Episode # 232 – Bhagawan Vishnu incarnates as “Mohini” to serve the “Amrut”!!!

Little Krishna

We’re currently at an crucial juncture amidst the all-important “Mohini Avatar” of Bhagawan Vishnu and what conspired amongst the Devas and the Raakshasas, which lead to Bhagawan incarnating as Mohini. We’ve witnessed in the previous couple of episodes that Indra had lost his position and wealth, owing to a curse from Goddess Mahalakshmi and subsequently Bhagawan Vishnu assures him of a solution thus. The plan was to drill the divine “Ocean of Milk”, by teaming up of both the Devas and the Raakshasas together, as it is a strenuous task. Indra and Co. agree to the plan and however, Bhagawan Vishnu hatches a last-minute conspiracy plan within it, wherein the Raakshasas are to hold the head portion of the snake called “Vaasuki”, with which the drilling is happening. The Devas occupy the tail end of the snake as they too contribute to the drilling process. As the drilling goes on and on, snake Vaasuki starts emitting fumes of poison from his mouth and since the Raakshasas are directly exposed to the head portion of the snake, they start inhaling all the poisonous fumes as they are drilling. This gradually weakens them, without even knowing what is happening. This is where, Bhagawan Vishnu had mentioned to Indra that if the Raakshasas are steadfast in holding the head portion of the snake, he should let them do so, without any ego clash with them.

Continuing with the event thus, as the drilling goes on, we’ve witnessed that Bhagawan Vishnu takes over at a point when the Devas and Raakshasas become tired. As the drilling continues, many items emerge from beneath the ocean floor, including a pot of treacherous poison, which was neutralized by Bhagawan Shiva Himself. Subsequently, a horse, an elephant, and then Goddess Mahalakshmi herself emerges out from the “Ocean of Milk”. As Indra sees Goddess Mahalakshmi emerging out, he immediately seeks forgiveness for his mistake to Her, and thereby regaining all his lost wealth. Finally, as the drilling process continues on and on, Bhagawan Dhanvantri emerges with a huge pot of “Amrut” – The divine nectar.

As the “Amrut” emerges, the Devas and Raakshasas are delighted upon seeing it. Bhagawan Dhanvantri offers the pot of “Amrut” to Bhagawan Vishnu as both the camps are looking on eagerly at it. Within the minds of both the Devas and Raakshasas, debates start raging as to who is more eligible to have the “Amrut”. We should remember here that both the camps had given up the drilling process mid-way and it was Bhagawan who helped them complete the task. However, both the camps are now trying to adjudge who is eligible amongst them to have the “Amrut”. Indra and Co. are of the opinion that since Bhagawan Vishnu had given this idea only to them, and since it was Indra himself who took the lead in materializing the whole process, the “Amrut” rightly belong to the Devas only and not to the Raakshasas. On the other hand, the Raakshasas are of the opinion that Indra was a popper when this plan was made, and since he and his camp were “zeroes”, the Raakshasas came to their “support” at the right time. Hence, the “Amrut” rightly belonged only to the Raakshasa camp.

As this debate is raging high now, Bhagawan Vishnu quickly analyzes the situation and comes with a solution again. Bhagawan knows that if the “Amrut” is given to the Raakshasas, there is never going to be a greater disaster than that! If the Raakshasas become immortal, nothing can stop them and hence, they would use that power to destroy the whole world. This should somehow be stopped. This is where, Bhagawan has to strategize – On one hand, the Raakshasas should be denied the “Amrut” and on the other hand, they shouldn’t know that they’re being denied of it. What can He do? After analyzing various pros and cons, Bhagawan concludes thus, “The weak points of these Raakshasas are women! The moment they see a beautiful woman in front of them, they would be mesmerized at that very moment, and thus we can execute our plan perfectly! Hence, the only way to outsmart the Raakshasas is to take the form of a beautiful woman and flaunt in front of them!”

Thinking thus, Bhagawan takes an incarnation of a beautiful and an attractive woman by name “Mohini” and comes to the place where both the Deva and the Raakshasa camps are waiting for the “Amrut”. Upon seeing this beautiful young woman approaching them, the Raakshasas were stunned beyond words! They’ve never seen such a beautiful woman ever in their lives! The plan is starting to work out perfectly here! They start getting desires and feelings for the beautiful woman thus! As the beautiful Mohini comes near both the camps, she introduces herself thus, “Oh Devas and Raakshasas! My name is Mohini and I’ve been sent by Bhagawan Vishnu to distribute this “Amrut” equally amongst all of you! Hence, please take your positions very quickly. All the Devas should assemble on one side and the Raakshasas on the other!”

Accordingly, the Devas and Raakshasas have taken their respective positions. Now comes the next question – Whom should be served first? Devas or Raakshasas? A huge war of words emerge between the two camps! As Mohini is witnessing this, she comes to a conclusion thus, “Oh Raakshasas! Let me give you a solution for this as well – Now all of us know that the Devas are weak! Hence, let us finish off with the weaker ones and chase them away from here! All of us know how powerful you guys are. Hence, let us wait a little further till I finish these powerless Devas off!”

As the beautiful Mohini says thus, the Raakshasas couldn’t reject her proposal, as they were attracted and blinded to her physical beauty! Thus the deal was done! Mohini starts distributing the “Amrut” to all the Devas one by one. Upon seeing the beauty with which Mohini distributing the “Amrut” to the Devas, the Raakshasas were totally baffled! At one point, they even forgot the “Amrut” and all their eyes were fixed upon Mohini. They were admiring the beauty of this woman and the way she exhibited her hospitality.

It is at this point, wherein there was a Raakshasa by name Simhika. She had two sons – Raahu and Kethu. Both of them were puzzled by what is happening here. He thinks within himself thus, “Oh wow!! I think there is a huge conspiracy going on here. I really doubt who this Mohini is. I do not think that she is an ordinary woman. I think this is a sabotage plan to seduce the Raakshasas with a woman, thereby distributing all the Amrut to the Devas only. By this plan, the Raakshasas are made to look like fools! Ultimately, by the way in which the distribution is happening, I don’t think the Raakshasas would even get a single drop of the Amrut and these Raakshasas are not realizing the conspiracy here! Rather, they’re all lost in the beauty of this Mohini and is not raising a single word in protest against what she is doing! Hence, we should think of a plan and do something to sabotage this attempt!”

Thinking thus, both Raahu and Kethu hatch a counter conspiracy plan to that of Mohini. What is their plan going to be? How are they going to execute it? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 😊




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