Episode # 262 – Bhagawan Aadisesha incarnates as “Sankarshana” or “Balarama”!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed how Sage Naarada plays spoilsport in Kamsa’s fortunes and “motivates” him to kill all children that are born to Devaki and Vasudeva. As Kamsa lets alone Vasudeva’s first child, he was confused whether he was going to commit a heinous crime and finally took a decision to refrain from it. Anyway it was only the eighth child that is going to be a problematic one, and hence he decides to “wait and watch” till the eighth one is born. However, Sage Naarada does a timely intervention and confuses Kamsa! He explains to Kamsa in such a way that it creates a doubt in his mind whether Vasudeva would cheat him. What if Vasudeva gives the fourth child to be killed, instead of the eighth one, as all the eight are going to look alike? Also, Sage Naarada creates a “play” wherein he explains that the Devas have plotted against Kamsa and that, Vasudeva is also part of that “team” which has created a ploy against him!

As Kamsa listens to Sage Naarada’s words, he gets convinced that the Devas are plotting against him and that, he should kill all the eight children, instead of falling into the trap of waiting till the eighth one is born! Hence he recalls Vasudeva with the baby, snatches the new-born from his hands, smashes it against the wall and puts it to death! This saga continues for the next five babies as well. Now, as Devaki becomes pregnant for the seventh baby, something unusual happens. This is where the “Divine Sankapla” (Will) works out. It is at this time, Bhagawan Vishnu orders “Yoga-Maaya” to execute certain important tasks. This “Yoga-Maaya” is a form of “Shakti” in the female form. Thus, Bhagawan Vishnu orders Her thus, “Oh Yoga-Maaya! I order you to execute two things on an urgent basis! Please understand that Devaki is carrying the seventh child in her womb. Firstly, transfer that womb into another woman by name “Rohini” at Gokula. This Rohini is Vasudeva’s another wife. Hence, let her bear this seventh child in her womb. This child would be born with the name “Sankarshana” or “Balarama”, who is going to be the incarnation of Bhagawan Aadisesha Himself! All this should happen without the knowledge of either Kamsa or Devaki or Vasudeva!”

Saying thus, Bhagawan Vishnu continues further, “And now for the second order – I’ll incarnate as Devaki’s eighth child. Now if Kamsa comes and asks how come the eighth child was born before the seventh one, we can establish that the seventh child had a premature death in Devaki’s womb! It is at the same time when Yashoda at Gokula would get pregnant too and would be carrying a child in her womb. She would deliver a baby girl. You should incarnate as that baby girl for Yashoda. Also, you should unleash your illusion in such a way that it would help Vasudeva transfer me from Mathura to Gokula and in turn bring you from Gokula to Mathura! When this “transfer” and “swapping” of babies are happening, nobody should know anything of this! You should shed your illusion (Maya) in such a way that everybody falls fast asleep and the entire fiasco is executed!”

The plan was thus made! A clear roadmap was given to Yoga-Maya and she is now getting to task! According to the plan, Yoga-Maya uses her divine power to transfer Devaki’s seventh child to Rohini’s womb. Later, Rohini gives birth to Balarama. Thus, the seventh child was saved from the wrath of Kamsa! This happens totally without the knowledge of Kamsa and he is fooled right royally! 😊 Of course, Kamsa knew that Devaki was carrying the seventh child, but all of a sudden there was no news about its birth. For the previous six children, the security guards of the prison would hear a new-born baby crying and they would immediately alert Kamsa that a child is born to the couple. At the same time, Vasudeva too would bring the new born to Kamsa for killing. But for this seventh child, nothing of that sorts happen! There was no clue about the child taking birth! However, as Kamsa enquires, Devaki and Vasudeva explain to him that this child has died in Devaki’s womb itself, and that, the pregnancy has been aborted. Upon hearing this, Kamsa too was convinced at that point as he had tight security amidst the prison complex and he knew that Vasudeva cannot escape with the child anywhere outside.

However, after almost a year, Kamsa again gets the news that Devaki was carrying. Bhagawan Vishnu has entered into Devaki’s womb finally! This was the eighth pregnancy! This is the child that Kamsa is dreading about! Whereas, the entire world including Devas and other celestial beings, Sage Naarada, etc. were all eagerly waiting for Bhagawan Vishnu to take birth! As Devaki starts to carry Bhagawan Vishnu in her womb, all the Devas, Bhagawan Brahma, Sage Naarada, etc. come down to Mathura and pay their respects to the womb thus, “Oh Bhagawan Vishnu! You’re happy residing at Vaikunta! But for the benefit of this world and to restore the “Dharma”, and as per our request, you are going to take birth with a great mission in hand! We salute you for your kind gesture and compassion! With your incarnation, the entire world is going to be reformed and benefitted as “Dharma” is going to be restored back!”

As he gets the news that Devaki was carrying, Kamsa shudders for a moment, but however makes up his mind to go for the rampage. As months pass by, all were eagerly waiting for Bhagawan Vishnu to incarnate! With this same eagerness, let us also wait till the next episode to witness how Bhagawan Vishnu is going to be born as Devaki’s darling son and what are the events that are going to unfold after Bhagawan takes birth. Stay tuned for an interesting and an absorbing episode tomorrow! 😊

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