Episode # 233 – Mohini outsmarts Raahu and Kethu – Why do we have solar & lunar eclipses???

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we were amidst a crucial moment wherein the pot of divine “Amrut” is extracted and the distribution of this “Amrut” is about to begin. As the Deva and the Raakshasa camps are readying themselves to taste the divine nectar, there is again an ego clash as to who goes first in the turn. As usual, the Raakshasas are doubtful over the Devas whether they would run away with the “Amrut” by hatching some conspiracy at the last moment. It is at this point, Bhagawan decides that the Devas alone cannot handle this situation as the war of words are slowly getting out of control. Thus, Bhagawan takes the incarnation of a beautiful and an attractive woman by name “Mohini”, to come and distribute the “Amrut” among both the camps. As Mohini walks her way through, as expected, the Raakshasas were totally drowned in her beauty! The trap was laid perfectly and the Raakshasas fell right royally into it! As Mohini instructs, the “Amrut” would be served to the “weaker” Devas first and to the “stronger” Raakshasas next, the Raakshasas couldn’t really raise their voice beyond a point, as they were totally blinded by her beauty.

As per the protocol thus, Mohini starts the distribution and the Devas are getting their due share of the “Amrut”. The Raakshasas are patiently waiting for their turn, and are admiring the way in which Mohini is serving the nectar. They were eagerly waiting to have Mohini near them as soon as the Devas leave the place. However, there was one Raakshasi by name Simhika, who had two sons, Raahu and Kethu. These two people were smart in their thinking, and upon looking at Mohini serving the Devas, they started having doubts of a ploy being played here. Also, as the quantity of the “Amrut” in the pot was declining to very alarmingly low levels, and as the Raakshasas were totally blinded to this beautiful woman, Raahu and Kethu decided that they’ve had enough. They decide to outsmart this Mohini, who is trying to fool the Raakshasas wit her beauty. Thinking thus, both of them dress themselves in the form of Devas and sit amidst the Deva camp! The idea behind this “outsmarting” plan is to somehow get their due share of the “Amrut”, without being cheated.

As this is unfolding, Chandra and Surya (Sun and the Moon) who are amongst the Deva camp, see Raahu and Kethu switching sides illegally! They immediately show signs to Mohini that these two have switched over and to somehow avoid them. Mohini immediately realizes the ploy and assure both Chandra and Surya that she would take care of it. All these communications happen with just a wink of the eyes. Now as Mohini comes closer to Raahu and Kethu, rather than serving the “Amrut” to them, she sways the spoon on their faces and with that force, both these Raakshasas lose their heads along with their neck portions! This is why even today, when we visit the “Nava-Graha” section in any temple, we would see that both the Raahu and Kethu idols without a face! Only their bodies would be visible.

Also, this is the reason why solar and lunar eclipses keep happening today. As Raahu and Kethu realize that it was Surya and Chandra who outsmarted them by exposing their false identity to Mohini, even today, whenever the moon and the sun come in a straight line, it is this Raahu and Kethu who makes both the sun and the moon caste their shadows upon the earth, so that there is a total blackout! This is why these Raahu and Kethu are called “Chaaya Grahas”, wherein they keep casting their impacts with just their shadows, unlike the other planets which cause impacts by their own movements.

Now coming back to the event thus, the “Amrut” was equally distributed amongst the Devas and the Raakshasas totally lost the plot here! As Mohini now comes to the Raakshsaas camp, she has another pot in her hands, which contains mere water in it! Engrossed with her beauty, the Raakshasas failed to realize that they are being served water, instead of the Amrut. They were overtaken with feelings of lust towards Mohini and thus drank whatever she gave in their hands! Thus finally, the Devas have got the Amrut and with that, they’ve become immortal. Indra too eventually regains all his lost glory and wealth, by seeking forgiveness to Goddess Mahalakshmi. Finally, the Raakshasas are left empty-handed and as the process of distribution comes to an end, they realize the huge conspiracy that had been levelled on them, and thus with this episode, the enmity between the Deva and the Raakshasas camps have only increased manifold!

What happens next? What are the aftereffects of this ploy on the Raakshasas? Let us wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 😊




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