Episode # 202 – Role of “MAUNA” (Silence) in controlling our “EGO” – An important note!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode, we had commenced an important discussion on yet another aspect of “Dharma” called “Mauna” or “Silence” that is paramount to our daily life as well as for our spiritual growth, as narrated by Sage Sukhaachaarya to King Parikshit. We’ve discussed two dimensions of this “Dharma” and have illustrated why is it important for us to practice silence as much as we can. Firstly, we had viewed it in terms of avoiding unnecessary talks and gossips. The more we talk ill about others, the more we are exposing our own ignorance and integrity. We should remember always that we’re not here to change the world. The world will keep running the way it is. We’ve got no option but to live amidst this world, irrespective of whether we like it or not. Hence, wee should make sure thus, we strictly avoid this bad practice of cribbing, gossiping, etc. which is of no use to us in any way. As we’ve also witnessed in our earlier episodes for a similar context, if we’re going to talk ill of our superiors in our workplace, we’re facing a grave threat of losing our job! Hence we should be very careful here. Secondly, we had viewed it in terms of saving our own internal energy. We might be performing various spiritual practices every day and thus, accumulating lot of energy within us. However, if we’re going to keep chit chatting and involving ourselves in unnecessary talks, thinking, etc. we are only draining out all the energy that we’ve accumulated with great difficulty. Hence it is not only important that we perform our spiritual practices every day but should follow them up by keeping as silent as possible. We should talk only when it is necessary and during the rest of the time, we shall spend by either chanting our “Mantra” or thinking about Bhagawan.

Now let us look at some more dimensions to this aspect of “Dharma” called “Silence”. Third dimension to this is that, if we practice “silence”, the “trust” that people have in us would increase manifold. This is of paramount importance because, as we develop friendships and relationships in life, “trust” factor plays a pivotal role in sustaining of these aspects. For instance, when we get married to our spouse, it is very important for the couple to maintain certain vital things secretive within themselves. There are certain aspects of life that should be restricted only within the four walls of the house. Such things, if we’re going to vent out in the public domain for whatsoever reason, is only going to damage our family fabric, and this is the reason why we see an enormous increase in the number of couples filing for divorce. Thus, here too, silence plays an important role. It is vital for us to maintain this strict discipline within, so that our relationship becomes a happy and a loved one.

Nowadays, there are some people who act like “predators” in poking their noses into other people’s private matters. Such people are opportunistic and highly selfish in nature, and if we’re going to fall into their “trap” by disclosing our personal information to them, we’re definitely in for a soup! These “predators” might be ranging from those involving in bank frauds, other financial frauds, extramarital affairs, etc. We should thus be very careful if we come across strangers or any third person apart from our close family. With the advent of the social media today, many “cybercrimes” are becoming the order of the day. Of course, I’m not saying that we should keep away from social media, but the point here is that, we should learn to use social media as judiciously as possible, without getting strained into any unwanted things.

Another dimension through which we can look at this aspect of “Silence” is that, if we’re transcending to the higher echelons of our organization and if we’re becoming leaders with various responsibilities under us, this “silence” aspect is very important. This implies that, we should maintain ourselves “calm” and “composed” at all times, no matter what kinds of problems we might face. In a way, as we advance in our career, we should be prepared and mature enough to face a variety of problems and challenges that come through. If we’ve to face them with a strong will, we should not take emotional or “knee-jerk” reactions. When would we take such “knee-jerk” reactions? We would tend to do that only if our mind is not calm. If our mind has to remain calm, we need to control our tongue and this is where, “silence” is important!

Most of the problems arise because we tend to pick up fights and arguments with others, even for petty things. This is because of the “ego” that we possess within us. When someone hurts our ego with few words, we tend to get heated up and try giving them back with even more furious words! This continues and results in a huge war of words and sometimes it can get into a physical fight mode too! Can we give space for all these things if we’ve to become great leaders? We should understand here that we can never win over someone by picking up a fight all the time. There is no necessity that we should react to anything and everything immediately. We shall definitely take our time, calm down, analyze the situation and then react. There are ways to handle tense situations and the more we keep ourselves calm, the more we would be able to think of better ideas and solutions. We should always remember that ultimately a solution for the problem in hand is our prime focus, and not the ego and politics that arise in the middle. This is where, we should exhibit restraint and silence at times. If the situation seemingly is going out of hand, we should have the maturity to calm down things and dose off the problem, rather than accelerating it further with our words and ego.

So for today, let us ponder over these two dimensions wherein “silence” is of paramount importance as our “Dharma”. We shall extend this discussion a little further in the next episode and shall move on with the next aspect, in the next episode! Stay tuned! 😊



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