Episode # 261 – Sage Naarada lures Kamsa into a trap!!!

We’ve witnessed in the previous episode, the continuation of the discussion between Bhagawan Vishnu and the team consisting of Mother Bhoomadevi, Devas and Bhagawan Brahma. According to the team’s request, Bhagawan Vishnu concludes that the time has come for Him to incarnate in this world yet another time, to set things right and thus, to restore the “Dharma”. As we’ve witnessed that the “Yaadava” clan was starring at a brink, because King Yayaati denied the kingdom and successorship position to his eldest son Yadu. Hence, to uplift this Yaadava clan, Bhagawan Vishnu decides to incarnate as part of this clan, and as a son to Devaki and Vasudeva.

We’ve already witnessed in the previous “Skandha” that Kamsa was Devaki’s brother and it was Kamsa who arranged Devaki’s marriage with Vasudeva. After the marriage, Kamsa was driving the chariot, taking the couple to Mathura city, while the divine voice sounded from the skies that it is going to be time for Kamsa’s lifespan very soon! The enemy of Kamsa is going to be the eighth child that is going to be born to this very couple of Devaki and Vasudeva! As we’ve witnessed henceforth, Kamsa imprisons both of them at Mathura and subsequently, as per an agreement between him and Vasudeva, the first six babies were mercilessly killed.

Here, Sage Sukhaachaarya narrates an important event. As Vasudeva brings the fist child to Kamsa with his trembling hands, Kamsa snatches the child and is going to hit it on a nearby wall and kill it. As he was going to do thus, Vasudeva stops him for a moment and explains thus, “Oh Kamsa! Why are you in a hurry like this? Please listen to what I’ve got to say. As per the divine voice, it is only the eighth child that is going to be your enemy, isn’t it? If that is the case, why should you kill the first seven of them? Anyway, they are not going to be of any harm to you. Moreover, if you’re killing a baby, you would get into one of the greatest sins in this world, called “Sishu-Hatha”. For this, even if you go to fourteen different “Naraka-Lokhas”, this particular sin would not be washed away! Hence, think before you commit this crime!”

Upon hearing this from Vasudeva, Kamsa’s mind got into a confusion. He thinks for a moment and comes to a conclusion that Vasudeva’s words were correct and makes sense. Afterall it’s only the first child now, isn’t it? Why kill an innocent child for no fault of it’s? It’s only the eighth one which is going to be the culprit isn’t it? Hence, Kamsa decides to “wait and watch”! Thus, he makes up his mind and returns the baby to Vasudeva! Upon having the baby back in his hands, Vasudeva couldn’t believe what was happening! How come Kamsa’s arrogance took a back seat just like that? As Vasudeva re-obtained the baby, he was extremely happy and relieved that his child is safe! Kamsa too let him go back to the prison. Now, Vasudeva starts walking back to the prison with the new-born baby in his hands!

It is at this time an important event takes place. Sage Naarada arrives at the scene and he straightaway goes to meet Kamsa! It is always known that if Sage Naarada comes somewhere, he would wreak havoc, but finally, people would realize that it was for something beneficial! It is the same case here too! Sage Naarada knows that this Kamsa is a fickle-minded person and thus, he wants Kamsa to commit the crime of “Sishu-Hatha”. Afterall, there should be some valid reasons for the upcoming eighth child to kill Kamsa, isn’t it? Hence, Sage Naarada hurries to Kamsa and asks him in a tensed tone thus, “Oh Kamsa! I know that you’re starring at a great danger for your life! It looks like the first baby is born to your sister Devaki! I’m sure you must have killed it, as per your “beautiful and concrete” strategy! I just wanted to come and take a “status-update” whether your “strategy implementation” is going on well! 😊 So tell me! Have you killed the first baby?”

By the tone with which Sage Naarada asked Kamsa, again made him confused! He is right royally falling into Sage Naarada’s trap! The moment Sage Naarada sees Kamsa getting confused, he continues thus, “Oh Kamsa! By the look of your body language, it seems something is wrong with you! I’ve always seen you as an epitome of confidence and now what has happened? Haven’t you killed the baby? Haven’t you executed your strategy as per the plan?” As Sage Naarada questions him thus, Kamsa replies back thus, “Oh great Sage! I wanted to kill it. However, Vasudeva’s appealing words made me compassionate for the little one and I didn’t kill it. Instead, I gave it back to Vasudeva!”

Listening to Kamsa’s reply thus, Sage Naarada replies back and tempts him again thus, “Oh Kamsa! Look who is talking about compassion! I’ve never seen you this compassionate till date! But anyways, let me tell you something very important here – Look how the Devas are trying to fool you! Every year there is going to be a child born to Devaki. Since, this is going to be back to back for the next eight years, all babies would look the same as they grow up! Hence, if all of them stand one after the other, you might not even know which is the first and which is the eighth baby! Given this confusion, how will you know if Vasudeva wrongly points out the first one as the eighth one and the sixth one as the fourth one? Oh Kamsa! Afterall Vasudeva is a father! He would not like his children to bear the brunt of your strength! Hence, he might cheat you and you would thus end up killing all children, except the eighth one! Thus, if you leave this child alive at this moment now, you’re going to face this imminent danger and you are going to thus fall into the trap that the Devas have laid for you! Hence, my advice to you would be that, you should start killing each and every child as and when it is born! Don’t let it till the end and then be sorry for yourself!”

As Sage Naarada replies thus, Kamsa’s mind got even more confused! He has now totally fallen into the trap that Sage Naarada has laid down! In fact, whatever Sage Naarada had said so far was all false! It was a totally fake narrative, just to make Kamsa kill the child. But Kamsa unfortunately did not understand this trap. Since these words came from a great Sage, he believed them blindly! Thus, he re-called Vasudeva who was now about to reach the prison with the child in hand! He thus snatches the baby from Vasudeva’s hands and kills it immediately! This process of killing the new-borns continued till the sixth child.

As Devaki was carrying the seventh child in her womb, something strange happened! What was the event that conspired during this time? Let’s wait till the next episode to witness in detail! Stay tuned! 😊

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