Episode # 237 – Little Vaamana requests “THREE FEET” of soil from King Mahabali!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the important moment of Bhagawan Vishnu incarnating as Bhagawan Vaamana. As a result of the staunch and auspicious “Payo-Vrata” undertaken by Aditi, mother of Devas, Bhagawan Vishnu decides that it is time now to teach King Mahabali a lesson. He thus incarnates as a small little stout boy with a handsome and a pleasing look. As little Vaamana grows up, his parents Aditi and Kartama Prajapati initiate him into the “Upanayana” and thus Vaamana becomes a “Brahmachaari”. According to the norms, little Vaamana has to now obtain the “Bhiksha” from others and only with that, he has to make his living. As little Vaamana becomes a “Brahmachaari”, the first “Bhiksha” was given to him by none other than Bhagawan Shiva and Goddess Parvati Devi!

As little Vaamana sets out as a small Brahmachaari kid, the entire world is struck in awe upon seeing this handsome little boy! Everybody come out and pamper the little child with whatever they can offer, and little Vaamana is very happy to obtain all what people are giving him. As Vaamana was making his way through, we must remember one thing here – His primary agenda of incarnation is to re-obtain all the three “Lokhas” of the world from King Mahabali and reinstate them to Indra’s leadership. It is also to be noted here by readers that, Bhagawan Vaamana cannot kill King Mahabali. Although being a Raakshasa, unlike others such as Hiranyaaksha, Hiranya-Kashibu, Ravana, Kamsa, etc. why didn’t Bhagawan kill Mahabali here? It is to be noted here that, when Bhagawan Narasimha saved Prahlaada from the clutches of his father Hiranya-Kashibu, He had given an assurance to the little child thus, “Oh Prahlaada! From today onwards, I shall never kill anybody who comes as part of your future generation. Your whole clan from today is safe and secure! I’m saying this because I’ve killed your father in front of your eyes, which pains my heart so much! I don’t want to inflict more pain to your family and to the future generation of your clan and hence, I give you my assurance that I’m not going to kill anybody from your family henceforth!” Owing to this assurance, since this Mahabali hails from Prahlaada’s clan, Bhagawan Vishnu cannot kill him. However, He has to retrieve all the three “Lokhas” that he has abducted from Indra.

Secondly, King Mahabali was a great person by character. Although being a Raakshasa, he was not as treacherous like any of his predecessors like Hiranyaksha or Hiranya-Kashibu. King Mahabali was steadfast in his character and was a person who was known to donate anything and everything at will, whomever asks for it. In other words, King Mahabali was a “universal donor” and he keeps giving to all people who comes to him with any sort of needs. Thus, since King Mahabali was such a noble person by character, Bhagawan Vishnu decides that it is not right on His part to kill him. Rather, He should employ some other “friendly” means to obtain the three “Lokhas” from King Mahabali. Bhagawan Vishnu has to employ the “Saama” methodology here to convince, cheat and smartly finish His job!

One fine day, King Mahabali decides to perform a huge “Yagna” (A type of spiritual offering) and thus invites a huge number of Brahmin Pandits for it. This news comes across to Bhagawan Vaamana as well, and He thus decides to attend this Yagna. Deciding thus, little Vaamana sets out. He’s still a stout little boy, and by this time he has learnt and gained mastery over all the Vedas and Upanishads. He is now going to the court of King Mahabali and is about to ask for three feet of soil as a donation. This is going to be a very interesting event here.

As little Vaamana makes His way to King Mahabali’s courtroom, everybody including the king were overwhelmed upon seeing a little boy entering inside. All of them, including King Mahabali rush to the entrance and welcome Him with all the due respects with which a Brahmin Pandit has to be welcomed. King Mahabali personally does all the required rituals of welcoming and asks the little boy thus, “Oh little child! You’ve come all the way to be a part of this great Yagna that is organized by me! So, please ask me whatever you would like to want! I shall grant it to you without any prejudice!”

As King Mahabali gives an assurance thus, Bhagawan Vaamana sees this as a chance to outsmart him! He thus asks for three feet of soil from King Mahabali. Hearing thus from little Vaamana, King Mahabali was amused to bits! He replies to the child thus, “Oh little child! Is this what you want? Are you sure? I thought you would ask for food grains or money or wealth, etc.! What’re you going to do with just three feet of sand?” Upon hearing this from King Mahabali, Bhagawan Vaamana reiterates his stance that three feet of sand is all what He wants and doesn’t need anything more!

As the little Vaamana is firmly sticking to His stance, people were amused, including King Mahabali! Little did anybody understand that there is a huge ploy behind this, except for one person! Now who is this one person who understood what exactly was going on? How did that person react? What is going to happen next? Let’s wait till the next episode to witness an interesting event that is going to unfold! Stay tuned! 😊



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