Episode # 238 – Sage Shukraachaarya stops King Mahabali!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we were at an important juncture, wherein little Vaamana is making his way to King Mahabali’s place, wherein a huge “Yagna” is being performed. As per the protocol, King Mahabali has invited all the Brahmin Pandits from all over the country to come and take part in it. As this news reaches Bhagawan Vaamana, he decides to be part of it as well, and perhaps take this is an opportunity to outsmart King Mahabali. We’ve seen yesterday that Bhagawan Vaamana is not going to kill Mahabali, although he is a Raakshasa by background. This is because of two reasons – Firstly, King Mahabali is a family descendent of Prahlaada and because of the assurance given to Prahlaada by Bhagawan Narasmiha, he is not going to be killed. Secondly, King Mahabali was an epitome of “Dhaanam” or “donating anything and everything to everyone around”. This is a great “Punya-Kaarya” (Noble deed) and because King Mahabali was an epitome of this deed, Bhagawan Vaamana decides not to kill him. However, having said that, the three “Lokhas” which were abducted by King Mahabali have to be reinstated to Indra and Co. There is no change to this agenda. Hence, Bhagawan Vaamana has to act a bit smart here. What is he going to do? Let us witness the interesting set of events that unfolded.

As Bhagawan Vaamana arrives at the venue where the Yagna was being offered, King Mahabali welcomes Him with all necessary rituals and respect. As part of the welcoming ritual, King Mahabali requests Bhagawan Vaamana to ask and obtain anything that He wants and desires!

At this point, Sage Sukhaachaarya explains a beautiful point here – As Bhagawan Vaamana makes His way, all of us know that Goddess Mahalakshmi is always in His heart, isn’t it? We should understand that this incarnation of Bhagawan Vishnu is supposed to be a “Brahmacharya”, which signifies that this person is not married! Here is where, Bhagawan Vishnu plays an important trick – He requests Goddess Mahalakshmi to exit Her place from His heart for a few days, until He comes back! However, Goddess Mahalakshmi is equally smart to turn down Bhagawan’s request, saying that, “Oh Bhagawan! You’re trying to play smart here! You’re trying to remove me from your heart, which is never going to happen anytime in this world!” Hearing thus, Bhagwan Vishnu thinks of a different plan – He takes a blanket made of deer’s skin and covers His chest portion as He was walking towards King Mahabali’s place. Goddess Mahalakshmi questions this too and Bhagawan replies thus, “Oh Devi! The place wherever you’re residing will be your “Antah-Pura” isn’t it? Every king would like his “Antah-Pura” to be shielded and covered so that no other male would look into it, isn’t it? My heart is your “Antah-Pura” isn’t it? This is why I’m covering it with this sheet!” Upon hearing this, Goddess Mahalakshmi was amused, but she realizes that she has got a befitting reply from Bhagawan, to which she couldn’t really refute! 🙂

There is an inner meaning to this too – If Goddess Mahalakshmi casts her look at King Mahabali, how is Bhagawan going to snatch all his wealth? Goddess Mahalakshmi is the Goddess of wealth, isn’t it? If Her divine grace flows through, who can even stop people from getting rich? Hence, Bhagawan makes this smart move to shield Goddess Mahalakshmi, so that Her grace doesn’t fall on King Mahabali! 😊

Thus, as Bhagawan Vaamana reaches King Mahabali’s place, Sage Sukhaachaarya explains this accord very beautifully and amusingly as well! He explains that King Mahabali was sitting several steps higher than the ground and was surrounded by bodyguards and his ministers. Of course, all of us know that Mahabali was a great king and he rightly deserved all of this! However, as little Vaamana makes his way through, the moment He asked for just three feet of sand, this was like an insult to the mighty King Mahabali! He replies thus, “Oh little boy! I don’t know what to say! I thought you would ask for a girl for your marriage, or for wealth, money, gold, etc. but what are you going to do with just three feet of soil? Are you trying to insult a great king in me? I don’t think you’re a genuine Brahmin boy!”

Upon hearing thus from King Mahabali, Bhagwan Vaamana replies thus, “Oh King Mahabali! Let me make you understand the correct definition of the phrase “Brahmin” – A person who is contented with whatever he has, is a real Brahmin! Hence, if I don’t get contented with these three feet of soil, I’m never going to get any sort of contention even if I ask you for the entire world! If you’re interested to give me what I ask, please do. Else I’m leaving immediately!” As King Mahabali listens to the stern words of little Vaamana, he couldn’t really refute Him with an argument further. Hence, he brings the “Kamandala” (A type of vessel) full of water and is about to pour the water from the vessel, into Vaamana’s hands! Only if the water is poured from the “Kamandala” to another person, it is officially considered as “Dhaanam”.

It is at this point, Sage Shukraachaarya comes to the scene! Great Sage as he is, Sage Shukraachaarya  quickly realizes what is going on and what is conspiring here! He immediately stops King Mahabali from pouring the water and says thus, “Oh Mahabali! Why are you acting stupid? By giving this assurance to this boy, you’re committing a grave mistake! Please realize that this little boy who is standing in front of you is not just a mere Brahmin boy! He’s none other than Bhagawan Vishnu Himself! He has come here to snatch your wealth and power, by outsmarting you! If this water flows on to His hands, you’re going to be in great danger! Hence, stop this immediately!”

Saying thus, Sage Shukraachaarya tries to stop King Mahabali from giving what Bhagawan Vaamana is asking for! What is King Mahabali’s reaction going to be? Is he going to obey Sage Shukraachaarya’s words, or is he going to go ahead with his “Dhaanam”? Let’s wait till the next episode to witness the interesting event that is going to unfold! Stay tuned! 😊



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