Episode # 201 – Too much of gossiping drains out our spiritual energy – Importance of “MAUNA” or “SILENCE”!!!

Little Krishna

In the previous episode we had witnessed the next important aspect of “Dharma” which Sage Sukhaachaarya is explaining to King Parikshit. Here, he had spoken about how important it is for all of us to cut down unnecessary activities, so that our focus remains on our spiritual progress. In due course of yesterday’s episode, we had witnessed quite a few modern day applications pertaining to this aspect. In fact, there is a separate field of study under Operations Management, called “Lean Operations”, which totally emphasizes this particular point. It clearly explains how do we make our business process as lean as possible, by cutting down all unwanted tasks and routines, thereby saving on cost, manpower, time and other forms of organizational resources. This would ensure the efficiency of the organization and eventually the productivity would increase manifold. This in turn would enhance the profit level of the organization as well. Thus we can see here that Sage Sukhaachaarya’s words are completely applicable in any context of modern day life – Be it spiritual progress, or organizational progress or personal progress. Hence, we should make constant efforts to strive and follow the words of Sage Sukhaachaarya.

Moving on with the next important “Dharma” that all of us should adhere – “Mauna”. Many of us might be knowing here – “Mauna” means “Silence”. Maintaining silence is in itself one of the greatest aspects of “Dharma”. As we have the famous proverb, “Empty vessels make noise” – Only those who are half-baked in knowledge and the know-how of things would keep making noise all the time. A learned person (“Panditha”) is one who always keeps silent and this is a remarkable characteristic of an individual.

Now how does this aspect called “Mauna” fit into the scheme of things in this context? There are multiple ways of looking at this and we shall try to ponder over few of those ways. As a continuation of yesterday’s narrative, “gossip” is one way wherein we get trapped quite easily! This is where we need to use our intellect. We should think within ourselves thus: “What is going to change in this world, just because I’m talking about something that is not in my hands? Am I a powerful person in the society, so that, if I say something, there are people to implement? Just because I’m talking ill about someone or something, is that person or thing going to mend his / her / its ways in the future?” If the answers to all these questions are a “Yes”, then we might very well continue talking whatever we talk! On the other hand, if the answers to these questions are a “No”, (which mostly would be the case for many of us) we should better stop opening our mouth! 😊 This is because, the more we open up amidst others especially in the wrong way, the more we are exposing ourselves and our ignorance! I’m repeatedly emphasizing this point many many times here. Readers might remember – We discussed this same point during the Vidura Neeti as well as the Ramayana seasons too.

Thus, the important point here when it comes to maintaining “Mauna” or “Silence” is that, we should strictly avoid unnecessary talks and gossips about someone or somebody to a third person. This would not only expose ourselves, but also might put us in a great danger in the future! We should never talk ill about anybody and this is the first step towards implementing this “Dharma” called “Mauna”.

Secondly, the more we keep talking, the more energy we lose from our body! If we look at this dimension of “Mauna”, it might be startling for us to understand that the more we become a “chatter box”, the sooner we become tired! 😊 Thus, whatever energy we might gain out of performing all our spiritual practices would be easily washed away! This is like closing one end of the tank and forgetting to close a tap at the other end of it! What would happen here? One one hand, water keeps coming inside and it keeps going out of the tank through the open tap on the other side! What is the use of filling the tank then? Similarly, the more we advance spiritually with our regular and meticulous practices like doing our “Sandhyavandanam”, or ‘Gayatri Mantra Japa”, or through chanting Vedas, etc. we would gain enormous amount of spiritual powers and energy. But on the other end of the spectrum, if we’re going to keep chirping and chattering all the time, all our spiritual energy that we’ve accumulated with great difficulty is going to be washed away! We would thus again come back to “ground zero”! 😊 Hence, if we look at this aspect of spiritual growth, “Mauna” or “Silence” is of extreme importance.

Of course, readers shouldn’t mistake my narrative in a sense that we should never talk at all! It is not like that. We should obviously talk for valid reasons and for getting things done the right way. There is no doubt it! What I’m emphasizing here is that, we should avoid too much of talking, which might result in exposing our ignorance amidst the public, and also in draining out all our accumulated spiritual energy within us. So for today, let us ponder over this important aspect called “Mauna” in these two dimensions. We shall add further interesting dimensions to this aspect of “Dharma” in the next episode. Stay tuned! 😊



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