Episode # 267 – Gokula town welcomes Baby Krishna!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed how Yoga-Maya unleashed her illusionary powers to fool Kamsa and let Bhagawan Vishnu escape the wrath of his treacherous hands. The entire plan was set up and accordingly, Vasudeva transported Baby Krishna to Gokula and in turn, bring Yashoda’s baby girl to Mathura’s prison. As Kamsa hears the loud cry of the baby girl, he rushes to the prison and tries to have a go at it! However, the baby girl was none other than Yoga-Maya herself! As Kamsa was about to stab the baby girl, it flew away from his hands and it breaks into a rapturous thunderous laughter from above. Seeing this, Kamsa was stunned to bits! Yoga-Maya mocks at the foolishness of Kamsa and reveals that his enemy had already taken birth and is now growing up in Gokula! Yoga-Maya again warns Kamsa that he cannot do anything to stop the child from growing up and eventually killing him too! Saying thus, Yoga-Maya disappears! The child never comes back to earth again!

As Kamsa listens to this, he doesn’t know what to do at this stage. He was perplexed as to how did this eighth child escape from the tightly secured prison. This was a mystery that Kamsa couldn’t comprehend. Hence, he now thinks of new strategies as to how to take on the new-born baby and kill it during it’s childhood itself. Anyway, Kamsa had no other option now. He tried hard to kill the child during the birth itself, but somehow that didn’t happen. Now that the child has taken birth and is safe and secure at Gokula, Kamsa starts enquiring the whereabouts of this child. It was a nightmarish time for Kamsa for the next 10 years. It is only during Bhagawan Krishna’s 10’th year is He going to kill Kamsa.

Now, Kamsa calls upon all the people who have extreme “Asura-Shakti”. Kamsa calls out to all of them thus:

“Kamsayeva prasannaabhyaam vishuddham prathibhaashitaha!

Moolam hi vishnur devaanaam yatra dharmah sanaatanaha!!

Tasyacha brahmagovipraaha tapo yagnyaa sa dakshinaaha!!”

As all of them descend on to Kamsa’s place, he explains the situation thus, “Oh Raakshasas! This Vishnu has again come down to this earth in the form of a little baby at Gokula. He is going to be a huge threat for all of us, if we’re not going to finish him then and there! Hence, I require the co-operation of all of you and your strong powers that you’ve got. Let us form strategies to finish this little boy off, before he starts posing a danger to all our existence! We should act quickly now, else it is going to be a huge question of our survival!” Saying thus, Kamsa calls out Poothana, Arishtaasura, Pralambaasura, Trinaavarthaasura, Keshi, Vatsaasura, Kavitsaasura, Shakataasura, Aghaasura, Dhenukaasura, etc. and entrusts the job of finishing off the little boy.

As Kamsa is fretting out in fear and frustration on this side of the Yamuna river, the other side is all in huge celebration! The entire Gokula village is up in happiness and all people were taking turns to congratulate Nandagopa and Yashoda for the arrival of this baby child! As people come in large numbers to see the child, they’re attracted so much by it’s rapturing beauty and smile! As people come, nobody has the heart to go back to their own places. All of them sit amidst the living room of the Yashoda-Nandagopa couple and are singing praises for this little child! Of course, Yashoda and Nandagopa were also thrilled to happiness! Words cannot explains how happy the couple was! If Bhagawan arrives at our place, how much of overwhelming happiness would all of us have? We should imagine this now, as to how Gokula would have been as little Krishna arrived there overnight! 😊

As all this is happening, Yashoda takes the little baby and puts it on the cradle. She wants everybody to see the beautiful baby in the even more beautifully crafted cradle. This combination is so absorbing and attracting that people couldn’t take their eyes off the little one! At one point, the crowd of people was so much, that they had to literally form queues to let people see the baby and go! Even today we have this robust queuing system at Tirupati-Tirumala isn’t it? In other temples too, if there is a special event like that of “Vaikunta-Ekaadashi”, we would be able to see thousands of devotees thronging the temple. In order to control the crowd effectively, there would be a huge queuing system. This is exactly what Yashoda and Nandagopa had to resort to! As the crowds started to pour in from all directions, they had no other option but to erect queues to organize people! We can then imagine how many people would have come to worship Baby Krishna.

As celebrations are beautifying the Gokula town, let us also try and join into these happy moods! Afterall it is Bhagawan who has taken birth! So let us also join this queue of people through our hearts and worship our Baby Krishna! We shall be in this beautiful experience for the whole of today and in tomorrow’s episode we shall witness the interesting “naming ceremony” for the newly born child! This is going to be a very important episode! Stay tuned! 😊

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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