Episode # 260 – Bhagawan Vishnu decides to incarnate at Mathura city, amidst the “Yaadava” clan!!!

The previous episode witnessed the commencement of Sage Sukhaachaarya’s “long-haul” explanation on Bhagawan Krishna’s incarnation in this world, as per the request of King Parikshit. As Sage Sukhaachaarya had already given a brief of Bhagawan Krishna’s birth to Devaki and Vasudeva, he once again rewinds the story a bit further backwards to describe the main purpose behind Bhagawan Krishna incarnating. He commences with the important segment wherein Mother Bhoomaadevi (Mother Earth), along with the Devas, Bhagawan Brahma, etc. going together to Vaikunta to meet Bhagawan Vishnu. As all of them assemble in front of Bhagawan Vishnu, Mother Bhoomadevi explains the pathetic situation of the world and how she had to tolerate extreme heights of “Adharmic” (Unrighteous) activities that are taking place. As she narrates all these accords to Bhagawan Vishnu, she bursts out into tears. She continues to explain to Bhagawan that it is not only the “Raakshasas” who are wreaking havoc in the world, but also normal human beings who “behave like Raakshasas”, which is even more dangerous. Explaining thus, Mother Bhoomadevi requests Bhagawan Vishnu’s divine intervention at the earliest to put an end to all of this, and restore the “Dharma” in the world.

As the Devas and Mother Bhoomadevi request thus, Bhagawan Vishnu also comes to a conclusion. He’s convinced with what she had said and decides that it is time for Him to incarnate yet again to restore the Dharma in the world. Bhagawan Vishnu replies to Mother Bhoomadevi thus,

It is at this time that Bhagawan Vishnu “decodes” his upcoming incarnation thus: “Oh Bhoomadevi! Oh Bhagawan Brahma! Oh Devas! I understand what all of you are trying to explain. It is now time for me to incarnate. I shall be born as the eighth son of Vasudeva and Devaki at Mathura city. Aadisesha (Bhagawan Vishnu’s divine serpent bed) would be born as my elder brother, Balaraama (Seventh son) to the same couple and would be assisting me in all my missions that are going to unfold. All the Devas would go and take birth as “Gopikas” at Brindavan. All your requests would be fulfilled by my upcoming incarnation!”

“Vasudeva gruhe saakshaath bhagawaan purushah paraha!

Janishyate tah priyaartham sambhavamtu surahsthriyaha!!

Vaasudeva kalaanantaha sahasra vadanaswaraat!

Agratho bhavitaa devo harehe Priya chikeershayaa!!”

It is the city of Mathura which was the headquarters and the capital of the “Yaadavas”. We’ve already discussed the background of the Yaadavas. We’ve witnessed the story of Yayaati, whose eldest son was Yadu and the youngest son was Puru. Yadu had the curse of his father because he disagreed to transfer his youth characteristics to his father. Because of this curse from King Yayaati, Yadu lost the right to be the successor of his father. However, Puru obtained the right to be King Yayaati’s successor because he obeyed his father’s words. It is in the “Vamsa” of Yadu, came all the Yaadavas. It is amidst this Yaadavas at Mathura wherein Bhagawan Krishna incarnates.

Thus, as this background discussion with Mother Bhoomadevi and the Devas were going on, Bhagawan Vishnu decides that this Yaadava clan and Mathura city are the right places for Him to incarnate. If we witness the past too, this Mathura city has had lot of associations with almost all of Bhagawan Vishnu’s previous incarnations. Even today if we’ve to visit Mathura in the north-Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, we would have to worship Bhagawan Krishna there amidst heavy security and police force! This is the same even at Ayodhya, few hundreds of kilometers away. Thus, this Mathura city is even today worshipped as “Krishna-Janma-Bhoomi” (Birthplace of Bhagawan Krishna), just like how we’ve seen Ayodhya being worshipped as “Ram-Janma-Bhoomi) (Birthplace of Bhagawan Rama).

We’ve already witnessed towards the end of the ninth “Skandha” itself as to why Bhagawan Krishna had to take His divine birth inside a prison. We’ve witnessed how Devaki and Vasudeva got married and while bringing the couple towards Mathura, Devaki’s brother, Kamsa hears a loud thundering voice from the skies asserting that the eighth child that is going to be born to this couple is going to be his biggest enemy for his life! As Kamsa hears thus, he fumes in anger and tries to kill both Devaki and Vasudeva. It is only because of an agreement that Vasudeva made, Kamsa let them free, but however imprisoned both of them in Mathura. The agreement was that, all babies that are to be born to this couple would be brought by Vasudeva to Kamsa and Kamsa would mercilessly kill all of them immediately. Subsequently six of the babies were killed as well. Every time a baby is killed, Vasudeva and Devaki shudder with grief and frustration with Kamsa’s heinous act. However, with Bhagawan Vishnu’s divinity, the seventh and eighth children escaped the wretched hands of Kamsa! We should remember that this was the decision taken by Bhagawan Vishnu amidst Mother Bhoomadevi and the Devas. The seventh child was none other than Balarama, who was Aadisesha Himself – Just like how Lakshmana was born as a brother to Bhagawan Rama in the Tretha Yuga! Similarly here too, Balarama is the divine incarnation of Bhagawan Aadisesha, who is going to be of great assistance to Bhagawan Vishnu who is incarnating as the eighth child of this couple.

Of course, we’ve also witnessed how the eighth child was taken away by Vasudeva to Gokula, in the previous “Skandha” itself. So now, we shall witness from the next episode, what did Vasudeva do after leaving this eighth baby at Gokula. He now has to bring a “substitute baby” as a replacement to this one, isn’t it? Else, Kamsa would come questioning for the eighth baby! He too knows that his main enemy was this eighth baby only. So what are the events that are going to conspire after this point? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 😊

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