Episode # 231 – Bhagawan Vishnu hatches a huge conspiracy plan with Indra!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the commencement of the major event that unfolded, which led to Bhagawan incarnating as “Mohini”. We had witnessed how Indra, leader of the Devas had to lose all his wealth and kingdom due to a curse from Goddess Mahalakshmi. As a result of this, Indra and his Devas became poppers overnight! Unable to bare this condition and also the alarming threat of attack from the Raakshasas, Indra runs to Bhagawan Vishnu for help! As Indra cries to Bhagawan, He gives a solution to Indra that he should go and team up with the Raakshasas and start drilling the divine Ocean of milk. Upon drilling it, a huge pot of “Amrut” (Divine nectar) would emerge and if the Devas consume it, they would become immortal henceforth and eventually regain all their lost wealth and power.

Accordingly, the Devas and Raakshasas join hands with each other, perhaps for the first time ever in history! The common goal was to obtain the “Amrut” and becoming immortal by consuming it. In due course of yesterday’s episode, we had witnessed Bhagawan Vishnu whispering a secret to Indra before he sets out for the mission. A huge conspiracy was already hatched! We shall know the conspiracy as we progress further with the event! 😊

As the drilling process commences, the Devas and Raakshasas are steadfast in their approach initially and with lot of enthusiasm. As the drilling becomes more and more strenuous and as days, months, years go by, the enthusiasm becomes lesser, as they become tired. At one point, all of them run back to Bhagawan Vishnu and seek refuge to finish off the mission. Compassionate as He is, Bhagawan Vishnu takes it upon himself to continue the process of drilling further. As the drilling continues, several items start coming out! There’s atlast some light at the end of the tunnel. The first to come out was a huge pot of intense poison. This poison had to be neutralized before proceeding further and this is where, Bhagawan Shiva comes to the rescue. He takes it upon himself and starts consuming the poison. Upon seeing her Husband consuming a deadly poison, Goddess Parvati rushes forward and catches Bhagawan Shiva’s neck, so as to prevent the poison from entering His body. As a result, Bhagawan Shiva’s throat and face become blue in colour and the poison doesn’t enter further into his body. This is the reason why Bhagawan Shiva obtains a divine name called “Neelakanta”.

Now that the poison is successfully neutralized, the drilling continues further, many other items start emerging. After the poison, a divine horse called “Ucchaisravas” emerges out. Subsequently a huge tree called “Paarijaatha” with blossoming fresh flowers and fruits emerges out. The drilling continues further still. It is to be recollected that the “Amrut” is the final goal and it is still far away from becoming a reality. Bhagawan Vishnu continues the strenuous drilling process further and further without any break! As Indra was watching on, there emerged two elephants and amidst the two elephants, Goddess Mahalakshmi Herself emerged out!

As Goddess Mahalakshmi emerges, Indra immediately rushes to Her, falls on Her feet and seeks forgiveness. Compassionate as our Divine Mother is, Goddess Mahalakshmi forgives Indra for his mistake and thus regains all his wealth and power. Finally as the drilling continues further, Bhagawan Dhanvantri emerges out with a huge golden pot of “Amrut” in it! The mission is finally accomplished! After years of drilling and strenuous effort from the Devas, Raakshasas and most importantly Bhagawan Vishnu and Bhagawan Shiva, the “Amrut” emerges out! Let us keep this story at this point, and now we should rewind a little bit backwards to understand an important point here.

As I had mentioned earlier that Bhagawan Vishnu had told a secret to Indra before he left for the drilling process, here is the secret and the subsequent conspiracy – When the snake “Vaasuki” was employed for the drilling process, a debate emerged as to who would hold the snake’s head portion and who would hold the tail. Indra suggested that, the Devas were anytime a step higher in position and power as compared to the Raakshasas and hence, the Devas had the sole right to be on the head-side of the snake. However, the Raakshasas countered Indra’s claim by saying thus, “Oh Indra! Don’t be so proud of yourself! You had come to us seeking refuge only because you’re powerless and position-less at the moment! Do not forget that you’re a popper now! Hence, we would only be at the head-side of the snake!” As this debate starts ravaging, Indra quickly remembers what Bhagawan had said to him in his ears. Bhagawan had said thus, “Oh Indra! If the Raakshasas want to be at the head-side position claiming superiority over you, let them do whatever they wish to. Don’t debate and start fighting with them! I shall take care of the rest!” Indra quickly remembers these words from Bhagawan and agrees to the Raakshasas’ claim. As the drilling process commences, snake Vaasuki lets out fumes of poison because of the squeezing. As the Raakshasas are at the head-side of the snake, all the poisonous fumes that the snake is letting out, are being inhaled by the Raakshasas and because of this, they’re gradually becoming powerless. This is the big conspiracy that Bhagawan Vishnu creates, so as to protect the Devas from the Raakshasas. As the Devas were on the tail side of the snake, they were not exposed to the poisonous fumes.

Thus, because of this, the Raakshasas have slowly started losing their strength and power rather too quickly as compared to the Devas. Now how is this going to impact the final assault? How is this “Amrut” going to be shared amongst both the camps? A fascinating and an enthralling episode awaits us tomorrow! Stay tuned! 😊



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