Episode # 263 – Bhagwan Vishnu incarnates to restore “Dharma” in this world!!!

We’re currently at a crucial and an important juncture as all of us are awaiting Bhagawan Vishnu’s incarnation in this world, so as to restore the “Dharma” and to destroy the “Adharma” that was growing manifold. As the sequence of events continued at Mathura and as per the instruction of Bhagawan Vishnu to Yoga-Maya, she starts playing the tricks, wherein firstly Devaki’s seventh child was transferred into the womb of Vasudeva’s other wife by name Rohini. Thus, the seventh child was saved from the wrath of Kamsa. Secondly, Yoga-Maya herself enters into the womb of Yashoda in Gokula and is waiting to be born as a daughter to Nandagopa and Yashoda. Meanwhile, at the same time, Bhagawan Vishnu Himself enters into the womb of Devaki and is about to incarnate as her eighth child.

Meanwhile, the news that Devaki was carrying the eighth child reaches Kamsa. Upon hearing this, he initially shuddered with fear that finally the time has come for his dreadful enemy to take birth! As Kamsa was in a savage resolution to somehow kill the child immediately after it is born, Yoga-Maya again plays her trick here. As Bhagawan Vishnu grows inside Devaki’s womb, all the Devas, Bhagawan Brahma, Mother Bhoomadevi, etc. pray their worship to Him and are eagerly awaiting Bhagawan’s birth. Finally the day arrived when Bhagawan had to come out of Devaki’s womb. It was the night time and all aspects of nature including rivers, lakes, forests, etc. were eagerly awaiting Bhagawan’s incarnation. All the Devas were assembling together to witness the divine birth of Bhagawan Vishnu. As the time approaches closer and closer, all the “Apsaras” women start staging a beautiful “welcome dance” for Bhagawan Vishnu. As the dance goes by, all the Devas including Indra shower flowers all over the world, depicting a divine gesture of what is going to unfold within the next few minutes.

As time gradually goes by into the middle of the night, the entire world came to a standstill. Kamsa is also fast asleep and so are the prison’s security guards. It is at this middle of the night is Bhagawan Vishnu incarnating in this world! A divine light flashes across the world as Bhagawan Vishnu incarnates with four hands and with the “Shanka” and “Chakra”! The little child has a divine smile in its face as it takes birth. As the child takes birth, it is showing all characteristics that show to the world that this is not an ordinary child. This is an incarnation of Bhagawan Vishnu Himself! As the little child is born, unlike other normal children which cry during the process, this child is all in smiles! It was like communicating to the world that this child is none other than Bhagawan Narayana Himself who hasn’t taken birth because of “Karma”! Rather, He has taken birth to wash away all our “Karma”! 😊 He has taken birth due to His unending compassion towards all of His devotees! He has taken birth to educate the world as to how to lead a happy and a contented life in this world. He has taken birth to grant the highest “Moksha” for all His devotees who follow the path of “Dharma”! Thus, with all these missions in His hands, Bhagawan lets out a divine smile, which attracts all the Devas including Indra! Bhagawan Brahma’s heart is melting with joy and compassion! Mother Bhoomadevi is happy that finally her prayers have been answered by Bhagawan! It is to be remembered that it was only upon the ardent request and cries of Mother Bhoomadevi that Bhagawan has planned this entire “mission”!

Thus, as the child is born, it’s beauty attracts everyone around and of course Devaki and Vasudeva as well! How can parents be exempted from this joy? Devaki takes a look at her new-born with motherly love and compassion and as the child smiles at her, tears of joy roll down her cheeks! Her heart melts with happiness! Vasudeva too couldn’t take his eyes of the child! This was the divine moment that all of us were waiting for! So for today, let us enjoy this divine moment of Bhagawan’s incarnation and let us imagine Baby Krishna in our minds and hearts! We shall wait till the next episode to see how Yoga-Maya is going to unleash her next set of agenda! 😊 Stay tuned! 😊

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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