Episode # 234 – The advent of King “MAHA-BALI” – Setting up the context!!!

Little Krishna

The previous episode witnessed the culmination of the all-important “Mohini Avatar” and what conspired in this event. As the divine nectar called “Amrut” evolves from Bhagawan Dhanvantri from beneath the “Ocean of Milk”, a huge war of words erupt between both the Deva and the Raakshasas camps as to who should be served first. To put an end to this fight and also to protect the Devas and the world from the potential wrath of the Raakshasas, Bhagawan Vishnu incarnates Himself as Mohini – A divine, beautiful and an attractive lady and comes to the scene to serve the Amrut to both the camps. The ploy was very clear here – The Devas would get the Amrut and the Raakshasas would only get mere water, by making them fall for Mohini’s beauty. This plan worked out almost, until Simhika’s sons Raahu and Kethu tried to play spoilsport. They realized the ploy done by the Devas and Bhagawan Vishnu, and hence dressed themselves up like Devas and joined them on the other side. Upon realizing Raahu and Kethu being amidst the Devas’ camp, Chandra (Moon) and Surya (Sun) indicate the malpractice, and thus Mohini was alerted. As she comes near Raahu and Kethu, she realizes the plot and instead of serving the Amrut to them, she swings her spoon on them in such a hard way that their heads are cut off! This is why we’re referring Raahu and Kethu even today as “Chaaya Grahas”, wherein they have only their bodies and not their heads. They can influence the other planets only with their shadows (Chaaya).

Thus with this ploy, the Raakshasas are denied their “due share” of the divine nectar. They realize quickly that the Devas have gained a huge upper hand by consuming the divine nectar, which has made them immortal completely. Indra has also attained all his wealth and position as before. This gain has however come to the Devas by “trumping” the Raakshasas and Bhagawan Vishnu Himself has enacted this huge conspiracy!

Readers might be remembering that this king called “Kartama Prajapati” had two wives – Diti and Aditi. We’ve discussed this in our earlier episodes and readers might recollect this at their convenience. It is to be noted that all the children that were born to Diti were the Raakshasas and the Daanavas, whereas, the children that were born to Aditi were all the Devas, including Indra, Chandra and Surya. Both these Deva and Raakshasa camps were traditional enemies and whenever the Devas gain an upper hand over the Raakshasas, Diti would go to her husband, Kartama Prajapati and complain to him. She would request him to do something to protect her Raakshasa children from the wrath of the Devas! Similarly, when it is the other way round, Aditi would run to her husband, Kartama Prajapati and complain that her Deva children are suffering in the hands of the Raakshasas. Every now and then, this complaining would thus keep happening and this time, it is the turn of Diti to complain to her husband. Upon realizing that her Raakshasa children were right royally fooled by the Devas, she immediately runs to Kartama Prajapati with a huge list of complaints! Kartama Prajapati understands the situation and realizes that it has gone out of his hands now. A huge war between the Devas and Raakshasas is going to be an inevitable event and is on the cards any time from now.

It is at this time, Sage Sukhaachaarya continues narrating this event further beautifully and eventually comes to describe about an important person called “Bali Chakravarthy” or famously known as “Mahabali”. Now who is this Mahabali? We’ve already witnessed the Prahlaada Charitra isn’t it? After Hiranya-Kashibu was killed by Bhagawan Narasimha, Prahlaada leads his life further, gets married and obtains a son by name “Virochana”. This Virochana grows up, gets married and obtains a son by name “Bali”. This Bali was a righteous king and accepts Sage Shukraachaarya as his “Guru”. With the divine grace of his Guru Shukraachaarya, Bali regains all his lost powers and strength. With the strength that he had obtained just now, Bali wages a huge war against Indra and the Devas. We’ve witnessed just now that war clouds were surrounding both the camps and it was Bali who led the Raakshasas from the front in waging a bitter battle against Indra and Co. Eventually, with the divine strengths and powers that he had obtained from Guru Shukraachaarya, Bali manages to defeat Indra and make him run for his money! Thus at the end of the ghastly war, Bali abducts all the wealth and position that Indra had possessed, and once again renders Indra powerless and as a popper! Thus, Bali becomes “Maha-Bali” with enormous control over all the three “Lokhas” of the world and eventually chases Indra away to a far off location, from where he could never return back to his normalcy!

Upon seeing this, Aditi, mother of the Devas, now runs to her husband, Kartama Prajapati, seeking solace for her sons! She goes and complains thus, “Oh King! Look at the plight of my sons! They’re being tortured, harassed and being made to run for shelter by these arrogant sons of Diti! You’ve to somehow intervene atleast at this stage and try to protect my sons from the wrath of the Raakshasas”!

Hearing this from his wife, Kartama Prajapati thinks of a plan to restore normalcy between his two camps of children. What is going to be his plan of action? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 😊




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