to visit all of these places. Amidst a small distance from this place, is the famous Vrindavan, wherein Bhagawan Krishna has spent all of His childhood days, playing with all His friends and Gopikas.

Thus, Vasudeva takes the orders from Bhagawan and executes it. He crosses the Yamuna river and as Vasudeva walks through, the water level starts to go up! Gradually the water level rises from Vasudeva’s foot to knees to hips to chest to his neck level! However, Vasudeva was walking unfazed! As Bhagawan Vishnu was in the basket, His feet was protruding outside of it. As the waters of the river touched Bhagawan’s divine feet, it started to recede down to normal levels!

As this happens, immediately Sage Sukhaachaarya explains to King Parikshit thus, “Oh Parikshit! Look at the beauty here. This river Yamuna had the unique opportunity to worship Bhagawan’s divine feet immediately after He had incarnated! The moment Bhagawan’s feet touched the waters, it’s level started receding. This shows that if Bhagawan’s divine intervention happens, all our “Ahankara” (Arrogance), “Mamakara” (Self-pride) would come down, just like how the water level comes down!” What a unique message is this for all of us!

Thus, as Vasudeva crosses over the river Yamuna, he straightaway proceeds to Gokula and to Yashoda’s place. He picks up the baby girl from there and replaces it with this baby boy. All this happens when everybody is fast asleep and nobody knows an inch of what is unfolding – Thanks to the illusion of Yoga-Maya! Thus, Vasudeva returns back to the prison with the baby girl and the operation was successful! What is going to unfold next? Was Kamsa able to kill this baby girl? Let us wait till the next episode and witness it! Stay tuned! 😊

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