Episode # 239 – Sage Shukraachaarya loses his eye while trying to stop King Mahabali!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed King Mahabali getting ready to give the “Dhaanam” that Bhagawan Vaamana is asking for – Three feet of soil. Initially when Bhagawan Vaamana proposes this idea, King Mahabali couldn’t believe his ears. He took this as an insult to his great noble quality of donating! He asked Bhagawan Vaamana thus, “Oh little boy! Are you serious with what you’re asking me? Look at your feet! They’re so small and tender! Is it with these tender little feet that you’re asking for three feet of soil? I couldn’t believe it! Else, another doubt emerges in my mind – Are you a real Brahmin boy or are you faking yourself? Tell me the truth! I expected that you would ask something like gold or ornaments or money or whatever as a donation. But you’re just asking for such a small thing!” Upon King Mahabali’s exclamation, Bhagawan Vaamana replies back thus, “Oh King Mahabali! As per the definition of a ‘Brahmin’, a person should be contented with whatever he has and whatever other people give wholeheartedly. A brahmin should not demand things from others and this should be avoided! Hence, I’m very much contented with just these three feet of soil. If you’re willing to give it to me, please go ahead! Else, it’s fine! I’m leaving this place right away!”

From this reply of Bhagawan Vaamana, we come to understand an important aspect here. In fact, this is an important message for all of us here – When is a person considered to be a Brahmin? Is it something to do only with wearing a sacred thread around our shoulders and waist? The answer is “No”! Being a “Brahmin” is much beyond the external appearance. A person is considered to be a true Brahmin if he / she lives happily with whatever they have with them. A Brahmin should not demand money or wealth from others. A Brahmin should ideally not touch money with their hands. All what their job is to do the “Veda-Adhyayana(Becoming scholarly in the spiritual texts such as Vedas, Upanishads, etc.), propagate it to the world for the benefit of the world, and not for the benefit of themselves! A Brahmin should only live with the “Bhiksha” that others are giving them for their Vedic chanting. A Brahmin should not demand that he wants this much amount of money for propagating the Vedas. We should understand here that Vedas, Upanishads, etc. are not items that can be “sold for commercial purpose”! Of course, if I’ve to talk all these today, I’ll have people standing at my doorstep with sticks in their hands! 😊 All what I’m explaining here is nothing but Bhagawan’s words! If Bhagawan Himself has elucidated it this way, it is upto us to follow it!

Moving on thus, as Bhagawan Vaamana gives a stern reply, King Mahabali couldn’t refute much. Thus he agrees to Bhagawan Vaamana’s deal of “offering three feet of soil”. Hence, he takes the “Kamandala” full of water and is about to pour the water into Bhagawan Vaamana’s hands, signifying that the “Dhaanam” is officially done. It is at this point, Sage Shukraachaarya, who is the “Guru” of King Mahabali, stops him from pouring the water into Bhagawan Vaamana’s hands. Sage Shukraachaarya warns that King Mahabali is doing a great mistake by accepting to offer three feet of soil. He warns King Mahabali of Bhagawan Vishnu’s ploy here! Upon listening to Sage Shukraachaarya’s accord, King Mahabali replies thus, “Oh Sage! Why do you want to stop me from giving now? Till date, the world has recognized me as a noble person because of this quality only! If Bhagawan Vishnu Himself has come to obtain something from me, so be it! I’ll rather be glad to offer Him whatever He wants! What kind of a divine opportunity I’ve got, to donate something to Bhagawan Himself? So, I’m going to proceed with my agenda of giving Vaamana the three feet of soil that he has asked for!”

Thus, King Mahabali discards his Guru’s words and goes ahead with the “Dhaanam” to Bhagawan Vaamana. Upon seeing this, Sage Shukraachaarya decides to somehow save his “Sishya” (Student) from the wrath of Bhagawan Narayana. Hence, he takes a form of a small insect and enters into the opening of the “Kamandala” vessel, thus blocking the entrance through which the water has to flow. As King Mahabali takes the Kamandala in his hands and tries pouring the water onto Bhagawan Vaamana, the water is not coming out! Upon seeing this, Bhagawan Vaamana was amused! He was thinking within himself thus, “Oh no! Even if this Mahabali wants to give something, his teacher is trying to create a hurdle! I’ll have to first tame down this Sage Shukraachaarya before taming King Mahabali!”

Thinking thus, Bhagawan Vaamana takes out a small “Dharba” (Grass) stick from his waist, enters it into the opening of the Kamandala and moves it in and out! Upon moving the stick in and out, the “blockade” was removed! Sage Shukraachaarya loses one of his eyes and thus, falls on the floor! Now the Kamandala is free of any sort of blockade! Thus, Bhagawan Vaamana says, “Oh King Mahabali! You may now proceed with the Dhaanam!”

As Bhagawan says thus, King Mahabali pours the water on to Bhagawan Vaamana’s little and tender hands! At this moment, a great event is going to unfold! What is that? Let’s wait till the next episode to experience and enjoy this great event! Stay tuned! 😊



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